Reminds me of this post by Nibaq. I’m guessing it’s by the same artist 😛



The parliament has been dissolved. The reellection should be held in 2 months.

Thanks Taymoor


Update By Mishary:

As per KTV the next elections will be on 14th of May.




We’ve been hearing a lot about this restaurant called Rice that opened recently in the avenues and we decided to give it a try.
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So we were discussing which humus is the best in Kuwait. For me it’s got to be Kanari’s and my inlaws like Nawara’s. I know other people who love Altaibawy’s. So now which restaurant do you think have the best humus in Kuwait ?


I started 5 books but finished none of them. There is no time for reading. When there is time for reading then there is time for sleeping! which to me is always a priority over reading..

The 5 books I’v started are:




So the company my cousin works for had a seminar yesterday and they provided the attendees with this very nice and efficient device. My cousin was nice enough to give it to me so I could share it with you guys.
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Remember my previous post ? There were alot of comments saying its a rumore but now you can just watch the video above for confirmation.





It’s an online Kuwaiti boutique dedicated to clothes and accessories for little girls. The things they have are really cute, you should take a look if you’re looking to buy things for the little ones.

From the site:
“Judee La La is an online children’s boutique, specializing in girls clothing and accessories that makes them dance, twirl and jump for joy. Everything is special, whimsical, and truly adorable. All items at our store are “Judee Approved” and guaranteed to bring out a smile, an ‘awwww’, or an ‘I want one!’ from people, so if you feel like spoiling your precious girl you’ve come to the right place. We hope you enjoy shopping at our site as much as we enjoyed making it.”]

Judee La La

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Saleh & Dawod AlKuwaiti were Jewish musicians who lived in Kuwait in the past. According to the article, they were ingenious musicians “”They even invented certain scales that didn’t exist at the time.” The Emir of Kuwait would go visit them in their house to listen to their music. They named one of their sons Sabah after the Emir’s family name. The Emir also attended his circumcision (6ohoor) and gave them a box full of gold coins as a present.

The part in the article where it mentions their stay in Iraq is what caught my attention the most. It says that the AlKuwaiti brothers were responsible for inventing what we now call “Traditional Iraqi music.” The Iraqi government didn’t want Saleh and Dawod getting credit for the great music they were introducing and were labeling AlKuwaiti’s music as traditional/old iraqi music, as in ‘not originals’, and in some cases it was credited to other musicians by force.

They immigrated later to the newly occupied palestine. That was when they faced the biggest blow to their talents.. Not being able to play their music in concerts, where it belongs, but instead they played in family dinners and parties, “had to play weddings and barmitzvahs and family fiestas, with people eating and drinking… and not listening.”

Anyway. The article is an interesting one and you should read it. The video on top is of a song I’m currently in love with, produced by Saleh AlKuwaiti.

Thanks HKR & Hamad.




As part of a winter marketing, a number of toilets at ski resorts across Japan have been decorated with wrap-around murals depicting the view from the top of a ski jump.


I think this will be the coolest toilet .. seeda once you’ve entered it you gonna feel eb 3awar ba6en 🙂



Just recieved this by email:


The Kuwait Architectural Student Association (KASA) is

holding its Sixth annual exhibition, entitled “Strata” in

Al Corniche Club on the Gulf Road. The exhibition features

the work and projects of the students of the department

of architecture in Kuwait university, Aiming to display the

talents and potential of these soon to be architects.

We would really appreciate your help by spreading the

word about the exhibition, and hope to see you there and

get your feedback.

Attached with this message is the event’s poster.For more

information about KASA, our activities, and

previous exhibitions, visit our site www.kasakuwait.com




Poste By Yousef


I’ve been reading similar arabic dates lately. It seems to be getting more and more common to write weird expiry dates. Have you noticed?



Wared Lease & Finance company fired all of it’s employees, from the GM to the tea boy and left on a few to followup on clients. All of the employees were paid 3 months’ salaries in advance and were let go till further notice. Wared is owned by Investment Dar company.

Allah yaster 3albajy.

Thanks Fawaz




Zain Youth cast

If  your interested in being on Zain’s upcoming Ads please Contact them on: Funclub@fun.com.kw


Some one just uploaded the video of what happened in Riyath today .. UNBELIEVABLE!

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The Gulf Road will be closed, from Amr bin Alaas street to the intersection of Hamad AlMubarak street. Starting tomorrow from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, for Olympic Council of Asia inauguration.

Kuwait Times

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As per Ansam, It will be tomorrow March 11 inshallah due to bad weather.


I was recommended this restaurant by a friend, and was very interested in trying it out since it specializes in chicken wings. I really like having chicken wings with it’s spicy buffalo sauce and thought I’d try it for dinner. I spent some time looking for this place, although I was told it’s near Sahran in Aljabriya, which is supposed to be very easy to find, I still managed to get lost.
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An email forward from Taymoor


Remember my previous post about ProntoWash, they were closing their branches all over Kuwait? actually yes they did close down, but on the other hand they are now offering another option, you can just call them and they’ll come to you instead of you going to them and have your car washed for the same price. Which is much better and more comfortable in my opinion. You can contact them on 1806006.


Najdiya is a shop near the grand mosque and the commercial bank. The shop makes and sells traditional Kuwaiti slippers (ni3il naydiya). Unfortunately it is shutting down soon (as soon as they sell off their stock) and now everything in there is deeply discounter. I went and bought 2 ni3il naydiya, one for me one for my brother, for only 10 KDs each.

There are 2 kinds of Naydiyas; the 30kd ones, softer leather and have more colors and shiny stuff on them, and 10kd ones (the ones I bought) which are available in different colors too but less the shinny stuff.

And they’re made in Kowait.