My friend loco was in Dubai this past weekend and got to lean a few things about restaurants that’ll open soon in Kuwait.

The Meat Company

The waitress asked for my friend’s nationality and when He said Kuwaiti she said we’re opening soon in there. Then the manager came and specified that The Meat Co. will open in the new 360 Mall. Their website also states the same.

Taco Bell

As He was ordering he asked if the Taco Bell is under Americana in the middle east, she said yes, and then told him that they’re gonna open in a mall in Kuwait but that she wasn’t sure of it’s name, but she said that the mall’s name starts with a number… He asked if it’s 360, she wasn’t able to confirm. Check out Taco Bell Menu Prices.

The Noodle House

As he was complaining to the manager about how the dishes aren’t the same (this restaurant was an addiction when we were students there), the manager mentioned that they’ll open in Kuwait some time this year, but didn’t know where exactly. Their official website says that it’ll open 2 branches, one in the gulf road and another branch at the Messila beach hotel.

Karam Beirut

A very good lebanese restaurant in Dubai is opening soon in the avenues phase II. next to Layl Nhar restaurant.

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There is a new radio station, 94.9 fm, that specializes in Kuwaiti folklore music. I’m new to this whole genre of music and just beginning to get into the whole samri thing, and I’m loving how old some of the songs are and how some, now famous wedding songs, are covers of unrecognizable originals. If you’re a fan of old Kuwaiti songs then you should tune in

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Yes we finished our omra almost at 12:00 in the mid night and we went to our hotel to take a shower and change our clothes and now we’re waiting for Fajer prayer.

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Just spotted VIVA’s latest branch which will be opened soon.

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As usual me and my friends will be going tomorrow for our annual express omra which will be less than 24 hours. This time we’re going to use Saudi Airline. So tomorrow if i could i will be posting from my Blackberry there inshallah.





Just heard that Nawal (Kuwaiti singer) got married to Mishaal Alarooy. Congratulation to them.

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Um-mit3ib wanted you guys to help her out by answering these 2 questions. Please write a comment with your answers.

The Questions are:

  1. Which websites do u check daily (excluding your emails. if its blogs, list the blogs u read daily)?
  2. What type of online advertisements catch ur attention?


So here are VIVA’s most expensive numbers which were sold today.

55555555 went for KD360,900

55777777  KD32,000

55888888 KD32,000

55000006 KD8,000

55000002 KD4,700

55101010 KD6,100

55444455 KD5,600

55222222 KD28,000

55505050 KD9,000

55555556 KD56,000

55666666 KD36,000

55444444 KD31,000


55666666 KD46,000

Now my question is: Who’s saying that we have economic crisis here in Kuwait ? 😛

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Apple might update their product without an event?

Check the store HERE


New 24-inch and 20-inch iMacs, running Intel’s Core i7 processor.


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As per it will be on 24th of this month, but its not yet confirmed.



We went to the Butcher Shop in Avenues mall last saturday, and it was my first visit to Kuwait’s branch, I’ve been to the one in dubai numerous of times and used to like it at first. The one in Dubai started off strong with quality meat and started it down spiral only months after it’s opening.

I went to the one in Avenues coz my friends said that it’s good. They’ve tried it and they liked it.

We were 7 and we ordered 7 steaks, 5 T-Bones and 2 Rib eyes. one of them was to be cooked Medium-rare, 2 medium-wells and 3 mediums. The waitress was confused and we had to repeat the order multiple of times and she still did not get it right, so we asked her to retake the whole order and rewrite it. She was a mess.

The starters came and were superb. The prawns with cream and lemon were very good.

The main dishes, the steaks, came and were a joke. they were all overcooked. All shades of gray when we started to cut em and not a single medium in there. They messed up the whole order (well except the rare steak, coz it came out pretty rare). When we complained to the waiter(s) they all seamed to repeat one phrase, which was “this is our medium steaks in here.” The manager, who stood still and did not come even though he was looking directly at our table and hearing us, came to us after we asked to talk to him, he said the same thing too. He did not seem interested in our opinion nor in our dissatisfaction. Even after we got real angry he did not seem to be of much help and was annoyingly careless. He did however change 4 of our steaks in the end. (3ogob malawa3 chboodna)

The experience was an awful one. The manager needs to be changed coz he didn’t seem to know what he was doing. I wouldn’t go there anymore, not only because they did not know the difference between a medium and a well-done, but because the service, the manager, the chef and the quality of their meats are of low standards. charging 9+ KDs for this kind of steaks is a rip off too. If you’re in a mood for good steaks treat yourselves to Terrace Grill in J.W. Mariott’s or Gaucho’s instead.


Happy belated 25th and 26th of february to you all. I was at the chalet during this holiday and took many pictures of the foaming parades that took place in both Alzoor and Alkhiran.
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