We’ve been hearing a lot about this restaurant called Rice that opened recently in the avenues and we decided to give it a try.

The place is a unique in the sense that there is nothing like it else where, atleast none that I know of. It specializes in nothing else but.. yep you guessed it.. Rice! Almost all the dishes consist of rice. The menu was embroidered with rice, the chandeliers looked like rice grains.. and so on.

The menu had all those different rice dishes, some Kuwaiti and some aren’t Kuwaiti dishes. Like for example it had Mrabyan, Lamb with okra stew (Marag Bamya), Baryany.. and there was the non Kuwaiti dishes like the risotto, kosa ma7shiya (rice stuff zuchini in light gravy) and Fish sayadiya.. You get the idea.. it has rice dishes from all over.

We ordered 4 main dishes, Marag bamya (okra), stuffed zucchini with risotto on the side, Mrabyan, and my dish, the Shimp masala.

^Each main dish comes in a set menu with a side salad, rice of your choice, a drink, and then tea and desserts.

The Shrimp masala was recommended by my friend and I was very glad that I ordered it, it was beyond great, I loved it. The shrimp i think were grilled then a thick creamy and spicy yellow sauce was added on top of it. It was amazing.

The Stuffed zucchini with a side of risotto was a hit too, my friend liked it a lot, I tried the risotto and it was nice, too much parmesan on top, but very nice nevertheless. The stuffed zucchini was served in a bowl in a gravy.. The gravy tasted very familiar, it tasted like Harees soup. Good choice.

Now, the lamb and okra stew and the Mrabyan. They weren’t special at all. The okra stew was very light, the stew didn’t taste like it was made with okra (Okra adds a lot of personality to a stew when cooked correctly and left to simmer for awhile). Basically it tasted like something microwavable you’d find in the frozen food section. The Mrabyan wasn’t that great either. The shrimps were tiny, and the whole dish was mediocre. I think if you’re a Kuwaiti, or even a gulfie for that matter, you should stick to ordering something that isn’t on our daily menus at home.. I think foreigners would feel very differently if they tried them though.

All in all, I think it’s a very good restaurant. I think this place got great potential. Very good food and the presentation is amazing with every main dish served in a separate tray. And the prices are reasonable in my opinion, we were 4 and paid KD41.

It’s located in the Avenues mall phase II near Wasabi and The butcher shop.


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15 Responses to “Rice Restaurant”

  1. um-mit3ib says:

    alah ya isim el bamya bil english ghaaaaaaaaaaaaallljjjjj

  2. Q80 In Denver says:

    Yousif 7asbyallah 3ala ebleeesik shawegtnee :p

    baroo7la bacher enshala 6ayary :p .. so shrimp masala oo stuffed zucchini oo ba3ad shten9a7? :p

  3. Marzouq says:

    That seriously looks good! Need to check it out! We were at Rustica the other day and the Lasagna was fantastic!

  4. dots... says:

    Nice concept … i liked how they presented their food ! the plates and cutlery

    bon appetit… i bet it is not recommended for those trying to cut the carbs in their diet 😉

    3alaikm bl 3afyeh

  5. Daddy's Girl says:

    did u know it is by Lenotre owners? Hence the good food quality and the moderness?
    I liked the place so much i posted about it… I really want to try their 3eesh bajela o shbent…


    Another blogger had also visited it for Fu6oor time and wrote a very detailed review about it in a comment on my post

    o here is another review with their poster thingy…


  6. Pink GirL says:

    bel3afia .. ana ams kent hnak 9awrt cham 9ora bs yane moderhom o gali mamno3 alt9wer aldecor yded o man3en enaa a7d e9awer

    ma7ad kalemak ???

  7. Bu Yousef says:

    Food looks amazing – but I attribute some of the appeal to your amazing photos Mashallah.

    Will try soon.


  8. Daddyz Girl says:

    yummmmy i spotted it like 2days ago but didnt feel like having rice that day, but mashallah really good pics o bil 3afya guys 😉

  9. Anon says:

    they have taken the indian concept of a ” thali” which has rice. bread along with other dishes in small pots placed on one tray!

  10. your photos are SUPERB! i want to EAT

  11. Q80 In Denver says:

    Ok So I tried it .. Here’s my thoughts:-

    we ordered Shrimp masala, 9ayadiya, and Risotto with truffle. The Shrimp masala was so good .. 9ayadiya didn’t taste good b9ara7a .. this is the first time in my life to taste a “Chewy” fish!! don’t try it, and lastly their Risotto was O.K except they need to put less parmesan cheese cause it’s over powering the taste!

    My Notes:
    1- I was kind of shocked to see the restaurant in the food court! Not a great place to sit in .. they have a few tables inside but it’s very difficult to get one .. wallah 7aram!

    2- The service is really really really really really really really really SLOW!

    3- When it came to the desserts, it said that it’s the chef’s dessert or something like it, but I was shocked to know that the chef chooses what HE wants you to eat! WTF!!? “3ala amrek 3amy!”

    4- When we arrived we were 3, so they asked us to wait for 15 min. There was a table in front of us that sits 5 people and it was EMPTY. 10 Min later we are still waiting and the same table is still empty! we asked about it and they said ooh it’s made for a party of 5. really? so we need to wait for a table that takes 3 to sit? and yeah, a party of 6 came in for 30 seconds with no reservation and took a table in front of our eyes!! I was pissed and wanted to leave!

    Overall, the restaurant is good depending on what you order. 7/10

  12. hilaliya says:

    My friend ordered everything on the menu including masala shrimp, buttered chickent etc and he stated the place was ‘average at best.’

    I told him ‘but the dishes look good’ and he went ‘don’t buy the hype, the service was bad as well.’

  13. Daddy's Girl says:


    How can ur friend possibly order everything on the menu and taste it as well??

    Go try it on a non busy day… i always go to a place even if i hear negative reviews because my taste buds and defenition of whats good differes from one person to another…