People who throw trash out of their car windows disgust me. I think only trash can throw things out like that.


This entry was posted on Saturday, March 21st, 2009 at 8:05 pm

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  1. I KNOW! they disgust me too! 7ata ili yamshii oo itfil and worse!
    we should have fine for such people. maybe when the country takes it as a serious matter people will.

  2. Pure says:

    9a7 ilsanik .. they really piss me off by doing such a thing :@ !!

  3. Abdullah says:

    I once saw a guy throwing out a McDonald’s bag on the 5th Ring road.

  4. B says:


    They annoy me! I want to throw them out of the country!

  5. Abdullah says:

    Thank you for this, iv been meaning to mention it for sometime now.

    I wouldn’t necessarily look at ages of those throwing stuff out of the window, but now i would. I mean come on, your an ADULT. I bet if somebody spoke to them face-face, they wouldn’t do it. lack of monitoring, morals = total carelessness.

  6. hilaliya says:

    Trash throws out the trash.

    Yesterday I saw a guy in a Lamborghini with the window open flicking his ashes as he slowly drove up the street. Not to mention people barbequing and stinking up and dirtying the beaches next to “Burg Al Hamam’ — what I saw in the span of 1 hour around the Gulf street was horrendous.

    It’s easy to take care of this – just impose 250 pls kd penalties on litter and a ‘no barbeque’ rule at the public gardens at the beaches (the scum never pick up their garbage when they leave).

  7. Marzouq says:

    I want to seriously pick up the trash and throw it back at them!!!!

    They should seriously fine them! They aren’t being fined at all and see what happens! People will shape up quickly!

  8. Chirp says:

    OOOOOF!!! I Know what you mean!!!! Its so annoying! I don’t understand what goes through their heads when they do it. The world is not your rubbish bin!

  9. some contraster says:

    this really bad,

    some times i go to (3alm el mango) which is in (share3 el ma6a3em) and watching people throwing their trash out of the car window after eating makes me very upset.

  10. ME says:

    thak elyoom shift wa7ed yege6 kleenexata beshare3, 7asafa ma kanat sayarti 3dal sayarta chan 3a6aita el nathra el gatela…akhaf bes behema

  11. Raz says:

    Bunch of sick people! Simply not civilized !


  12. J says:

    TRUE !!!!!!!!!

  13. ROUDAN says:

    I was listening to BBC the other day, one guy has a campaign in England for these things. They are trying to make every person to have a plastic bag and try to pick up one litter a day. Of course a lot of people disgusted by the motto “why should i pick other people’s garbage”… but actually i like the concept. He actually has a site for that which is booming like anything.

  14. Komsomol says:

    Oh please spare me the fake indignation.

    The reason people throw out trash is simple:

    1 – 90% grow up having maids who pick up and clean EVERYTHING for them. So they grow up with a mentality that someone else will clean it up.

    2 – How many actual trash cans are there on the streets of Kuwait. Walk down Salmiya and get back to me.

  15. Abdullah says:

    The fake indignation ? clever.

    my dear, yes, most of us grew up with nannies. those of us who grew up in households, away from where your living, salmiya, never, not for once threw a thing outside the car. As a matter of fact, we have tiny trash cans inside the car to throw things in ’em.

    Aside from how many trash cans are out, didn’t count really, but would you pee all over the place if nature calls ? or would you wait until you reach a bathroom?

    There is no need for you to be upset, angry, or point your finger at anyone else.

  16. Yousef says:

    Komsomol, You think just because we can afford hiring maids that we aren’t well brought up? That we just throw things out?

    So going by your arguement, only rich people throw trash? But poor ones don’t? Coz they don’t have maids… Is this whayt you’re trying to say?

    Coz that’s stupid! :p

  17. Shaheen says:

    Here is a link to a little pice I wrote about littering in Kuwait a while back…


  18. Shaheen says:

    Here is a link to a little piece I wrote about littering in Kuwait a while backā€¦


  19. Musaed says:

    Check this please

  20. Komsomol says:

    Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups, since I don’t live in Salmiya.

    I said 90% and you immediately think its a affront towards yourself and not take it as a generalization with the majority of the population which is the problem. Such sensitive beings you turn out to be.

    Until society as a whole takes it on as an initative nothing will change. The perception now overriding is that “some Bengali/Any other South East Asian low pay work labour will pick it up” and guess what. Someone like that does pick it up.

    Everyday I drive to work and see them clean the tiniest amount of trash away.

  21. Intlxpatr says:

    I chased a little boy around the co-op the other day trying to hand him back the kleenex he had tossed as he was walking along, “Ayb! Ayb, ibni!” until I realized that this wild-eyed woman chasing him was scaring him to death! It just infuriates me to see people toss things EXPECTING someone else to pick it up.

  22. KJA : Kuwait Jewish Association says:

    Could it be that the white trash in Kuwait who are mostly responsible for all this trashing around we see ?

  23. abdullah: 9a7 lsanik. wai3 i HATE when people get all stuck up about not having nannies (i was brought up to think that the word “maid” is rude and disrespectful). people litter because they are disrespectful to their surroundings and were not brought up well and have no social conciensce, NOT because they employ domestic workers who are earning 3 times what they would earn as nurses in their home countries (and i still think its shwaya). your 78d blinds your rationality.
    KJA: what the hell is that supposed to mean?
    sorry for the rant bes marra i was standing outside waiting for school and this suv just comes up the side of the road and some vulgar piece of crap just throws a BURGER, FRIES and a GIANT PINK DRINK out the window!
    oh and there is a school in front of my house and those stupid middle schoolers throw all of their chips bags in our garden.
    and one more thing, in my school min ziman we started a Green Movement and part of our campaign had big posters placed all over school that said ONLY TRASH LITTER.