The parliament has been dissolved. The reellection should be held in 2 months.

Thanks Taymoor


Update By Mishary:

As per KTV the next elections will be on 14th of May.


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13 Responses to “The Parliament has been dissolved”

  1. Marzouq says:

    Elections AGAIN!!!

    Alah yester 3al ikwait!

    That means all decisions will be on hold for another years.. nothing will be passing and we will be screwed!

  2. Web Weaver says:

    Yes!!! We’re Screwed if we don’t make the right choice this time! (I know I did make the right choice the last time, none of them reached the Majles). God Bless Kuwait and the Amir!

  3. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    ma 9adgt 3la allah I turned 21 last Jan. a5r shai ma sajlt ismi! lol 5aal yan6rooni lool

  4. عفره says:

    يازينه من بره و يا شينه من داخل

  5. momo says:

    I have a question, is it possible to get enlisted to vote these days or is it closed?

  6. Ali says:

    و يعلن حل مجلس الأمة وفق المادة 107 من الدستور

    سمو الأمير : لقد فاض الكيل

  7. :::ShoSho::: says:

    آقول لو يسكرون المجلس و يسوونه متحف مو احسن؟

    ملينا و الله من الاناس ال —- مدري شنو اسميهم لول

  8. sfsa78 says:

    I’ve never voted in my life, neither have i registered…
    i got my mendoob to register me a few days ago.
    im now registered in shamiya/shwuwaikh… allah yestir the phone calls from the candidates and their skivvies begging for my vote.

  9. momo says:

    sfsa78: was it in febuary or march?

  10. Wa6n_3Mri says:


  11. Yousef says:

    I don’t think so

  12. majlis el farce says:

    How do you mean dissolved ?? Yani, in salt and water?!

  13. Shallal` says:

    the thing is
    people at my age and older would probibly know this face
    after the Iraqi invasion, we didn’t have a parlement for 5 years, they were called re-construction years when we actually managed to pull the country from the rock-bottm to becoming a fast growing country as it was before the war.
    once we got the “parlement” back , all we seem to go throw is actually a downhill , a big fall.
    excuse my languge but all the majlis did was:
    1- shout, show its “democracy” when its like a comedy play.
    2- disscuss “if they actually did” unimportant issuse “yeah dudes we still have over 50.000 families living in RENT, bad healthcar, no true investments, bad schools & educational system etc..”
    3- focus on “football” like we’r ever gona win something “even if they win the Freaking world cup!
    4-made a complete fool of kuwaities , showing what retards they are about homosexuality!
    5-they gave women the right to vote, which made the total number of voters 350.000 ppl that represent 1.500.000 LIVE! <— so democratic isn’t it?
    6-the parlement members got new houses, fansy cars, Government Constructions & deals etc.
    7-the “Badoo” got all the jobs that they never deserved in the first place! tockover the OIL Companies! all the stables, farms, u name it!
    8- a total of over 20.000.000 Kuwaiti Dinars! was spent over the 5 years just for “THEE PARLEMENT” and its “Members”
    the list is too long but I just got sick writing it!
    I never voted & shall never do! leave it just the way it was, we have the royal family, our amir “may allah guide him & protect him”, and the wonderful people of my country kuwait “or whatever is left of it”