My friend HKR was looking all around for white tea. He heard much about it, he heard that the white tea is the finest form of teas available and it is also the healthiest. He then finally stumbled across this tea shop in Almuthanna complex.




He found what he was looking at this nice tea shop in AlMuthana, It’s called Tea Art, this place have everything when it comes to tea, from the wide rage of teas; white, yellow, black, green.. and all that is in between, to tea accessories like mugs and stuff. And they also have a little tea-tasting bar if you’re in the mood for some tea right then and there.


^The little tea bar incase you wanted to taste one of their products






My friend says if you’re a tea lover (like myself) then you can’t go wrong with this place. Tea Art is in Almuthanna complex on the ground floor, gate 6, shop #114. Phone #22490404

Thanks HKR


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15 Responses to “The Tea Art Shop”

  1. Marzouq says:

    Those are a lot of Teas!

  2. عفره says:

    حده يشوووق
    والله هاذا عندنا بالكويت
    بروحله بااجر ان شااء الله اشتهيييت الجاي منه


  3. Abdulmohsen says:

    great find! must go there myself

  4. Ansam says:

    My favorite kind of tea I drink in spas here in Kuwait. When I asked them what was it called, they said Thai Tea… I wonder if they sell it.

    Thanks for the info.. 🙂 I love such places

  5. cinamania says:

    i have been looking all over for white tea too…THANK YOU

    will go there soon inshala

  6. Daddyz Girl says:

    it’s soo good, its also available in the tea shop (forgot what it was called) @ marina mall

  7. Daddy's Girl says:

    They have little rose buds that i like. I usually add them to my black tea so it would be like rose flavoured tea… 😀

  8. kcal says:

    Finally THEY GOT FORTE TEA! I love it and have had to bring it in from abroad for the past years.. Forte tea is the besssst u must try it 7ada latheeeeth

  9. girl says:

    there is something call a night tea! not sure,,, but you drink it and it should make you sleepy 🙂

  10. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    ROCCO FORTE PLL with an italian accent! yeah when I was in Roma in the summer I tried it! its great.. the one tea bag is in 3 euros! klshay bsi3rah! and I tried all kinds.. o when I came back to q8 I had to settle for lipton! don’t get me wrong its good.. BUT NOT AS GOOD AS ROCCO FORTE! (again with an italian accent) lol so I went back to Roma last Feb. and got me a pack, bs since its in almunthana now I know where I can load up for Rmthan baby! lol

  11. B says:

    Great! I am going there
    Thank u

  12. eshda3wa says:

    im a tea lover!

    will def. check it out !

  13. ooh cool. when i went to Sri lanka last year (flipping beautiful btw) we visited to this tea plantation and bought all kinds of teas and we saw the entire process of how they make them. they only make pure teas (not mixed with something else such as bergamot like Earl Grey-which i love btw). we bought their white tea, which is unparallelled in its subtelety of flavor- major hotels buy from them in Hong Kong and New York. my personal favorites were the white and oolong tea (which is probably the most outstanding tea in the whole world.) im glad that they have this in kuwait. though i really do hate teabags.

  14. Ahem Shay says:

    I love the store Tea Art, people should really know about it. The owner of the store is a really good man and if very respectful. He studied tea for 3 years and finally made the shop. I just hope he would put it where theres more active people like in the Avinues, or Marina, or even Muhalab. I wish him good luck on all his efforts!

  15. Habla oo mifta5ra says:

    Dudes!! People should really consider going there;* Its a really good place, with high class tea. I personally love going there! And the word should spread out about this store… ;* :p