So yeah the inevitable have happened. The blackberry slipped, fell and hit the ground. You know there is always this sinking feeling when you drop something shiny and new, and then there is the few moments between the sound of your mobile crashing, and you picking it up with one eye closed dreading the sight you’re about to see.. I hate those moments.

I always take good care of the things I own, be it a mobile, a laptop, a camera or whatever (I’m not like Mishary, I don’t change my mobile every 3 days! I’m loyal to my mobiles and I use them till death do us part 😛 ) But then if something bad happens to one of my things, I just can’t continue caring for it as much anymore. Once a mobile is scratched, I stop treating it with care. And now in this case.. my mobile isn’t just scratched, as you can see, it got a tear on it!

9ar mobile moqawil.. fa if you guys know a place that sells BOLD covers in Kuwait, I’d be thankful. I gotta cover this ugly torn thing.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 at 12:27 am

12 Responses to “When a mobile falls”

  1. Marzouq says:

    I know that feeling! It sucks when you drop something new!

  2. Lights says:

    I think the shops across the street from alraya sell bold covers

  3. monira says:

    Yup I know where to find this leather cover, a girl selling them, u can find her grp bl facebook (q8 blackberry) or i can give u her mobile #

  4. Ansam says:

    Try Al khalijiya

  5. hind says:

    i saw a group called 7 brands on facebook that had them

  6. 1001Nights says:

    3amaar 3ala ayaam awal ili yeg3ad ma3ay il telephon thalath sneen shzeena a6a7ya oo yinfach oo ham ma yseer fee shay! (of course I’m not picky about silly little scratches and ‘ugly torn’ things 😛

  7. purpleram says:

    Very much like me.. I love to take care of things… ..till the first scratch or tear appears.. then I hardly care !!

    Geez, I might need professional help !

  8. B says:


    I hate when that happens!

  9. kharbota says:

    yes i was going to suggest q8 BlackBerry group on facebook as well

  10. Na9er says:

    Email me at admin@blackberrykuwait.com. I’ll hook you up ;D