I was recommended this restaurant by a friend, and was very interested in trying it out since it specializes in chicken wings. I really like having chicken wings with it’s spicy buffalo sauce and thought I’d try it for dinner. I spent some time looking for this place, although I was told it’s near Sahran in Aljabriya, which is supposed to be very easy to find, I still managed to get lost.

I was starving when I reached the restaurant and ordered 40 chicken wings. Not just for me, so you can stop rolling those eyes now, it was for my brother too. I ordered every sauce in the house so I could give a good review.

The sauces were too many, I couldn’t keep track while I was eating. The wings were good, the sauces were out of control. The one thing that is making this review hard to write is that I find the sauces a bit confusing and similar to each other.. I mean most of them are spicy, which kinda made my taste buds lose their, usually, sharp sense. (self mid7ing. I know) The garlic sauce stood out though. Very nice.

The french fries is one of the best I’ve tried in Kuwait. Beside Cafe De Paris‘ fries, this one is my favorite.

My brother liked the restaurant and said “this place is good for duwaween.” I liked it too, to some degree. I thought it is different from the usual fast food joints. It got other orders besides the chicken wings like sandwiches and stuff.. also got boneless chicken wings if you’re not a real chicken wings fan 😛

Wingy’s is in Aljabriya. Infront of Sahran restaurant and near Starbucks.
They deliver. Their phone # 25325018/7


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14 Responses to “Wingy’s Restaurant”

  1. Abdulmohsen says:

    Wow! Will definitely try it out tomorrow.

    Quick question, is this the same restaurant as the one I keep hearing about in Beirut?

  2. Ansam says:

    WOW! Definitely gonna give it a try! Ye3t!! And its only 9:19am!

  3. Hamad says:

    yousef, i loved the wings bas theba7ni el7arej

  4. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Yabeelh! thakartni b “Sahran” hm Yabeelh lol
    I’m a sandwich person! chan zain itsawoon review on the best sandwich places in Kuwait!

  5. INM says:

    shaklah eshawq

  6. Marzouq says:

    I don’t know why but I don’t find these types of places very appetizing!

  7. Q80 In Denver says:

    Tried it .. Good wings but INCREDIBLE WEIRED FRIES 🙂 In a good way :p

  8. Fahad says:

    Had I just seen the food pictures without seeing the actual place, I might’ve been more encouraged to try it, the food does look good, but the place itself [well, the front of it] isn’t tempting at the very least.

  9. Aliman says:

    Couldnt help myself I just had to go!!
    Had a Meal with 20 pieces forgot what it as called with BBQ sauce and French fries and 2 texas toast. with ranch dipin
    It was REALLLLLLLY Good!!
    the fries were phenomenal even though im not a fries person
    and the wings were excellent and the Hot buffalo sauce is hot n spicy and really good with the fries. and the carrots were a nice touch 😉 was just a bit disappointed there was no celery.
    but would still give it a 5/5

  10. Aliman says:

    by the way anyone wondering it s Jabriya Block 3next to Starbucks and there is no place to sit and unfortunately they dont deliver to Bneid El gar, so will be picking it up on the regular 😉

  11. Kamal says:

    Yousef thank you very much for the nice comments. I’m the originator of the concept. My sister called me estatically when she heard from a friend about this blog.
    I’m glad to hear all the feedback. By the way, our fries are FRESH CUT, I welcome anyone who would like to come and see the process. We cut the potatoes fresh daily, several times a day and make it to order.
    Starting this month we have a promotion for you wing lovers, EVERY SUNDAY you get double the value with the (Buy 10 wings and get 10 wings free), 10, 20, 50, or even a 100 wings and get the same number FREE.
    See you at Wingy’s!





  13. Faris says:

    I just tried it! Thanks for the Post!

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