A friend of mine recently told me about an asian restaurant, a sort of hole-in-the-wall kind of place. From the outside the place hardly looks like it’s worth it (shakla mayeswa baiza). The sign from the outside was plain old blah, it didn’t look inviting at all. Once we entered, we saw that its a small place with 4 places to sit (two 6 seaters and two 4 seaters). Later and after placing the orders, we had to share our table with a stranger coz we were sitting at a table for six, I didn’t want to relinquish the extra seats but it was hard saying no to a customer standing right on top of me, waiting for me to say yes to the waiter. You get the picture, the restaurant is small.. a la early bird.
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Me and Ali went to Atlantis Dubai yesterday evening to take some shots and I cant express how beautiful it is in real life, But this resort is far beyond amazing! More pictures are below.

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Got this via an email from our friend Ansam, and according to the email this guy, Bo Bader, promises to deliver the best mangos in Kuwait to your door, with no delivery fees.

Thanks Ansam



Today me and Ali lost our car in Mall of Emirate’s parking and guess what? They are introducing a new (at least for me its new) service which is helping you find your car for free. Its a very smart and helpful idea in my opinion!

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No offense but this is just Hilarious! 😛

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I thought it was larger than the Avenues but its not, you can see more pictures below.

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The parking was full and the place is crowded. I saw this empty parking spot and drove the car over just to discover that a very low form of life has taken up 2 spaces instead of 1. I don’t get how this type of people think! I mean how selfish they could get?! People like this guy disgust me.

I’m not the kind of guys who’d feel good damaging other people’s stuff, but today I KNOW I would’ve felt much better had I scratched both sides of the car with the tip of my key..

I filed a complaint instead (boring) and asked the management to take some action, they promised they will. Inshallah they will.



Zain has launched its newly revamped website.Check it out.


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Check out what we’ve found once we checked in .. No comments

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In a couple of hours i will be heading to Abu Dhabi to attend a confrence. I’ll be staying for almost 4 days. I book a hotel at Dubai’s borders, nearest possible hotel to AbuDhabi. I’ll be connected to the blogging world, I brought all the needed equipment to do so.



I just ordered paperbax. It’s a book holder, it keeps the book open and saves you the trouble of trying to keep the book open while reading. I’ll try it out as soon as I get it and then tell you what I think.





My mom showed me an apple tree growing in our backyard, so I directly grabbed my camera and took some pictures. Now what we’ve covered Mangos, Watermelons and Dates.


My brother told me about this incident where this defense player, Andrés Escobar, of the columbian team scored a goal against his own team. And I still can’t get over this guy getting murdered over this mistake in a game of football.. It is just sad.

From wikipedia:

“Andrés Escobar Saldarriaga (March 13, 1967 – July 2, 1994)

The USA won the game 2–1, and as a result, Colombia was eliminated from the tournament in the first round.

The BBC issued an apology the following day after its commentator said on another match that “the Argentine defender wants shooting for a mistake like that.”






The picture was taken by my friend in Hawally, near CBK. The guy was drunk.

Thanks loco



Ok, some of you might already know how to use their Bluetooth to receive files, I didn’t, till yesterday, so this post might help some of you out. Here we go:

If you’re receiving a file through your BB’s bluetooth, then you should go to the Media gallery in your BB’s menu, press the option button, then choose ‘receive using bluetooth’ from the menu. Let someone send you a file and Voila!

The file should be found in it’s respective folder; images in the pictures folder, ringtones in the music folder.. and so on.

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My friend sent me this copy of the, supposedly, first citizenship certificate ever created in Kuwait, It’s of the late Abdullah AlMudhaf.

Thanks INM



Al Futtaim will be opening up branches of Marks & Spencer, Intersport and Toys ‘R’ US at 360 MALL in June 1st 2009.





I received my custom made mesbah today, and although it is longer than what I had in mind, I’m enjoying it. This mesbah isn’t done the traditional way, the cut and design is different this time around, it is done the turkish way, and the guy doing it is called Sayem (He’s famous amongst the mesabeeh crowd). As you can see from the above picture (and below) the Mesbah has no traditional karkosha on the top bead and was replaced with a karkosha made of the same material used for the beads themselves.

The interesting part is that this Mesbah is new to the scene (although a habbah) because the mesabeeh are usually made of Amber, Misteka or Fatoraan (translation needed), but this one is made of something else. I’m gonna let you think what it made of and see if any of you could get it right. I’m going to update you guys with the missing piece of information soon.

UPDATE #1: Still no one figure it out 🙂


missghesquiere is right its made of tortoise shell 🙂


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Shot these pictures using my Canon 50mm f 1.8 lens in Chabd, Kuwait.
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The central bank of Kuwait announced to the local banks of Kuwait it’s approval on the new system of working hours, which is from 8am to 3:30pm with no breaks (samta wa7da), and no evening shift. However, the banks are allowed to have some of it’s branches open for an evening shift.

The new working hours will be applied in all of the local banks with no exception.

Yay for those who work at branches, woe for the rest of us.


Thanks Ansam