I should’ve posted this 3 days ago when my friend bo9ale7 first told me about this Diving center. My friend is totally obsessed with every thing adventurous, not that this thing is risky, well it is but thats beside the point. He took classes and started diving (Do you remember the Swimming with the sharks post?) and ever since all we hear is ‘Bo9ale7 na6ir ilsummer’ ‘bo9ale7 went to sharm alshaikh to dive in the red sea’. I think, and most of our friends also think that bo9ale7 was a mizligana in another life 😛

Anyway. So Bubbles diving center are offering scuba diving trips and training courses to whoever is interested. They’re qualified to train the beginners all the way to the instructors. They’ve begun registering students for the diving courses and the first of their courses will start on the 3rd of May.

For more information call 24835228 or 99989020/30. You can also check out their forum at Bubbles Diving.

Um-mit3ib and 4thringroad have already posted about Bubbles diving center.

Thanks bo9ale7


This entry was posted on Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 12:28 am

8 Responses to “Bubbles Diving Center”

  1. Marzouq says:

    Seems everyone is joining the Diving Bandwagon! It is fun to do in the summer!

  2. Bu Yousef says:

    I’ve my license for 10 year! but I’ve never dived… I think it’s time.

  3. bo9ale7 says:

    LOL thanks yousef for the post . and for the Mezligana part. e9er khair tomorrow 😛

  4. Fawaz says:

    Haaaaaaahahaha yousef 😉
    Bo 9ale7

  5. ban1 says:

    no comment 3la mizligana 🙂
    7’ooooosh post ,thanks yousef and bo9ale7

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  7. um-mit3ib says:

    mizligana in the middle of an english post kan shay wayed moth7ik 😛

    w p0ach.com ba3ad posted:P