Today me and Ali lost our car in Mall of Emirate’s parking and guess what? They are introducing a new (at least for me its new) service which is helping you find your car for free. Its a very smart and helpful idea in my opinion!

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This entry was posted on Monday, April 27th, 2009 at 8:47 pm

13 Responses to “Don’t Worry He Will find it”

  1. TaLaL says:

    7arkaaat .. 🙂 tshof fanatq 3ajeeba fe dar al7ay 🙂

  2. eleventhst says:

    Great idea! esp for big parking lots!

  3. Works for the Avenues !
    Really nice idea

  4. Marzouq says:

    Thats GENIUS! lol

  5. Manualey says:

    I do not own a car. So when I visit Kuwait and lose a car that I borrowed, I always have trouble remembering the brand and colour. do they have a help service for that?

  6. S3ood says:

    ahh great now we dont even have to rely on our memory .. because we have someone to help us with that .. this is beyond sad.

  7. Fark Knight says:

    How are they going to determine whether I’ve really lost my car OR whether I’m pretending to lose my car just so that I can get a free bike ride to my car?

    AND what happens to my shopping? Do I leave it there and bring my car back?


  8. Abdulrahman says:

    This is the first time i have heard of it but great service!!

  9. Dee says:

    wooww! this is genius !!

  10. A.I. says:

    Eshlon ya3ny, yardefik warah o etro7oon etdawron el sayarah ?

  11. JN says:

    im sorry this comment is irrelevant , but i just have to bring it up
    as its more importnant that all the posts we’re wondering around all day
    would you please take a look at it and post something up,

    يا جماعه بلييز لاتسكتون عن موضوع حسين الفضاله!!مواطن كويتي مخطوف عند ايران من شهر 7 سنه 2008 !!!!!

    وصلتني اخبار انه عنده ولد معاق و كان مفروض يسافر معاه علاج بالخارج شهر 8 !!! ولده حالته تعبانه جدا بسبب التأخير عن السفر والعلاج!!

    تكفون لاحد يسكت عن السالفه!!
    و هذي بعض الخبار القديمه



  12. q80saracen says:

    Around the third time I went to The Avenues, I got lost in the parking lot. I was carrying one of those boxed up swiss/swedish thermo-whatcha-ma-call-it pillows and wandered around the parking lot for the longest 45 minutes of my life. Its the ultimate feeling of defeat…

    I say bring those parking wizards over and double their salaries!!

  13. Wilson B says:

    Do what I do… use the Garmin parked car feature..
    Just undock it from the car.. It knows you parked and tags the spot..

    Won’t work in Avenues of course… (No satlelites)