My brother told me about this incident where this defense player, Andrés Escobar, of the columbian team scored a goal against his own team. And I still can’t get over this guy getting murdered over this mistake in a game of football.. It is just sad.

From wikipedia:

“Andrés Escobar Saldarriaga (March 13, 1967 – July 2, 1994)

The USA won the game 2–1, and as a result, Colombia was eliminated from the tournament in the first round.

The BBC issued an apology the following day after its commentator said on another match that “the Argentine defender wants shooting for a mistake like that.”



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  1. TaLaL says:

    men 9ijk hatheel meyaneen .. o almeshkla eli a3rfa ena their team kan yel3b ta79eel 7a9l .. ya3ni almobarat mo mohema :S