A friend of mine recently told me about an asian restaurant, a sort of hole-in-the-wall kind of place. From the outside the place hardly looks like it’s worth it (shakla mayeswa baiza). The sign from the outside was plain old blah, it didn’t look inviting at all. Once we entered, we saw that its a small place with 4 places to sit (two 6 seaters and two 4 seaters). Later and after placing the orders, we had to share our table with a stranger coz we were sitting at a table for six, I didn’t want to relinquish the extra seats but it was hard saying no to a customer standing right on top of me, waiting for me to say yes to the waiter. You get the picture, the restaurant is small.. a la early bird.

^Prawn Cakes

^Praw on toast. not as good as we’ve hoped for. too much sesame & oily. Make sure to order the sweet chilli sauce, with this dish and other appetizers.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but generally speaking, we very much enjoyed all the dishes, there were some exceptions though, like with the shrimp on toast and the shrimp cakes, they could be done much better.

^The chicken curry soup. They broght one big bowl (the first picture) and other small ones for each person. very tastey but extremely spicey. You might wanna tell them to tone the spices down, we didn’t.

^Barbecue chicken strips. Very tastey.

^The main dish. Green chicken curry. Heavenly.

As with every small restaurant the service was quite friendly and efficient, and the prices were very reasonable.

^Prawn spring rolls.

^Vegetable fried rice minus the eggs.

^ Chicken sweet & Sour. A big hit!

The location is easy to find, just go to the dasman roundabout and take the exit that takes you towards the holiday inn hotel, but right before you get there, take the right before the hotel, which will take you to a tiny round about, take the right then and then you’ll see a hotel on your right called the City Suites, it’s outside the hotel.

The resaurant is called oriental cuisine and this is their phone # 22470400


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17 Responses to “Oriental Cuisine Restaurant”

  1. eleventh.st says:

    Looks good! Nothing beats good asian food when you are hungry!

  2. Ansam says:

    Its close to where I work, and I went on lunch breaks (whenever they allow us to leave LOL) but this place rocks. The owner also owns a chain of Ladies Salons and she is Thai, very nice I must say šŸ™‚ They have an amazing Iced Tea

  3. Purgatory says:

    That is a Thai place, good food, but do not go overboard on spice.

  4. Victoria says:

    i’ve been here several times and it really is the best place for thai food.

  5. q80saracen says:

    Aaaahhhh Maaaan….the good part about hole-in-the-walls is that they are HOLE-IN-THE-WALLS…hehe…guess people are gonna have to worry about dressing up to go there now.

    (I agree about the spice…the food is authentically spiced which is hard for people who aren’t used to it)

  6. 1001Nights says:

    I love that place! You guys didn’t order the chicken with cashew? That’s the BEST dish! Well it was my favorite at least and from what I recall it wasn’t too spicy at all.

    Oh and ana i9ara7a “arfa3 lik il quba3a” 3ala hal pictures 5osh 5osh i9war šŸ™‚

  7. Marzouq says:

    Seems interesting!

  8. Jasem says:

    Looks Yummy! gotta try it out soon. thanks.

  9. NOOOOOO YOUSEF!!! i have had Oriental Cuisine pictures on my cam chip since last May and have been waiting to do a post on it!! oh whatever, you got to it first and you take better pics than i do so…
    i love it, love their papaya salad and love that their food doesn’t taste like it’s trying too hard.

  10. psytrance says:

    pity u shud have tried chicken satay (appetizer)and bamboo chicken curry with plain rice.

    they are the best

    recommend to go there on weekdays.

  11. zha says:

    I’ve been there for several times. the tom yum seafood and pad thai are the best according to me, and dont miss the ice thai tea with cream for the beverage, it’s really nice..

    one thing I hate about the restaurant is about the place, it’s quite far from my house since I live in mangaf, and there are only four tables there..

  12. mohammad says:

    Doods,CAN YOU draw a map for us?cheers

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  14. The Argumentative Palestinian says:

    Oriental Cuisine may be great but can it actually hold a candle to “Pattaya Thai” in Al Duwaliyah complex downtown? It’s time you started doing a compare and contrast entry for eateries in Q8 in a single posting. Would be much appreciated.

  15. Intlxpatr says:

    I have been to this place many times; it is really really good. The papaya salad is amazing, I don’t think I have ever had a bad dish there, but I do like spicy food!

  16. Kevin says:

    I have eaten here and the food is awesome. Also, there is another very small Thai joint at New Riggae, behind Future Pharmacy. The food is awesome. Highly recommendable is the TOM KAR sea food soop, Thai Green Chicken Curry, Panang Chicken, Kang Pet Chicken and the Pad Thai Noodles.

  17. Sandy Pereira says:

    One of my favourite places to chow down some authentic food. I have tried Phuket and Blue Elephant, and honestly in terms of taste and price, this place is a sure deal. As mentioned, their Green Chicken Curry, is just heavenly. Another hit is their Tom Yum Soup (Seafood). I mostly order it as a starter to share, but it is great as a meal on its own. Their satay chicken for starters is yum too! A word of advice, preferably book in advance, as it is a small place, and you may not always get a seat when you are dying of hunger! Bon Appetit! A must try restaurant!