My friend was at the british embassy yesterday getting a visa, replacing his expired one. He noticed that the prices written on the application he got 2 weeks ago differs, very much, from the prices they’re charging now.

They used to charge:

KD28 for a 6 months visa.
KD88 for 1 up to 10 years.

And now:

KD29 for a 6 months visa.
KD92 1-2 years visa.
KD172 for a 5 years visa.
KD215 for a 10 years.

Quite a big jump don’t you think?? especially at a time where their discounts and hunger for tourist are at peak…

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A couple of days ago me & my wife decided to go to Sonober restaurant. The restaurant is just 2 months old, thats what we were told. We liked the restaurant, the place was well designed and it gots that modern touch to it.

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Might be just a rumor circulating on emails, but Kuwait Airways are thinking of re-designing their look for their aircrafts. the one I liked is option #3 🙂

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My work decided to block most of the Kuwaiti blogs I visit daily, including ours!

Now the only way to post from work is via my Blackberry.

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I asked my friends this question and NONE of them gave me the 100% correct answer. And yes there is only ONE single right answer, and I came up with it!

The question is:

(Religious logic aside) Is it possible to invent a time machine? and your proof?

(rab3y ily i3arfon iljawab.. khamoosh!)

The post will be updated later with the correct answer 🙂

UPDATE: The Answer:

We got 2 right replies for the above questions and they were Musaed’s and dev’s 🙂

The answer would be: If it was ever possible to invent the time machine any time in the future, then we’d see people visit us from the future right now. Since we don’t have visitors from the future, then this machine won’t be invented, not even 10,000 years from now. And That my friends is how it’s answered! 😛


Here is the world air traffic in 24 hours taken by a satellite. Each yellow dot reflect a single airplane, just check out the HUGE traffic between New York and Europe.

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We got 3 new flavors from KDD. The Afandi which according to bo9ale7 is “ok i just tasted the juice. well you get the afandy flavor after like 5 seconds. + feeh eshwayat mrooora (a bit bitter)”.

And we have the Cranberry and Pomegranate flavors which we posted yesterday. Good new additions!

Ansam checked their website and found 2 more new flavors in addition to 3 mentioned above: Apple & elderflower, and Piña colada.


Thanks Bo9ale7 & Ansam





Jazeera airways have an offer where you can book 2 tickets for the price of 1 on all of its destinations. Its a very good offer and we were thinking of going to Sharm this weekend, but unfortunately the offer is for flights between 19th of april and 31st of May. Plans scrapped.

The offer ends tomorrow. Hatha ana balla’3t.

Jazeera Airways



I didn’t know KDD had Pomegranate Juice so I’m guessing this is new.

Thanks Bo9ale7

Update By Mishary:

Here is another flavor which is Cranberry.

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This is really amazing! All what can i say is enjoy the show.

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I went along with the family yesterday to Abdulwahab Restaurant. The place is bigger than I had in mind and roomier (o shar7) and in spite of being new, it wasn’t crowded, which is weird considering Kuwaitis’ love for new places.

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And the winner is… Dalloo3at Gasr el3adil! 😛

If you want to place an order call Al Professor restaurant at # 65543000

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I haven’t been to the movies in a long time and I wished not to go back to the movies unless it’s a spectacular one. Unfortunately fate had decided that I go to Fast and Furious. A movie for people with no functioning brain cells (no offense). Its an action movie with lots of fast cars and furious people.

There are your typical characters: the good guy, the bad guy, and the guy who’s bad but then good at heart.. they all love to drive fast, and in order to save the country from a drug lord and another shipment of drugs, they have to drive fast and push their cars to the limit.

The movie is stupid and I’m sorry for the time I wasted watching it.




Thanks Taymoor


Just got an email from saying that they are offering a new service which is mobile service. 

Here is a part of the email:

“Last but not least, also managed to unleash its unique and first of its kind cell phone application in the GCC “6alabat Mobile” that enables users to surf our restaurants list and order through the cell phone device being used with no Internet access required. 6alabat Mobile was introduced at the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences’s (KFAS) Annual Electronic Awards, which recently announced as the Winner of the Best E-Business Award in Kuwait for the second consecutive year 2008 and 2009.”

I Still didnt get the software to share it with you guys but once I do I will inshallah.


I should’ve posted this 3 days ago when my friend bo9ale7 first told me about this Diving center. My friend is totally obsessed with every thing adventurous, not that this thing is risky, well it is but thats beside the point. He took classes and started diving (Do you remember the Swimming with the sharks post?) and ever since all we hear is ‘Bo9ale7 na6ir ilsummer’ ‘bo9ale7 went to sharm alshaikh to dive in the red sea’. I think, and most of our friends also think that bo9ale7 was a mizligana in another life 😛

Anyway. So Bubbles diving center are offering scuba diving trips and training courses to whoever is interested. They’re qualified to train the beginners all the way to the instructors. They’ve begun registering students for the diving courses and the first of their courses will start on the 3rd of May.

For more information call 24835228 or 99989020/30. You can also check out their forum at Bubbles Diving.

Um-mit3ib and 4thringroad have already posted about Bubbles diving center.

Thanks bo9ale7



I get this when i try to buy credit for my Skype account.. Its blocked from our Ministry of Communication, So the question is: Is this the end of skype in Kuwait? is there any way to credit my account?



My friend and my roommate in college, who is a football fanatic, who made me cringe every time I hear the words ‘champions league,’ who hogged the TV every tuesday and wednesday to watch football matches, finally made the right decision and started a blog along with his friends dedicated solely to nothing else but.. Football!

For you all football fanatics Football Directa is the place to visit when you’re looking for news about your favorite team. Their site is very alive with updates around the hour with the kind of news you crave.

Drop by and check it out: FootBall Directa. It’ll be added to our blog roll as well.


I’ve been hearing about this spa for a long time from friends, and as I was telling my friends this weekend that I needed a massage and that I probably will go to The Day Spa, which is my favorite massage place in all O the land, my friend Ban1 told me, for the 10th time, that I should consider going to the one in crown plaza hotel. He said that it is the best place in Kuwait. So, as a massage fan and more importantly as a blogger looking for good material for you readers, I went to Aquatonic Spa and took my camera with me.
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Remember my old post regarding the New KitKat flavors in Sultan Center? Well, today ANM found out that they’ve added another new flavor which is Cookies & Cream.  I love Sultan Center because he’s always up to date with the fanateg! 🙂

Thanks ANM