Shot some ants carrying their lunch the other day. Used the 100mm Macro lens.
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The VocaPeople, What you are about to hear, is Pure human vocals. Just accapella, No instruments, No sound effects & Pure Live. Its really amazing.

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Magic Planet just opened in the Avenues phase II. There are arcades section, a couple of rides, bowling isles, billiard tables, wall climbing “in a shape of palm trees”, many booths and stuff.


The place is big and spacious, but according to my friend, it’s a bit too spacious (empty) and it feels like they’re going to fill it with more rides and stuff.


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ANM was at Sultan Center the other day and she found out that Sweet’N Low has a new addition to their products which is the ‘Zero Calorie’ Sweet’N Low. According to site the product was introduced for their 50th anniversary. Too bad it wont last because its limited edition .

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Here are some pics of what happened in 30th of March in Kuwait.





Chicken Nugget is a term used to describe the westernized Kuwaitis (dark from the outside, white from the inside) you know the kind, you’ve heard them talk around you with that perfect accent, you hated them for it, and you wished you could speak like them.. but lets face it ya3ny.. we, as in we who studied in public schools and started learning english at 13 and used to sing Old Mcdonalds in english classes at the age of 14 and 13 (the shame!) won’t ever be able to speak like them.. no matter how we tried to loose the Rs and no matter how hard we tried to go easy on the Ts & Ps.. It just won’t work.

My cousin, who is partially nuggety was daring me to pronounce “water” the way americans do, and believe it or not, I failed. I tried to sound like him but unfortunately I sounded neither american nor Kuwaiti, it kinda evolved miraculously into an indian accent, every single time I tried.

I don’t wanna digress.. I’m trying to take a jab and accuse the Nuggets of something here. I think the Nuggets like the term Chicken Nugget. I also think that the term was used and made popular in Kuwait by none other than them.. I mean how can “we” the 7abarbash of public schools with our miserable english come up with such a term! Seriously have you heard us say the word NUGGET?

To all the chicken nuggets out there… WE’RE ON TO YOU!

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The New York Public Library has recently unveiled some extraordinary pictures of the Statue of Liberty under construction. Will keep you with the pictures.

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Just found out from ANM that Ali Alghanim & Sons ,have some offers on electronic appliances either boxed, unboxed or restored, at amazing prices. It’s on Friday & Saturday 3rd & 4th of April at Shewaikh’s showroom only .

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