No offense but this is just Hilarious! 😛

Thanks INM


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14 Responses to “Saudi Easter Eggs”

  1. 9k2hn says:

    in other words it is The Islamic Easter….. Not funny :(


  2. Dee says:

    loooooooool @ islamic easter!


  3. Marzouq says:

    Thats pretty damn funny!


  4. Mathai says:

    LOL ! like the one in glasses !


  5. apple.pie says:


    I <3 these eggs!


  6. Ansam says:

    LOL hilarious it is!!!


  7. Zuno says:

    ahahahahaha!!! tafkeeeeeeer ;p


  8. somechick says:

    Lol ! Um Khammas, Um Saloom, Um Saeed and Um Allawi 😛


  9. eleventhst says:

    hahah hilarious! Painting easter eggs is so much fun!


  10. ME says:



  11. Bo9ale7 says:

    LOOOL ewala hilarious


  12. Intlxpatr says:

    Hilarious! LOL @ Muslim Easter


  13. no name says:

    i thought Saudis don’t have Easter


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