A couple of days ago me & my wife decided to go to Sonober restaurant. The restaurant is just 2 months old, thats what we were told. We liked the restaurant, the place was well designed and it gots that modern touch to it.

My wife’s favorite Labna.

My favorite Mohamara.

Hummos with meat

Meat Sambosak

Fried chicken wings with garlic

Egg & meat



Here is one of the tables (I liked the modern feel)

Part of the restaurant

The waiting room

Over all the restaurant’s atmosphere is suitable for families, there is no need to reserve before going (not yet) coz it’s not that crowded. Now there are some things that I really didn’t like, the view & the food, both weren’t up to our satisfaction, making it one more not-so-special lebanese restaurant crowding the sea area.



its located in the belajat street near Burger King al belajat.


This entry was posted on Sunday, April 19th, 2009 at 10:37 pm

14 Responses to “Sonober Restaurant”

  1. Fawaz says:

    mishary … can you share the adresss plz … thanks for the post

  2. INM says:

    the Design is kind of chinese-esque

  3. Ahmad says:

    The food looks amazing (or maybe I’m very hungry now) but it seems to be worth a visit!

  4. Bo9ale7 says:

    fawaz its on alblajat street. if you remember aldana resturant ?? ele gabel Burger king. thats the place aldana was replaced by this one

  5. Marzouq says:

    That used to be the location of that restaurant Dana? Thats the problem we have in Kuwait, everyone thinks that Lebanese food is so easy to make, or that it will be good if the food is OK, but that isn’t the case and its sad that they don’t improve with such a good location!

  6. Purgatory says:

    Yet Another Lebanese Restaurant.

  7. Daddyz Girl says:

    Hope it tastes as yummy as the pictures looks 😉

  8. Stafa says:

    That’s such a retarded name for a Lebanese cuisine

  9. Reemi says:

    the food look’s nice 😉 !!! lazim ajrba :p !!

  10. sinful eye's says:

    Bon appetit ^_^
    how’s the prices ?

  11. eshda3wa says:

    ya3ni 3al ba7ar oo the view moo shay!


  12. Intlxpatr says:

    The food looks really good but . . . Mishary, wasn’t that a lot of food for just two people??

  13. eleventh.st says:

    The food looks good! Bil3afya!!
    I think Lebanese food is one of the best kinds of food to eat for picky eaters, you have so many things to choose from!

  14. mohammad says:

    could you give us an idea about the money you pay for each dish in your ordered menue at list if its a good resturant ,we would know about how much we will spent. cheers