Both the issue of Kuwait’s legal right for compensation from Iraq for the damages caused by 1990 invasion, and the borders issue were raised again by Iraq’s Parliament members.

I don’t get how they can stand there and ask Kuwait to drop the money owed, as a compensation, for something as horrendous as what they as a country did less than 20 years ago.

They also want to re map the borders from their internationally recognized borders, to what they think is their “historic” locations, which is a thing that totally negates the united nations resolutions. They also said that Kuwait wants to get past the borders demarcation issue because Kuwait wants to exploits it’s neighbors natural resources as long as possible. They believe that Kuwait’s stance is holding Iraq down and is causing harm to both countries.

One MP said that we shouldn’t be too cocky to renegotiate the borders and the compensation issues, and that we also shouldn’t be too trustful of the US and our american connections, because the US is closer to them now, as an ally, than it is with Kuwait.

This is what MP Saleh AlMullah had to say when asked about the issue:

“the sovereignty of Kuwait is above all other considerations” And “The Idea of giving up an inch of the country or any of it’s financial or moral rights are not permissible at all.”

Aren’t you just mad at the accusations? I mean, couldn’t a country with less bad name and violent history accuse us of such things?!

SOURCE: And most Kuwaiti newspaper.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 at 8:19 pm

5 Responses to “Back to square one!”

  1. Marzouq says:

    It pisses me off that Iraq can even think that, that is why they will never settle down as a country! Its a disaster filled with self serving bastards! They have 10x if not 100x more oil then us and better natural resources then the whole of the gulf! They can’t even set aside their own differences so that they can move forward! They don’t have to come to us to pick a fight, and they don’t have the army to even pick a fight with anyone.

  2. Bu Yousef says:

    True… With all the corruption inside, they have time to discuss us… I imagine if they have more time on their hands!

  3. 1001Nights says:

    If they don’t end up paying us compensation we would have to be truly truly 6ofa habee6a! Hell Germany paid reparations for years and years after the holocaust- an estimated $25 billion in reparations to Israeli Holocaust survivors PLUS more than $700 million in goods and services to the Israeli government. If Germany couldn’t get away with it why the hell should Iraq!?

  4. Abdulmohsen says:

    The news is very disturbing but when you cool off and think about it you’ll realize that it was said by a number of Iraqi MPs that do not necessarily represent all of Iraq.

    We have the same thing here…
    1. A Kuwaiti MP lifting his shoe in response to the Gaza attacks
    2. Some dance the dabkeh as well as arranging an auction.
    3. Some mourn the death of an alleged terrorist.
    4. Some prevent musicians from entering Kuwait.
    5. One MP views figure skating as a sexy sport and should be banned from TV
    6. A lot of MPs view co-ed schooling as a source of bastard babies and STDs.

    The list goes on and on… but we all know they do not represent all of Kuwait.

  5. Al-Murqab says:

    but wait , Saleh Almulla ma 3endah salfa

    we have more important issued .. female MPs should wear hejab

    that is our priority :p