It is very rare here in Kuwait to go to a restaurant and have the food turn out effortlessly fantastic. The restaurants in Bahrain are different, they were all amazing. I went to 3 different ones and every single one could put the best restaurants in Kuwait to shame with their amazing food and great chefs. You actually feel like there is someone in the kitchen coming up with their own recipes, unlike most restaurants in here.

The thing that annoys me the most in our restaurants is that you can’t have a great meal unless you go to a pretentious place. Whereas in Bahrain, this place for example has a nice casual mood of a cafe, yet the food is fantastic. Actually their risotto alone could put LeNotre to shame.. well thats not a very hard thing to accomplish nowadays, even Nino could put LeNotre to shame now.

Café Lilou is owned by a Kuwaiti, Mish’al AlJarallah, who also owns another 3 or 4 great restaurants in Bahrain. This restaurant should come to Kuwait, We need this sort of casual dinning where food actually tastes good and not like a good looking microwaved dish that we’re used to here.

Shrimp Risotto

Check it out whenever you’re there.



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  1. Ali says:

    eshaaaweq !!

    bl 3afyaa 🙂

  2. um-mit3ib says:

    w ma sawart their melou melou? ebachy ebachy ;p

  3. reem says:

    What planet are you in ? spell lenotre right first then criticize !!! you don’t even know what lenotre means since you spelled it as it means th ( us ) in english!!! now when I read this kind of shallow evaluation I automatically evaluate your blog as unprofessional which on the other hand comforts me that you don’t have any experience in this field … oh and by the way ..i ate at the rest u were bragging about ( in bahrain) it was very average … prime and toast is much more tastier .. or as you used ..puts it to shame big time .. but hey .. it’s all about good taste which i dont think you really have!

  4. Yousef says:

    Lenotre, Le Notre.. big deal. The food is not what it used to be.

  5. reem says:

    big deal… just dont eat there!

  6. Mishary says:

    Yousef esh3alamnaaa ? fenaa shar ? 😉

  7. Yousef says:

    Hehehehehe la7atht!? Madry shsalfatna m3asbeen! ila taktib isma 3adil o temda7a wila baz3al.. Kho may9eer :p

  8. eleventh.st says:

    I love this place! one of my fav restaurants in bahrain! Their desserts are great!

  9. reem says:

    I think so!! and its not very nice to talk harshly about the place …you can criticize it in a better manner than that .. and I was just trying to clarify that point and every one is entitle to there own opinions… if it was presented in a right way … any way ..i have a right to defend my restaurant … oh and i didnt think inna shabab il jeel hatha il kwaiteyeen mumkin yitkalimon 3an ahal il kuwait il 3i9amiya ib hal salbiya(again im talking about all the restaurants… really they are all so bad! that you have to leave to bahrain to get a decent meal!) ..ka2ana il kuwait mafeeha ma6a3im zaina! afa 3alaikum! again mr yousif you are intitled to your opinion… i was addressing the post…and would love for you to drop by the office to help us improve what you see is not up to your standard.. there is know harm in learing from you something.

  10. reem says:

    no need 7ag il 6naza! ana 3abali ga3da akalim nas tifham.. 6ala3t ana illi ma afham! sorry for the trouble!

  11. Yousef says:

    Did you think you could just come here, attack me for stating my opinion and say “it’s all about good taste which i dont think you really have!” and get away with it? not in here you don’t.

    o ba3dain, You can’t run a restaurant and not handle criticism. The restaurant used to be one of the best in Kuwait, and now, I’m not being negative when I say Nino is better, coz Nino is MUCH better now than lenotre. Nino did have it spiral down moments, but with lenotre, its a free fall. and It’s not just my opinion, reem, everyone I know says the same. Try the pasta.. the sauces, the veal chop you had a couple of months back.. yes the extra dry one.. They all lack in flavor and even in presentation.

    I remember when I used to go there back in the early 2000’s and eat your fossilli fotolo and think “this got to be the best pasta dish ever!”, but not it is not the same, the whole place has changed, except for the good decorations.

    Lastly, You can’t expect people to take you seriously when you are resorting to personal attacks when someone disagrees with you.

    PS. The “just dont eat there!” was very professional.

  12. reem says:


  13. Breeze says:

    Hahaha yousif…shlonik enta zain? kel hatha eb sebat ur bad spelling…afa bas afa fashltna jedam khalg allah ;p

    Reem…chill..chill…chill..mama galech ilwalad taqblay il naqd..mo et9e3en eb kalamech..tara we get it..ur pissed!

    b3dain WHO are you? 3arfena eb man9ebech 3alshan en3ref enyeelech le your maktebech entfaham ma3ach..cuz seriously i have alot of complaints 3ala LEEEEE NOOOOOTRRREEEEEEE..did i spell that right yousef?

    Anyhow, el akel shakla 3ajeeb..yabela roo7ah walah!

  14. Sadly, I have to agree. The quality of food in Kuwait has detoriated greatly. At first I just assumed it was Kuwaitiyeen maku thooq, just pour on the sauces o ‘7ala9. Now I think it has something to do with the chefs. Even if you love to cook, when you are harrassed day in and day out and the pay sucks… maybe it affects the way you cook?

  15. D says:

    Its so weird that Reem criticizing Yousef about the mispelled “Le Notre” while her posts is full of spelling mistakes. ex: intitled, pittiy, leage?? who’s the rude person here, Yousef who shared his own personal opinion in his OWN BLOG or someone, an outsider, I might say who attack the blog owner and call him with “THIS KIND F PERSONALITY”..
    No one cursed here but you reem. hence, who’s the immature one? Grow up.. its not even worth the arguement.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  16. ban1 says:

    yousef, malik sha3’l ab ay a7ad tara alma6a3m ana ray7ila oho wa7ad mn a7la al ma6a3m bl bahrain ,9ag yngale oho waied a7la mn waied ma6a3m bl kuwait mn 6’amnehom lenoter,nino . lenotre kan waied 7ilwo fe al badaih baeden waied a7’tareb. 7ata mn taste wil service .

  17. ROUDAN says:

    Ream ohh sorry Reem, God bless Nino.
    Don’t worry nobody will eat there… “us” restaurant anymore.

  18. Delly says:

    haw haw,,, shfeeha hal reem?! 3asa mashar! i didnt see yousif saying anything wrong about LE NOTRE!
    wela ethaher habba,,, etha a7ad ta7acha 3an ma63am yak ra3eya yla3li3? :s

  19. 1001Nights says:

    While I do think that we have some wonderful restaurants in Kuwait, I have to say that I, too, think Le Notre has badly deteriorated. I’m really curious, what went wrong? Why did it fall like that? It’s a shame because since it has such a wonderful location on the beach it’s a really nice place to take guests from outside Kuwait.

    As for the commenter above who said this blog is unprofessional, frankly ,Yousef does not have to be professional, it’s a personal blog – a blog we all visit because we enjoy reading what he and Mishary have to say. Now anyone running a restaurant should actually be professional and in my opinion the professional response to his criticism of Le Notre would have been something along the lines of the following:

    “We, at Le Notre, are sorry you feel that way. Our chefs put great efforts into providing a diverse menu to cater to a variety of tastes but unfortunately pleasing all customers can be a difficult task. However, we would love to hear any suggestions you might have to help us create a more enjoyable experience at Le Notre.”

    I bet a response like that would have made a world of difference in the reactions from other readers. Now, instead of people perhaps disliking the food at Le Notre, they will dislike whoever is running it as well. It’s a shame.

  20. Fawaz says:

    3asa mashar ….. haddaw haddaw … il dinyaa ib khair 😉 “Mishary”
    inzain Yousef lets Vote ?
    Shraykom ?

  21. Sulaiman says:

    keep it up yousef o malick sh’3l min ba3th il nas eli ybalish esmhoum ib REEEEEEEEEEEEEEM …. malick sh’3l feeeha

    KEEEEEP it Up … Oops i mean keep (hehe khofick taglaib 3lana il ikht reem itgool ina keep is just with 2 e’s)

    have i nice day

  22. nym says:


  23. Bu Yousef says:

    This is an opinion of a restaurant (or two)… What happened? There is so much text and CAPS, I didn’t bother reading most of it.

    Have a cold glass of water everyone and 9allaw 3a Nnebi.

    Nice shots, Yousef.

  24. inthebox says:

    Gaston Lenôtre, is the premier and master of french pastry, some say he made into an art.

    sad to say he just died at the age of 88.

    We sometimes don’t agree with things, but this is how we can develop ourselves into a better person.

    Like Lenôtre, he stood up for what he loved and made a name.

    Irony is, your discussing Lenôtre and he died. (something to think about?)

  25. bo flan says:

    woah, whats with all the animosity reem.
    at least you can thank her for a healthy number of hits today! 😉

    i fully agree with a 1001Nights response.

    btw great blog guys and keep up the good work.

    p.s. most people dont use spell check for blog comments 😀

  26. me says:

    eqteraa7 estejwaab yousef or 7al ghair destoori for the post!! :p

    /menu /spell check

  27. Me says:

    I was going to recommend a restaraunt in Bahrain but now I’m scared of the backlash! :p


    This comment has not been spell checked

  28. Bo9ale7 says:

    Youseeef !!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL walla im laughing my XXX off cause ga3eeed atkhayal your shocked face while you read this.

    (Admin: sorry bo9ale7 I had to edit this one phrase off the comment)

    keep it up . o i agree with you lanatore ” kefy i spell it the way i want” isnt as good as it used to be.

  29. kforkhalid says:

    Jareb Gaucho Grill steaks, Big Al potatoe skins o Carino’s Veal escalopini (sp) kabab baba 6aher o Kai ili bel marriot. 3arayes o reyash ma63am el waali o itha lail7een mako fayda malek ela Qeema o chabati saket 3ajeeb.

    Le Notre is ok. Don’t like the portions bas its supposed to be like that. Its more to do with classy than the food I believe. Ya3ni ana itha baroo7 ma63am badeba mo to look at people (ma3ana this is big in Kuwait) 😛

    Plus laish Al Jarrallah ma eyeeb his restaurants here?

  30. HBZ says:

    reem when yousif posted about Rice http://somecontrast.com/2009/03/18/rice-restaurant/#more-4225 you didn’t say he has “shallow evaluation” .. wella etha mida7 his good w when he criticize his shallow ?? 9ij kuwaityeen !

    yousif ur one of the best blogs out there w i totally agree with you “Le Notre” should improve their quality of food its not as good as it was age’s ago.

  31. mama says:

    hiiii kids….
    u r sooooo funny, we will start an english lesson now,
    say wd me( a, b, c,…….etc). u should start learning again.
    and now about food, i think u ALL SHOULD EAT AT MCDONALDS,….
    i think when u criticize something u should be objective.. not destructive,
    le notre or lenoter who cares…
    the point is ur attitude kids… sij yahaaaaaaal…… 3aib walla shitgool el nas 3an 3yal el q8 if ur q8s a9lan…..

  32. mama says:

    agool bu9aleh

    ako mathal thani
    la turma ela el shajara el muthmera….

    Admin: No personal attacks. Bo9ale7’s comment was edited and so was yours.

  33. mimoo says:

    I was recently discussing the issue of Kuwaiti restaurants with friends and I was arguing that we have a lot of very good places here in Kuwait, so he told me to name them. So i started thinking about really good places to eat.

    Here’s what i realized, we have a lot of good restaurants, but very rarely do we have great restaurants.

    Our restaurants fall into the following categories:

    1. Burger joints.
    2. Sushi/Japanese Joints.
    3. Franchises.
    4. Hotel operated restaurants (like Peacock and Terrace grill, both of which i used to love but have deteriorated in quality in the past few years).

    We have very few (very few for a population who is as obsessed with eating as we are) independent restaurants with innovative dishes, designs, etc.

    Maybe you guys can help me with what the best places to eat are in Kuwait.

  34. Bo9ale7 says:

    Mama please etha ba9aly , ba9aly 7ag rabey mo 7agch. o thany shay e7na ga3den engol our opinion bel resturant fa mala da3eey you take things personal you attack any one giving out his opinion. o ba3den i give my opinion the way i want destructive or objective cause again its my opinion !!

  35. mama says:

    agool yousef
    i think u edited this part of the msg ( 9alat) how did bu 9aleh get it???
    and bu 9allooh
    el 9alat akeed 7g rabi mo 7agy… bs el esloob ma3akom hada mas’7ra
    ana ga3ad aklemkom eb nafs esloobkom ya helween….
    akeeeeeed entow moo kuwaiteen….
    el kuwaiti mustwa wayed arqa min hal esloob ely entw mitab3eena…

  36. mama says:

    i think el mustwa jedan wa6y…
    ana atraf3 3an el niqash m3a yahal…
    yabeelkom tarbiya min jedeed.. etha ako!!!!

  37. Bo9ale7 says:

    bel salama ya3naya o alalb da3elik 😉 allah weyach

  38. Yousef says:

    mama Esme7eely agoolich, ina minbid kil ilta3leeqat ily in7a66at ib hal post, ta3leeqatich kanat il aswa2 min both ilna7ya il adabiya wil akhlaqiya.. please raj3ay nafsich gabil latektebeen coz kilna 3yal awadim hnee.

  39. shallal says:

    salam 3alaikom
    A) Would like to say thanks to everyone for sharing their ideas about the restaurants in Kuwait.
    B) Would also like to thank the admin for taking out any insulting bits & pieces of the comments some people made
    C) I was wondering what does any of this has to do with age-nationality? is this taste related?
    D) Hope I didn’t make any “English misspelling/grammar” mistakes!
    E) Would like to suggest a nice restaurant for you lot to go eat at: freej 9weeli7 , located in salmiyah, has some fantastic traditional food & the chef is 100% Kuwaiti believe it or not!
    If you like fancy places try :La trdamore , located near “abraaj el Kuwait” the hospitality village 🙂
    & bon appete (^-^) bas la tinsoon t3azmony hahahaha

  40. Fawaz says:

    Yousif … ana You3an … qayir il maawthoo3 lai .. wain intaghadda Today???? 😀

  41. mama says:

    yousef ….
    3yal awadem ykoon el naqd ban2, o fy esloob wayed arqa min ely kitabto. ely kitbta mujared rad 3la nafs mustwa ktabat el ba3th…
    e6boon fi el nas 3adi.. enas e6ob la2??!!!!!
    el mohem ena resalty atmana enha ewsalat… el mafroth esloob el 6arh l2y moatho3 ykoon raqy.. o hadef o ban2, bes shakel el ba3th ma’7then elsalfa 6naza, ( mujared el hiwar can eb nefs mustwa el ma6rooh)..
    salam kids…..

  42. Bo9ale7 says:

    lol wala you made up my day mama i will have a smile for the whole day 😀

  43. Yousef says:

    Fawaz a7na bilbait ilyoom.. green chicken curry! 😀

    mama 6ar7 banna2? ok kalam kebeer, 3ala ilba3th.. momkin tgoleely shloon kan 6ar7y mo banna2? o shloon kalamich kan 3ala mostawa kalamy? garaitay kalamy asasan!? wila bs haih haih ma3a ilkhail yashagra!?

    1-awalan ana ma sabait wintay sabaitay
    2-ana ma qathaft.. wintay qathaftay (salfat i9alat ily inmas7at)
    3-giltay 3ana yahal bidoon la ana a’3li6 aw anazil min mostaway ibhal kalam.
    4-giltay ma3indina thooq (iklaw mcdonalds) bidon la77ad idoslich 3ala 6araf.
    5- geltay a7na mo kuwaitiyeen (not that it’s an insult if you’re not, coz obviously everybody is proud of their nationality, including me.)
    6- giltay 3annah mo mitrabeen. o yabeelna terbaya min yedeed.

    kilhatha gilteeh witgoleen kan kalamich 3ala mostawa i6ar7?

    kilmin yara inas ib3ain 6ab3a..

    o still aby a3arf shino ily kan ib6ar7y o mo 3ajbich?

    Shallal sij!? I never knew the chef was Kuwaiti! thats just too cool! 🙂

    You know, I love Fereej swaili7, but their food is always too salty and drips of maggie 😛

  44. Sulaiman says:

    mama … 3sa mashar ….

    mama (12:24:00) :

    i think el mustwa jedan wa6y…
    ana atraf3 3an el niqash m3a yahal…
    yabeelkom tarbiya min jedeed.. etha ako!!!! ———— N3M N3M

    n3m .. mino inty ile ITRBEIN anyone etha tbin itrbein a7ad .. do it in ur home lat tdkhlain bil nas law sama7ty ..

  45. Sulaiman says:


  46. mama says:

    ya 7lalko kids….

    agool sulaiman yal malgoof… min hachk?????
    el kalam ma3a el a’7 yousif…
    any way i still insist that u should re consider ur attitude, and the way u write…
    o sulaiam shfeehaaaa el KUWAIT??????? 3ala rasek min fog …..wala 6ar6ra…

  47. Sulaiman says:

    Dear mama … il mufroooth mu Mama BS YALAH :pP

    sorry bs mustawach wied wied wied wa6i i am so sorry ma adgar akmil ma3ich bs ma agool ila alah y3eeeein rooo7ich 3la rooo7ich Dear

    Take Care o 7yaaaich alah kil youm ib hal Blog

    see You

  48. mama says:

    exactly what i needed some made me laugh finally…. 3ajeeb walla damik hada ragla…o ‘7afeef.. agool sima3t 3an el mathal

    Admind Deleted phrase. You are NOT allowed to insult my friends in here.

    3ad enta o fahametick…
    chiny estanast 3ala hatha el blog….. yahaloooo

  49. mimoo says:

    bas abi afham,

    mama (12:24:00) :

    i think el mustwa jedan wa6y…
    ana atraf3 3an el niqash m3a yahal…
    yabeelkom tarbiya min jedeed.. etha ako!!!!

    that was more than one hour before this:

    mama (13:47:57) :

    ya 7lalko kids….

    agool sulaiman yal malgoof… min hachk?????
    el kalam ma3a el a’7 yousif…
    any way i still insist that u should re consider ur attitude, and the way u write…
    o sulaiam shfeehaaaa el KUWAIT??????? 3ala rasek min fog …..wala 6ar6ra…

    mara thanya, bas lilfahm, “ana atraf3 3an el niqash m3a yahal” shino mafhom iltaraf3 binisba lich.

  50. Sulaiman says:

    damich istanasty zainnn 3lich bil 3afya
    if you would like to join us 7yaaaaaaach alah .. bs il adb ma6looob in this blog

    o ba3dain tra thb7teena yahaloo yahalooo .. yal 3oooooDa … please 3rfeeelna yahalooo .. yakim la gltelna ma3nat’ha tin9admin o itkouneeen minhoum …

  51. mama says:

    Admin remarks:

    Comment deleted.

    You are not allowed to post childish comments in here anymore, if you have something worth reading, 7ayyach Allah, if not… don’t comment. Thanks.

  52. Sulaiman says:

    heheheheheheh damick bit’trf3ain ana agoool 7yaaaich alah o ma3a il slama Bye bye

  53. mama says:

    Admin: Again you are not allowed to insult my friends in here.

  54. Sulaiman says:

    ee inshlah mama ba3d fee shy Dear

    hehehe mama 7yaaaich kil youm walllah istanasna wyaaaich … 6maaaaShaaaa

  55. ban1 says:

    ya mama enty mino ely daf3een 3an al kuwait ,enty 3ala alsaloob ely 3andich jinsya ma 3andach, suliman la tanzeel 3ala hal mastawa

  56. mama says:

    admin shfeeek
    sar wanasa, i’m free and having fun ???!!!!!!
    min zeman didn’t chat with kids???

  57. mama says:

    min gal ma 3indy jinsiya,???????
    ana min ely asesow el deera….(ban1)enty/enta mino????
    waaaaaaaay hadkom wanasa!!!!!!!

  58. Sulaiman says:

    MAMA …
    3indich shy itgoooleena
    I MEAN mu kil il nas fatheeen minthlich etha tabeeein shy golee wela akrmeena

  59. mama says:

    admin u r not fare….
    deleting my comments!!!!!!! ma y9eer wala ma y9eeer,,,,,,
    i’m having fun…

  60. Sulaiman says:

    couse hatha Blog mu7tram …

  61. ban1 says:

    lina hatha mastwaeech 3ala gadech

  62. mama says:

    ashofik fathy, 3indik mawtho3 thany gola…..

  63. mama says:

    yousef wainik??????
    no comment????

  64. Yousef says:

    mama You claimed that my argument was destructive yet you had nothing of value to say in all those comments you’ve made.. Clearly you have nothing to say asasan except stoop to levels we are not used to.

    This blog is a place where the likes of you are not allowed. Your comments from now on will go to spam.

    People please lets ignore her she’s won’t be replying anymore.

  65. ban1 says:

    loooooooooooooooooooooooool 7ayooooooooooo yousef, allah la yabelana 7amdellah wa al shaker

  66. Sulaiman says:

    walllah il i7tram 7ag ahl il blog
    … bs ma agoool ila alah yahaach … o 7yaaaich alah …
    o malaana o i7na ingoool 7yaaaich alah .. yalllah 3ad ..
    bs tra malana lat’thgleeeein il ga3da il youm tra khla9na bs hwana ma nabi wanastich

  67. Sulaiman says:

    b’bye dear MAMA

    go and have fun away

    Chaw :Pp

  68. Mishary says:

    Auto Spam to mama‘s comments from now on, its Activated.

  69. Sulaiman says:

    thanks MR. Mishary

    Mishary (14:36:02) :

    Auto Spam to mama’s comments from now on, its Activated.

  70. Abdulmohsen says:

    I thought this was a personal blog… or am I mistaken?

    A personal blog is the blogger’s personal space where he/she can write anything they want… or am I mistaken?

    If Yousef or Mishary decided to write a review of anything, be it a restaurant, a movie or whatever, then they could say whatever they want about it. The only red line (too many of those in Kuwait nowadays!) would probably be personal attacks on the owners of these enterprises. As I recall, there weren’t any in this post or in previous posts for that matter.

    If we, the readers of this blog, find that the review did not accurately reflect our personal experience then we could start a civil conversation where every party would get his/her point across. Only then would other readers, as well as enterprise owners, really benefit.

    Lashing out accusations is truly uncalled for and will never add any value to any argument.

    I would like to conclude that if Yousef thought that Le Notre is in free fall then that is his opinion and he is entitled to say what he likes. If I thought that Yousef was wrong then I don’t think I would go as far as saying that he is a Martian or something. I like the saying “To each his own” and I strongly believe in it. Some readers should think about that for a second.

  71. Abdulmohsen says:

    wow… it seems I have missed out on the action while writing the comment 🙂

  72. q80saracen says:

    Wow…that’s the fastest growing hit count I’ve seen in a while…7ayaakom my blog!!


    I9araa7a, I think the owner’s response added insult to injury. Its easy to be professional when you’re hearing praise, but the real test is to remain professional when people criticize your establishment. Too bad they didn’t know how to do that (I thought 1001 had a good and professional reply).

    Message to Restaurant Owners: The blog world in Kuwait are the only medium that is reviewing and “re-reviewing” your restaurants every day. They can make a guy who has a “Mango Delivery Service” and instant success, or leave him unmentioned in obscurity. Tread carefully with bloggers, and you might just find some value in them in the future.

    Yullaaaa…come to my bloggg…hehehe (j/k by the way)

  73. jagy says:

    i’m missing some thing here??
    75 comments on personal experience with food and taste that’s some thing!!!!
    but when i read the comments they r not related to the title???
    in light me pls

  74. anonymous says:

    i dont think reem is the real owner of lenotre.. mako a professional business owner acts this childish..

  75. jagy says:

    i totally agree with anonymous, 🙂

  76. HBZ says:

    ma buga shay 3ala il 100 comment .. yalla shdaw 7aylkum 😛

  77. bo9ale7 says:

    7asafaaaaaaaaaaaa enshaqalt the last 2 hours bel dawam 🙁 wela it was fun

  78. jagy says:

    my personal opinion
    home made food is better than 1000 restaurants… old fashioned mybe…
    at least u control the quality of food and taste …

  79. Justaway says:


    Unfortunately, it seems that the current trend for restaurants here is “customer oppression” rather than “customer satisfaction!”

    Just like what happened with Mark the other day (when he criticized that crappy place at the Avenues), restaurant owners are getting confrontational with dissatisfied customers, rather than dealing professionally with the matter and trying to fix any problems on their part.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and keep posting your very helpful reviews. Just ignore any and all riffraff. The Kuwaiti retail sector as a whole is infested with parties that have cancerous increase in income to the point where the customer is being disregarded simply because of the “there will always be other customers” mentatlity. Let’s raise consumer awareness and show these idiots that it’s either “step up” or “step out.”

  80. um-mit3ib says:

    yah yah gamaatt ilqeyaammmaaaaaaa

    i3tirif usif;p kil hatha mi7tar ina my comments akthar minik;p fa gomt w sawait hal 7arakat;p

    mo 3alaaaayyy anaa ya usiiiffff;p

  81. qtb says:

    reem #$&*! “much more tastier” go back to the first grade…lol and u have the nerve to talk about his spelling mistake…people like u should just disappear!

  82. Sasha says:

    The quality of lenotre food HAS gone down. I haven’t thought of eating there in years. After I saw Reem’s comments I definitely won’t be eating there again. Good food speaks for itself and an owner must put positive energy into her enterprise. Spend more time improving your business instead of spewing negativity on the internet!

  83. qtb says:

    lol tawni wi9alt 7ag comments mama….intarfiz tirfa3 il ,6a,36!! bafham shtabeen….btw yal 3a8la ili mitrabya a7san mina oo afham mina theres is no such thing as an “OBJECTIVE COMMENT” its either constructive of destructive…u are the definition of idiocy!!

  84. qtb says:

    mama maskeena!! “ana min il asisow il deera”…fashla ina fee nas mithlich ib hal deera!

  85. omg people bes seriously. we all love yousef o itha yabi yaktib ina lenotre sucks then so what?? kaifa! you understand ina not everyone coming out of that restaurant is gona have a smile plastered on their face by force, right? its a restaurant, not china. calm down! oh and reem and “mama” why couldnt you just take it as constructive criticism? if my cousin, for example, who owns a bakery in kuwait, heard that people think her desserts are deteriorating in quality, then she would try to improve them, not launch an “ALL-CAPS!!” attack. and since when did blog comments start representing il sha3b il kwaity as a whole? take a deep breath. relaaaaaaaaaax, go to sharm for a weekend. stop hatin yall. save that for neo-imperialism and the israeli government. 🙂
    maybe i posted this twice. if i did, sorry (bad laptop). pls delete the previous. thanks!

  86. Yousef says:

    missghesquiere Thanks 🙂 and yep you double posted 🙂

  87. Noga says:

    kil wa7d lah 7ag enna etikalam o egoool rayaha o mafi a77ad lah 7ag enna etikalam aw yifta7 7alja wigool kilma hathi athwaq

  88. Teeman says:

    well..i sure love those pics and would love to try out cafe lilou 🙂
    cool review 😉

  89. blah says:

    o.O eshda3wa 3alaihom? kilhatha 3ashan shwayat pasta oo rbyan?:P

    1st, i agree with HBZ i dont think reem is the real owner. eslobha kilish mayo7i.
    2nd, mama, mn 9ijjich entai? al7een entai elli almafroth mo “yahel” titkalimain chithi? esh5alaitai lena e7na yalyahal? oo btw its fair mo fare. oo start using 7 and 9 since you’re using the other numbers. oo tgolen ennich mn awal alkuwaiteen or something oo you say “jeded” ? oo 9dt 3alaich cham badliya bs nisait’hom:P

    mishtahya arou7 alba7rain! mn ziman 3anha!

  90. NYM says:

    missghesquiere, i agree 100% with u! if i was to run a business i would make it a priority 2 get my customers feedback, thats where the real money is. yousif did a gr8 job reviewing lenotre and got caps attacked 4 it. despite his opinion of lenotre i have 2 agree that the quality of the food there had deteriorated! its bean quite a while i have bean there, other alternative are coming up with gourmet food and top noch service 2 accompany it, i am sure that the owner of lenotre does indeed care for his customers feedback and im sure he is willing to take an extra step 2 put a smile on ur face, its just ppl like mama and reem that i pity. how a restaurants review turned into a brothel with terms such as ana min ily asisow , im a true kuwaiti ? seriously ? PITY is all i can say.
    the reason i respect yousifs post is that its customer oriented, despite the fact that the owner is a close relative of his, he said his true opinion.

  91. keep the drama fo’ yo mama!

    seriously get over it, its not the end of the world if lenotre’s food sucks, it’s not like it’s been cooked by the gods of gastronomy

    cause these gods don’t even bother coming to kuwait cause food is only enjoyed with a glass of wine!

  92. Om FasoOoL says:

    Ga6eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 3zaizoooo …. shfeeekom … everyone has his point of view and his own taste .
    Yousif has every right to criticize a restaurant o yemda7 another .. its a personal taste .
    O Reem men 7aqha edafe3 3an “ma63amha” Le Notre (spelled the correct way 3ashan ma e7oshni 6eshar :P)
    Hathy dawla demoqra6iya .. nestajweb feeha ra’ees el wezaraa kel shahar 3ala kel salfa.
    Reem i love your place and its always a favorite but some dishes has deteriorated a bit (I can say that because am a regular customer and am still) and I may add that by criticizing am also adding that you’re one of the top catering restaurants in Kuwait.
    Hatha el blog has always been known to be a nice thing to read with morning coffee .. elyom e7regatny my coffee while i read.
    I totally agree with HBZ when he said “Rice” 6ala3oh el sima .. when i went there it was not as good as the blog said but I assumed I had a different taste or maybe i ordered the wrong dishes .. it happens.
    Yousif .. awal marra ashofik chetheh ethaher tanarfazt wayed o wayed nas bedal la ehadoon el mawthoo3 shayeshaw akthar .
    Ta3awethaw men eblees o ekhtelaf bel raay la yofsed lelwod qatheya … at the end of the day each one has his taste bas mafy da3y lel 3edwaniya .. o Reem please accept criticism wela yr restaurant will never improve… you don’t need to fight back
    O salamatkom we3eeshon 🙂

  93. Ali says:

    Yousef , lol elyom t3aabt ro7ik wayd 3ala nas mateswaa wala 🙂

    keep going ( el qafela taser …… ) 😛

    3adil Mishary ? 😛

  94. um 7amody says:

    reem, first of all if u begin by criticizing others spelling and grammer b4 discussing the main topic,this will only show ur very weak and immature character.
    and b4 u talk about his spelling check ur OWN first!!! u said : ” every one is entitle to there own opinions.”
    in fact it is wrong,it should be: everyone is ENTITLED to THEIR own opinions.
    u said: ” there is know harm in learing from you something.”
    it should be: there is NO harm …” and the rest will follow …

  95. jagy says:

    i think it has been a long day for you guys…
    allah ya3teekom el 3afya..
    i think this subject has taken more than what it really deserve ..
    we all should respect each other’s point of view…
    u might like this restaurant but i don’t..
    there are so many subjects to share, discipline with the youth, respect,
    education, health,economy, sports etc…
    what i really suggest is clear all the bad insults,it’s really a sham that people read all that harsh way of expressing opinions…
    this is a respective blog and should stay that way….
    allah yhfeth el kuwait o ahelha min el fitna.

  96. Noga says:

    Yousef: but finally we have to support our cousins business whether it’s good or bad.. I know reem reaction was wrong and instead of fighting for Lenotre, she has to take it in (sader ra7ib) again we have to support our family

  97. yousef mum says:

    yousef, you know in our free Kuwait no one agree with you if your opinion is not on his side.

  98. jagy says:

    100% true yousef mum,
    but i agree with you on your opinion 🙂

  99. HBZ says:

    Comment 100 !!!!! 😛

  100. Yousef says:

    Noga and that was the only reason why I didn’t bother writing a real review for Lenotre, simply because I think I would’ve been much much harsher. Obviously not writing that review was a very wise decision.

    In my opinion, my credibility is far more important than pleasing people. And being supportive has nothing to do with sugar coating my opinion to appeal to certain people. Afterall this is just my opinion, people could either use it to their benefit or find a way to take it all personal and feel offended, it’s a matter of choice.

    yousef’s mum tawwa manawwar ilmokan 🙂

  101. Geek25 says:

    i skipped reading the last comments, but “reem”, for god’s sake just CHILL, its just a blog post.

  102. weeknds says:

    Hey yousef, thanks 4 ur post
    ana minziman asma3 3n hal ma63am bs lema al7een ma jarrabta
    so will u plz recommend some dishes 4 me

  103. badra says:

    allaaaah lilooo …. inzain plz next time u visit b7raaaain Try Maya Delice bl seef el 9oob el ydeeeeeeeeeed mo choclate bar waaaaaaaaaaid waid waid a7laa
    weeh a5af al7en a7ad eyhaawshni 3lshan glt maya a7la mn choclate bar 😛

  104. مساعد says:

    Your photos more delicious than the food 🙂

  105. nouf says:

    What planet are you in ? spell choclate bar right first then criticize !!! you don’t even know what chocolate means..lol

    anyways,thanx Yousef for the yummy report..will give it a try some day

  106. Abdullah says:

    Yousef, as a fellow blogger, I find how you handled this situation very mature & fully responsible. I applaud your well manners and your obvious patience.

    I would not know how to handle such a situation honestly.

    Those with negative energies are just everywhere & their transmission is active, through language, negative thoughts, vulgarity & over all improper behavior. Spamming it was divine.

    That being said, the Bahraini restaurant pics & description is just scrumptious.

    You represent an excellent example for us bloggers.

    Thank you !

  107. badra says:

    LOL nouf tha7kteni
    7tn lilou katbtha ‘3ala6 3amdan 😛

  108. de6ist says:

    jarabt their cakes in 3adleya branch .. it was very good ..

    bahrain restauranst are very decent .. but wayid rafe3 feehom alla yehadak o 6aya7t mn 7a6′ ma6a3emna .. IF they are better than our restaurants , they are better beshway bss

  109. DeeDee says:

    hey yousef just a heads up..and kinda a secret..lilos will be opening in 360 mall inshalla 😀 finally, some GOOD food to look forward to in kuwait..

    and yes i totally agree with u that the quality of food (i think ib almost kil mukan) has gone down the drain
    and u didn’t even mention how reasonably priced the food there is!!!

  110. blaa3aa says:

    awl shay 3jbnee eshloon tet7l6moon klkom 3ashaaan akel o m63m .. 3aaad abee agool shay .. tra kl m63m feh shay bayeekh o shay na63 .. o hathaa shay lazm .. coz mo klena nfs el thoogh , mo sa7 klaame ??
    y3ne nino ana wayed a7eba bs 3shan el veal ele m3aha mashoom sauce o elmshroom el 3mlaqa ele feha jbn .. bs el baje ana ma7ba o mara 6lbat pasta chan alga feha esh3raa o mara ome e6lbt salad o hm lgaat sha3ar o chocolate bar tra bs el pasta o el chocolate wo0ow bs el sandwich zafra malat el dyay .. alforno mal el pizza ( petzta wayed nashfaaa ) .. sheno b3d tbooooon .. eeee lorenzoo el l7m m3a el lymoon esmha ( bekata lemoone ) shay chethee hathe a7la shay or el hammor bdal el la7am + mozerella stick+ mlfeeh or cream broleh hathoola an63 shay .. el bage 3ade …. so lenotre 3ala hl t7l6m ele 9ar wayed nas y7boona o matdroon eshkther yt3noon 7g mal el ba7ar o mal el fanar … o hm feeha akel na63 methl el sandwich ele feha rbyan or el dyay o hm ako el la7ama ma3a el mashrom o ako el baby chicken .. el mash potato malhom chena 7elm 3jeeeb .. o 7lwhom 7g el e3rooos yebachee .. ma3ndk salfa ya yosf etgool a7la o a7la o 7asafa 3la lenotre 9ar low .. tra kl wa7ed laha thooogh … o ana akbr mthaaal 😀
    o ana akthr wa7da bl q8 etghl6 bl spelling o feha t3leeq lo0o0ol

  111. Yousef says:

    DeeDee sij????? Your source?!?

    blaa3aa atefeq ma3ach ina kilwa7id lah thoqah o raayah, o a7terem rayich 🙂 o ana gilt rayey bilma63am. Ana a7is ina in7edar ibshakil mal7ooth o 9ar kilish mo mostawa. bs attifiq ina khosh 7ilo 3inda.. khososan il concerto malta. o 7ag le3roos ohwa o ilsheraton a7san shay.. bs rebyanhom 7ag ilbofaihat mo shay. Hatha rayey 🙂

  112. Me says:

    Me want… let him get it to Kuwait.

  113. NOOOOON says:

    heeeey guys
    its me noon from bahrain
    actually if u visit bahrain there are 2 many restaurants i would recommend 2 visit..
    Lilou-adliya, Coco’s-adliya, Foli-umm el hassam, cappachino- sar, Zoe- adliya, Tradervic’s-ritz carlton, busheedo- seef district, the butcher shop- city centre, caramel- sar, yo sushi- seef district, sushi ko- adliya.

    tc guys