Word has it that a new Blackberry storm is going to be released. Mishary bought the older one, it didn’t last much with him, it sucked and he bought the new curve. I’ve head that the screen isn’t all that and although it’s a touch screen, it doesn’t function when it’s “touched” but has to be “clicked” to function.. Anyway.. The Storm 2 is said to be released in a month or 2 tops, so don’t go out and buy the older one just yet, no matter how alluring the touch screen may sound 😛

Thanks 9k2hn


Update By Mishary:

According to BlackBerryOS forum moderator the BlackBerry Storm 2 could be out sooner than expected. Which is expected to be this June.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 at 10:10 am

3 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm 2”

  1. Mohammed says:

    Does it have Wi-Fi ? because the older one doesn’t.

  2. KTDP says:

    the difference is the wifi.

    that’s it. same screen tech which in my opinion is better than the generic touch screen.

  3. Marzouq says:

    I don’t think the storm was successful! I think they need to make a better version of the Bold with a better camera for the people who like the bigger phones! I prefer the 8900! Does the job perfectly for me!