Yes, have you seen before plane bath? if not? click below to see how 🙂

Here you can say na3eemaan 🙂

Thanks INM


This entry was posted on Friday, May 15th, 2009 at 7:07 pm

14 Responses to “Have You Seen a Plane Take a Bath?”

  1. sugar says:


  2. Teeman says:


  3. Zuno says:

    Noooo wayy!!! Ahaha they’re drowning in bubbles wanasa!

  4. pumkinah says:

    okhhhhhh 😛 never wondered how !

  5. DVLz says:

    The image right above the last one is not how they clean it up, but its how they remove the snow or ice that is stuck on the plane. I know this cause i’ve seen them spraying the plane that I was on just before take off when the weather was snowing like hell.

  6. Marzouq says:

    OK, I honestly want to jump into that pile of bubbles!

  7. M.AlQallaf says:

    Nice !! i never thought the wash the planes !!

  8. AGWAF says:

    why they would need to wash them is beyond me

    But that looks fun for the guys roaming bel bubbles!

  9. Allah El bubbles 7adhum ywansoon, i just wanna jump & play with them !

  10. Fahad says:

    Ahahaha, very nice, I want to participate in the bathing of a plane!

  11. WANASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA bes isnt it a bit of a waste of water and soap?

  12. Bu Yousef says:

    I think that’s overkill…

    In Kuwait it’s an illegal immigrant with a bucket and a very dirty rag. He charges KU 5KD/month per plane and does a great job 🙂

    Sorry bout the silly comment. I think the results of the elections are almost final… Time to go to BED!

  13. nouraq8 says:

    wow 9ij 7amam mo3tabar
    o mo nasin il bubbles 3ashan tekon relax

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