I just had an argument with 2 of my colleagues about whether it’s ok to eat non Halal meat when you’re in a foreign country or not. I was saying that it’s preferable to eat only Halal meat, but it’s ok not to. They were saying it’s Haram to eat non Halal meat. As Haram as drinking alcohol, they said.

What do you think?

Personally.. I always say the “bismillah” and eat.


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  1. Amjad says:

    Define non-Halal meat.

  2. aalmodhayan says:

    Everyone has different opinion about this issue in my case I study in the US and I eat non hlal meat “the one who is killed w/o saying allah’s name” as its defined in some religion’s men however some thinks its hraaam! but I think its not sometimes u r stuck in place and they dont serve hlal meat so what the solution for that!! I’m saying they’re wrong the ones who say that its forbiden and I’m right but I think Islam is not a cruel religion thats make everything forbid! So in my opinion and I also I dont think its wrong to eat non-hlal meat

  3. CIO says:

    فقط أهل الكتاب

    الْيَوْمَ أُحِلَّ لَكُمُ الطَّيِّبَاتُ وَطَعَامُ الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ حِلٌّ لَكُمْ وَطَعَامُكُمْ حِلٌّ لَهُمْ

  4. Simplicity says:

    A non-ritually slaughtered meat is both haram and najis.

    There are certain conditions for the slaughtering of an animal to be Halal. You can check them in the following link

  5. Yousef says:

    Amjad Meat that was obtained by killing the animal in ways other than the shria and halal way.

  6. 1001Nights says:

    Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states the following:
    “The question of meat slaughtered by the People of the Book has been a controversial issue among Muslim scholars. The vast majority of scholars from all of the four schools consider it permissible for us. They base this on the clear statement of the Qur’an: ”

    Today, I have permitted for you all good things, and the food of the People of the Book is permissible for you, and your food is permissible for them.” (Al-Ma’idah: 5)

    According to Ibn `Abbas, the food of the People of the Book mentioned in the above verse refers to the meat slaughtered by them. Based on this, the majority of scholars belonging to the four schools of thought consider it permissible for Muslims to eat animals slaughtered by the Christians and Jews so long as these animals are considered lawful for us to eat. If you fall in this category of those who live among the People of the Book, then you may eat their meat, especially if you cannot find meat slaughtered by Muslims.


  7. Ansam says:

    I am on your side! Asammi wakil 🙂
    etha be7armoon kel shay laysafroon a7san la anna dowal barra dowal kofr o fasad 😛
    I remember while I was abroad a friend of mine was like that! I ordered meat and she goes its haram… I told her we are in a restaurant that serves alcohol!
    and I said something like:
    لعن الله بائع الخمر ولعن الله شاربه ولعن الله جليسه ولعن الله جليسه ولعن الله جليسه
    So eklay wentay sakta o 3an etefilsifffffff! I wanna enjoy my food! LOL

  8. Fawaz says:

    i do eat when am not in kuwait … bismilla and eat.

    you cant control it ..

  9. Amjad says:

    In that case, then yes, I do eat non-Halal meat, as long as it’s not pork or anything we were directly asked by the Qur’an not to eat. Just like you, I say “bismillah” and eat it without worrying too much. But to be honest, I’m finding a very big difference between Halal and non-Halal meat. For example, McDonald’s and KFC in the US and back in the Middle East taste completely different! The taste in the Middle East is better, of course. KFC here is not edible, not at all, so I never go there. McDonald’s is edible, but the meat tastes different than the Middle East, so I miss McDonald’s from back home.

    To each his own, so I absolutely respect the decision of those who decide not to eat meat that has not been slaughtered in the Islamic way.

  10. Abdullah says:

    What if you are abroad and there is no Halal meat shops around? Do you refrain from eating meats for the duration of your travel or stay. Do you think the meats that are imported from overseas into Kuwait are Halal (such as KFC under the Americana Brand)? We import from Brazil and other regions of the world and I am sure they don’t follow the Islamic method to ensure we receive Halal products. In Kuwait firms slap the Halal logo on the product not knowing if it is really Halal!

    On a side note, your colleagues comparing the case of drinking alcohol and Halal meat is totally different. When we consume meat it is a necessity but alcohol is a not a necessity unless you’re alcoholic then that is a different case.

  11. q80saracen says:

    So then technically…one can eat meat in a restaurant in France…but not a restaurant in Japan? (Because no Christians of Jews in Japan…or qilla anyway)

  12. kha says:

    As long as they are ahal el bait, sammy o ekel. Otherwise stick to sea food. Thats what I do.

  13. A.I. says:

    Ma yjooz ybaa ma yjooz
    and if u r sure that it’s non halal meat, even in Kuwait, you shouldn’t eat it.
    Note: entaw emsafren 3ashan taklon ? 😛

  14. Abdullah says:

    Personally I heard that its ok to just itsami and eat as fawaz said you can’t control it and do you know that its halal to eat from the jewish way of killing the animal… sadly our islamic scholars are returning to el jahiliya and this is really bothering me because nowadays I tend to tell myself what’s halal and what’s 7aram without returning to the scholors.

  15. :::ShoSho::: says:

    Hmm, I don’t.. I think that if you can survive without it, why eat it? There is halal meat here to buy, and in restaurants you can eat fish and vegetarian stuff.. and I teach my kids that too because we live in Switzerland you see,, they don’t feel tempted at all to ask for meat when we are going out say like to Mcdonald’s and stuff..

  16. :::ShoSho::: says:

    But I don’t agree the comparision to alcohol at all!

  17. e7mood says:

    yoba kel wa7ed enam 3al janb ely ery7aaa !!! ana asamii wakeeeel wely moo megtenee3 traa yemd7oon dominoes pizzaaa ma3a JEBEEN ;p

  18. Q80 In Denver says:

    I used to study in the states and there is nothing in religion says u can’t eat NON halal food (Except Pork of course .. ) so It’s up to u .. yes it’s preferable to eat halal but you don’t have to .. Some of my Shia friends refused to eat non-halal meat when we were studying outside Kuwait and I totally respect their opinion about it. EAT oo mako ela el 3afiya :p

  19. Mishary says:

    A.I. el deeeeen yeser mo 3eser !! bs tethakar kelmat khaaal 3ali yoom dara eny emsafer ma3aaah eshgaaal ? 😛

  20. Ansam says:

    Alcohol example is not meant for it to be compared to non halal meat! ma3roof alcohol is 7aram! Thats not my argument. My argument for illi ye3asroon kel shay!

    la3in allah elly yebe3 o yeshtery o yajlis fi majalis fiha khamir… so almost all restaurants in Europe and the States are “mal3oona” if you want to et3asroon 3alaikom kel shay!

    ana mo qasdi I compare it to the halal-non halal meat issue!!!! God!

  21. bo9agr says:

    when we say that food of “people of the book” is Halal, do we refer to the meat “slaughterd” by them without saying Allah’s name? or any meat “killed” by them? see, there’s a difference between “slaughtered” and “Killed”, as most muslim scholars refer to slaughtered meat when saying that it’s Halal to eat meat from people of the book and not the one killed by electric shock or beaten to death and that’s why we say Bismillah and eat Kosher meat, because it’s slaughtered almost like the Islamic way but without saying Allah’s name.

    bottom line: say bismillah and eat ONLY when it’s slaughtered and NOT shocked or beaten.

  22. Katuka says:

    I’ve studied in the US & and I’ve seen this argument unfold in action!!

    The first couple of months, the liberal students (myself included) ate none halal meat after saying basmalla. The bearded Salaf students and strict Shia students stuck to eating sea food.

    Just before the year end, both liberal and Salaf students ate none halal after basmalla. Shia students still stuck to sea food and vegies.

    After one year we saw our fellow shia students fall one after the other for the temptation of eating meat. Soon after, all of us were eating none halal meats. Only two very strict Salafi and Shia students stuck to their principals and never ate non halal. There were no halal meat shops in our city and the closest one was in a city one hour away.

    So the moral of the story, El deen yusr not 3usr, just say bismilla and eat. It’s easy to argue against this living in Kuwait, but don’t try it living abroad.

  23. den6ist says:

    i’ve studied for 4 years in Ireland and el7emdlila never ate non-halal meat ..

    note : in ireland both shias + sunnis strict or moderate were like me ..

  24. weeknds says:

    ahal el kitab elli masmoo7 nakil minhm mo mawjood minhm ella shwayya
    coz ehma yithbi7oon mithilna bs ma ysamoon
    amma e6areeqa elli yista’7dimoonha 3moman barra ehya الصعق o hatha ma yjooz coz elhadaf enna eddam yi6la3 barra jisim el 7ayawan
    o finally ana sima3t marra eshy’7 3ajeel ennashmin bil radyoo ygool hal kalam

  25. n says:

    as CIO mentioned

    الْيَوْمَ أُحِلَّ لَكُمُ الطَّيِّبَاتُ وَطَعَامُ الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ حِلٌّ لَكُمْ وَطَعَامُكُمْ حِلٌّ لَهُمْ

    ana 3an nafsey asamey wakil o mako ela el 3afya inshalla…

  26. c'est la vie says:

    Define Ahl el ketab ? are they the people who believe that saidna 3esa is the SON OF ALLAH ? and do you know el 7ekma men era”9at the blood of the animals ?Do you think that ALLAH sob7ana says something without a reason ? i think their searcher’s in the future will prove that the blood that stays in the animal when they are killed or suffocated is not healthy for the human been . I think people can live few days or months without meat and eat sea food or go veg ,a9aln its good for the health to stop meat once an a while .

  27. DVLz says:

    Okay i hate to say this but I dare to challenge

    1) for those who agree that its ok not to eat halal meat, then what the hell are you eating then??? if it’s not halal then certainly its haram.

    2) Halal means when the word bismilla is said during the slaughtering NOT after. Without the bismilla the meat is considered haram. When you eat you start with bismillah even when its halal, so saying bismilla wont make it extra special halal and won’t change the haram to halal.

    3) Why did god forbid such things? simply to protect people from the unseen ie diseases, viruses, bacteria etc… and also stopping people from following their souls that incites to evil which means “anafs al’amarah bel so2”.

    4) Some people try to convince us that it’s mentioned in the Quran that we can eat from “People of the Book” or Ahl al-Kitab in arabic.
    “CIO said : الْيَوْمَ أُحِلَّ لَكُمُ الطَّيِّبَاتُ وَطَعَامُ الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ حِلٌّ لَكُمْ وَطَعَامُكُمْ حِلٌّ لَهُمْ”
    the food that was mentioned in this aya does not mean meat but it could mean any sort of food like bread, vegetables etc…
    قال تعالى في سورة الأنعام
    فكلوا مما ذكر اسم الله عليه ان كنتم بآياته مؤمنين
    وقال تعالى
    ولا تأكلوا مما لم يذكر اسم الله عليه وإنه لفسق
    there is NO WAY that the aya CIO mentioned and the two ayas below contradict each other.

    5) everything has a reason and eating halal and haram food is sort of a test to distinguish between the loyal to god and the servant to iblees and his own evil soul.

    6) “Abdullah said : What if you are abroad and there is no Halal meat shops around?”
    Depends where you live and in which country. In the United States there are two famous online companies that ship frozen meats ( midamar and myhalalmeat ). It would be better to ask someone who knows or you can slaughter yourself, its not a hard task.

    7) “Mishary said: el deeeeen yeser mo 3eser”
    Yes Mishary but that doesn’t mean you do what you like and change god laws. It’s the same as saying ena allah ‘3afoor ra7eem but at the same time ena allah shadeed al 3eqab.

    8) “Q80 In Denver said: yes it’s preferable to eat halal but you don’t have to”
    Halal and haram is not like halal and makrooh. you can think of it like traffic lights but like the following:

    Halal = Green light ( You may eat what you want but applying the islamic rules )

    Makrooh = Yellow light ( You have the option to do it or not but in both ways there is no rule that says its forbidden but it may have an affect on you
    like the saying ” alweqayia khayron men al3elaj ”

    Haram= Red light ( you can’t eat any of the stuff on the black list no matter what or you shall be punished when alive and afterlife )

    sometimes you may find things that are not on the list of any and here comes the big challenge as how the islamic scholars going to define it.

    Any Questions ?

  28. J says:

    I’ve lived for 16years of my life in the States yet I have never ate haram meat. For those that consider meat as a necessity in life. It’s not you can live perfectly healthy without. There are many other sources of protein out there how else would vegetarians live. Those who do eat just shop around for a fatwa suitable to their beliefs and follow that. Like I said ive lived most of life abroad and in various countries some contained halal meat while others didnt and guess what im still living perfectly healthy.

  29. Jss says:

    I’ve lived for 16years of my life in the States yet I have never ate haram meat. For those that consider meat as a necessity in life. It’s not you can live perfectly healthy without. There are many other sources of protein out there how else would vegetarians live. Those who do eat just shop around for a fatwa suitable to their beliefs and follow that. Like I said ive lived most of life abroad and in various countries some contained halal meat while others didnt and guess what im still living perfectly healthy.

  30. Abdullah says:

    أنا أقول مثل هالنقاشات تكون مع أهل الاختصاص عشان يفيدونك فيها، وليش ان المسألة أصلا مختلفين فيها، فانت اسأل اللي تثق بعلمه ودينه وترتاح له وتوكل على الله.
    لكن مدام الموضوع مفتوح للنقاش: المفروض ان الواحد كثر ما يقدر تحلى الأكل الحلال، لكن مرات ما تقدر خصوصا لما تكون بالخارج سياحة ولا دراسة ولا علاج.
    فالشي الصحيح اللي انت المفروض نسويه:
    ان فيه شغلات واضحة مثل تشوف بالمينيو ان هذا لحم خنزير .. فما يجوز أبدا انك تاكله!
    يعني هذا شي متفق عليه أصلا..
    الخلاف كان في استخدام الزيت اللي ينقلي فيه الأكل، احنا نستخدم نباتي، هم يستخدمون الحيواني وأغلبه من الخنزير
    فانت ما تروح تسأل الطباخ انت شنو تستخدم وهالكلام ! مدام انك طلبت لحم حلال ، تسوي مثل ما انت تسوي: تسمي عليه وتاكل.
    ونفس الكلام بعد تبع المسألة الخلافية في قضية هل انذبح بالطريقة الشرعية، ولا عن طريق صعق ولا شي..
    فانت ما تسأل .. تسمي وتاكل 🙂

    هذا اللي اعرفه فأتمنى انكم تستفيدون منه 🙂

  31. Abdullah says:

    فقط تدليلا على الكلام اللي قلته في مسألة لأن ما سموا على الأكل، حديث عائشة رضي الله عنها أن قوماً قالوا للنبي صلى الله عليه وسلم : إن قوماً يأتوننا بلحم لا ندري أَذٌكر اسم الله عليه أم لا فقال : سموا عليه أنتم وكلوه . قالت وكانوا حديثي عهد بالكفر .

    يعني كانوا كفار، وما يدرون اذا هالأكل مسمين عليه ولا لأ 🙂

    وطبعا مو معناته هذا الراي الصحيح لاني مثل ما قلت المسألة خلافية، لكن انا اشوف ان هذا الراي الأسهل للناس خصوصا اللي يروحون بره للعلاج ولا الدراسة 🙂

  32. 123KDD says:

    why do people think it’s ok to mention the name of God over something they are doing that is HARAM..and that would make it permissible.

    What an insult to religion. I have no idea what kind of moronic claims these are and it annoys me that people who arent educated encourage others.

    People with no grasp of history who think words had the same meaning back then as they do now.

    In these times, the word َطَعَامُ , for the people of mecca and medina (hijaz) meant grains or more specifically wheat. Refer to famours arabic dictionaries Al-Nihayah and Lisan Al Arab.

    When this word is used as a noun and without any addition in the Qur’an, it usually means only “wheat”. You can see the commentaries of most Muslim scholars on verses 2:184, 5:95 and 76:8, to confirm.

    The people of the book such as jews and christians back then, are not the same as they are today. They do not even practice their own laws.

    There are solutions, you dont have to eat haram meat, you know its haram, saying bismilah on something doesnt make it instantly halal…no matter how much you want it to.

    since now you know, if you continue to do so, you have no excuse.

    there is something on judgement day for people like this…here:

    ثُمَّ إِنَّكُمْ أَيُّهَا الضَّالُّونَ الْمُكَذِّبُونَ {51}
    لَآكِلُونَ مِن شَجَرٍ مِّن زَقُّومٍ {52}
    فَمَالِؤُونَ مِنْهَا الْبُطُونَ {53}
    فَشَارِبُونَ عَلَيْهِ مِنَ الْحَمِيمِ {54}
    فَشَارِبُونَ شُرْبَ الْهِيمِ {55}
    هَذَا نُزُلُهُمْ يَوْمَ الدِّينِ {56}


  33. jewaira says:

    I won’t answer your question because enough has been said on the topic.

    But your post reminded me of this one in a somewhat skewed manner:


    And also, I couldn’t help but recall one video I saw of a slaughterhouse in some Gulf state where the butchers did a ninja like slicing of camels’ necks as they buckled to their knees in front of each other and died one after the other, writhing and bleeding all over the area where they were contained.

    Islam instructs us on proper slaughter ethics of animals to be eaten. It is not just a matter of only saying Bismillah.

    Unfortunately, mass modern production and heartless butchers don’t always allow for optimum application of proper Islamic ritual.

  34. DVLz says:

    123KDD great comment. I totally agree with this “it annoys me that people who arent educated encourage others.”

    A good example is the guy who wrote bunch of crap in arabic and he wants people to learn pffff what a joke

    I used to live abroad and when I ran out of halal meat my substitute would be macaroni and cheese, m6abag fish such as tuna, salmon or white fish, shrimps, lentil bean, pizza cheese or veggie, then you have veggie burger or patty such as bocaburger.com which is basically meatless burgers made from soy protein concentrate. You can find bocaburger at the sultan center if you wanna give it a try.

    Also a small note if your traveling abroad and wanna order pizza make sure they don’t cut it with their pizza cutter cause pepperoni is pork not beef and so they use the same damn cutter for all pizzas, i’m not saying its ok for beef but not pork its the same for both of them.

  35. Abid says:

    >>>>>Abdullah said: “When we consume meat it is a necessity but alcohol is a not a necessity unless you’re alcoholic then that is a different case.”

    Excuse me???????!!!!!!

    Plenty of people go through their entire lives being vegetarians.

    Like a large percentage of the entire country of INDIA!!!
    Eating meat is not a necessity, it’s just that you are too weak (religiously) to avoid haram meat.

  36. Abid says:

    “Also a small note if your traveling abroad and wanna order pizza make sure they don’t cut it with their pizza cutter cause pepperoni is pork not beef and so they use the same damn cutter for all pizzas, i’m not saying its ok for beef but not pork its the same for both of them.”

    Though I don’t eat non-halal meat, I don’t really mind it so much if it’s a pizza cutter or subway knife that is ‘contaminated’. Really, God don’t want your religion to be difficult!

  37. c'est la vie says:

    dvlz , j, 123kdd thanks you really wrote what i wanted to say .

  38. sam wekil ! i don’t think becoming vegetarian is an option

  39. Aurous says:

    I don’t… cuz if it’s non-halal then it’s haram…
    yes.. religion is yeser not 3esr.. and that means that if you’re in an Islamic country you don’t have to ask about everything you eat… you just assume that it’s halal..
    but if you heard that it isn’t halal, then you shouldn’t eat it!
    but you can’t assume that McDonald’s in the US serves halal meat!

    you can always have fish, or pizza with CHEESE!

    It’s really not worth compromising your religion for a burger!

  40. yamishi says:

    Non Halal meat is Haram…………..

  41. Abdullah says:

    الظاهر لما الحين فيه ناس شادين حيلهم بالسالفة وما اتعبوا نفسهم “يفهمون” قبل لا “يقرون” ، وليش ان احنا نعيش بين هالناس، برجع أعيد نفس الكلام اللي قلته سابقا، توضيحا للي قلته:
    أنا متفق على انه ما يجوز حق أي شي انه ياكل من الطعام المحرم المتفق عليه شرعا، يعني معلوم من الدين بالضرورة، مثل: لحم الخنزير.
    في أي حال من الأحوال ما يجوز تاكله ، وحتى التسمية عليه ما تحل بتاتا، إلا في حالة “الضرورة” وانتبه انها “ضرورة” يعني تتعلق بالحياة والممات، وحتى ان العلماء قالوا: في حالة الموت يجوز انك تاكل من لحم الخنزير “في حالة عدم وجود بديل” تاكل منه القدر اللي يعيش .. مو تاكل لما تشبع، وتترس بطنك منه !

    انيي حق السالفة الثانية وهي قضية اني آكل شي لحمه حلال مثل “الخروف” و “البقر” وغيره من اللحوم الحلال، لكن تبقى السالفة، هل هذا اللحم ذبح بالطريقة الصحيحة؟
    وكذلك يشمل الأمر “الصيد” سواء كان للسمك أو للطيور، هذا الأمر يحتم على اللي اصطاده أنه يذكر اسم الله عليه، قبل أن يصيده..
    تبي تقولي اني لازم أتأكد إذا الصائد ذكر اسم الله لما صاد هالشي اللي باكله؟
    هذا فيه عسر على الناس واجهاد لهم ومشقة !
    عشان جذي ذكرت لكم حديث عائشة، لما سألوا الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام، ان فيه ناس يأتونا بلحم وما ندري إذا ذكر اسم الله عليه ؟
    هل قالهم الرسول: هذا فيه شك لا تاكلون ولازم تسألون ؟! لا يكفيك انك تذكر اسم الله عليه..

    بس حبيت أوضح هذي النقطة لأن مسألة “الأكل الحلال” تشمل أمور كثيرة هناك شي متفقين عليه (مثل لحم الخنزير) وهناك ما هو محل نقاش بين العلماء..

  42. Abdullah says:

    بس توضيح لانه فيه تشابه بالناس اللي يكتبون
    الاخ Abdullah
    اللي يكتب بالانجليزي
    مو نفسه اللي يكتب بالعربي

  43. bo9ale7 says:

    LOL i just eat and never ask

  44. Marzouq says:

    Seems you got a debate going on, but I say Bismillah and eat..

  45. M.AlQallaf says:

    i don’t know about hlal or haram, but I don’t prefer eating non-halal meat !!

  46. 3azeez says:

    I’m in the UK, I asked the Fatwa people at Wizarat al Awqaf and they said its okay to eat non halal as long i say bismillah before I eat.

    So thats what I’m doing.

  47. Nasser AbuTaleb says:

    bismilla and eat oo khalas 😛

  48. Xpec8tor says:

    hummmm…how about the people who cooked the meat, even if it is halal?????…..ppppllllleeeeaaaassssse! next topic !!!!

  49. optimus prime says:

    those who say its ok to eat non halal meat are absolutely wrong. completely against the teachings of the quran and the prophet (pbuh). If its not slaughtered according to islamic law than its haram unless its kosher as in islam we are allowed to eat food from people of the book( jews & christians). What the christians used to do during that time was they used to slaughter the animal the way of jews because it was in the old testament of the bible which is kosher. but today the christians dont follow any of that and they do it the haram way by stuning the the animal with a blow to the head or with stun gun. from among the people of the book, the jewish people are the only ones who are still following that particular kosher law for meat. of course the best is halal meat. if u cant find a halal restaurant, u can always eat vegetable, fruits, sea food, milk-shakes, eggs & cheese, etc. now if ur stranded on a desert with no halal animals then ur even alllowed to eat a pig. but that is very a rare case for most of the people today. if ur going to a restaurant i assume its not on a desert. even if ur stuck on an island, its surrounded with water, look how merciful our Lord is, All the Praises and Thanks be to Allah(swt) and in the water there is also fish. anyway, so theres no exception for eating haram meat. its najis and haram. u eat haram once, ur prayers are not accepted for 40 days then u eat haram the next day another 40 days and it keeps going if u continue. but if u didnt know and u ask for forgiveness from Allah(swt) sincerely, then May Allah forgive u as He is the Most Merciful. so those who say its ok to eat haram meat when u have other options, be careful of what u say because u ll be held responsible on the day of judgement for urself and leading other people into consuming haram and living haram. today there are many halal stores and restaurants in every country of the world. again if u cant find halal restaurant near u, u can eat sea food, fruits and vegetables, etc as i mentioned earlier. so there jsut cant be an execption when ur in situation like this. Allah(swt) know best.


  50. malika says:

    salams i don’t know why people want to complicate their lives halal ,haram meat allah (swt)is merceful so say bismillah and eat whats allowed only you can judge the situation allah knows what is in your heart a bit of meat is not gonna make you a kafir lol as long you are a good muslim .muslims can never agree on anything and nowdays it is so confusing because ther are far too many opinions god help us

  51. Abdul Gaffar says:

    as salaamu alaikum

    Allah says “Hurrimat alaykumul maitatu waddamu wa lehmal khinseeri wama uhilla bihi ligayrillah”. forbidden for u are dead meat, blood, meat of pig (pork) and teh food on which name of anything otehr than Allah is invoked. so if saying bismillah and eating haram chicken or beef will make it halal. then why are many of the people here( about whome i can guarantee do not sit with the scholars who follow the manhaj of the salaf in deriving rulings) saying that they will not eat pork by saying bismillah.

    Allahu yahdeek ya ikwaan. if saying bismillah on pork doesnot make it halal it is illogical (according to the prinples of logic which most of the ahlur raay beleive here) to even think that it will make other meat halal fi kulli haal as the Ayah on top has put All haram meat in same line.

    the exceptions mention by the prophet to us must be the only exceptions to be considered by u. a foreign land is not a exception.

    in korea you find pork every where but alhumdulillah Allah has given us Halal food shops in korea and lots of sea food. i like octopus here.

    if u dont have alternative pray to Allah and he will give u one. or else be vegiterians like may people in my home country India. you will not loose your health.

    Not only that you will have more ajar than all of us whome allah has provided access to halal food. because if you are leaving haram food for the sake of Allah, Allah will reward you for teh hardships you faced controlling your desire to have the beautiful crispy checken(which is haram) kept in front of you.

    The main principle of deriving rulings as far as i have learned from the scholars of madeenah is to look into the Quran and the sunnah and the main part is to take its understanding teh way the sahabah, teh tabaeen and the ata at tabaeen have understood it. not using ur own logic to reslove issues.

    any way all this will not effect the ahlur raay as far as i have seen on this discussion only the ahlus sunnah here will understand what i am telling here. all i pray is “may Allah guide us all to the religion which the ambiya and the sahabah where upon and not the religion of simple desires”

    was salaam
    Akh fillah Abdul Gaffar

  52. Rounak says:

    The name of Allah should be recited while slaughtering the animal. The recitation may be done by a Muslim or by a Jew or Christian in his own language. The Holy Qur’an describes that slaughter as unlawful on which the name of Allah has not been recited: “And eat not of that whereon Allah’s name hath not been mentioned, for Lo! It is abomination. Lo! The devils do inspire their minions to dispute with you. But if you obey them, ye will be in truth idolators”. (6:121)

    4. For meat to be lawful, it is not simply enough that the animal has been slaughtered by the “People of the Book”. It is very essential that the act of slaughter should be performed according to their prescribed religious rites and practices. For instance, if a Muslim kills a chicken by twisting its neck, it would a carcass and Haram. If the same method of killing is adopted by a Jew or Christian, then how can such a chicken be Halal? Slaughtering consists of cutting the jugular veins of the neck, so that all the blood is drained out. The spinal cord must not be cut, because the nerve fibers to the heart may be damaged during the process, causing cardiac arrest and hence stagnation of the blood in the blood vessels of the animal. Since blood is also forbidden in Islam, it is incumbent to see to it that the blood is completely drained from the animal during slaughtering. This is meat is then called Halal or lawful. Like other Islamic teachings, dietary restrictions in Islam relate to material well being, even as they are spiritually significant.

  53. Rounak says:

    how can you be ever sure that the non-halal meat that is being eaten by a believer has not been dedicated to any one or anything other than Allah…?… i feel non-halal meat is very questionable since i do not know if it has been dedicated to someone or something else…and if that is the case, then it is surely forbidden…

  54. Hasan says:

    You can always go for vegi option and fish food. Someone said u can’t control it. But u have to as a muslim. I live in the UK and working for subway for 3 years. Our meat is not halal, so I am taking vegi sandwich for 3 years for my meal where I can take anything. I buy halal meaty sandwich sometimes and go far for that. And now-a-days, I think u can find halal meat shop in each country of the world, may be it is bit far from ur house. So go for halal, say no to haram meat.. 🙂

  55. Muslimah Living in the West says:

    Maybe to eat halal always!

    Especially with red meat, you don’t know if it has been mixed with pork meat – as many times it is, especially with burgers, sausages and mince meat – cos its cheaper – and thats what they look for. Maximum products with minimum costs.

    I have read of an opinion about birds being okay such as chicken and turkey but not 4 legged animals – red meats etc.

    Wherever you go there is going to be somewhere halal.
    So many Muslims everywhere nowadays, you just have to look.

    Plus, its not hard to eat halal – you don’t have to ALWAYS eat red meat – its unhealthy all the time anyway.
    There are beans, fish, cheeses (vegetarian), veggie food, lentils etc.

  56. Muslimah Living in the West says:

    sorry for mistakes typing fasst

    About the chicken n turkey ok not being halal as its a bird – anyway do your research.

    If you are practising Muslim and looking for halal u will find it, but if deep inside urself u dont care, then its up to you.

    Hala is better though. I trust it.

  57. karim says:

    salam allikoum,
    je suis en europe depuis peu de temps pour des études, je voulais avoir des renseignement relatifs à la viande non Halla. je veux dire si la viande ne porte pas une label hallal est licite. mais avec toute franchise je suis complètement perdu parmi ces fetwa. pour certain yadjouz ( licite) pour les autres la yadjouz ( illicite). svp je veux une réponse claire sans philosophie : yadjouz aw la yadjouz. chokran salam allikoum