Just recieved my new mesbaah from the mesabeeh guy, Sayem, “elkharaaa6.” The rock itself was brought in from Ukraine, it weighs around 100 grams, and after approximately 10-15 years it will turn totally to orange.

By the way tara the karkoshaa (the upper end) is the new karkosha, and it’s called “Tamleka,” the other old karkoshas are now considered outdated, especially when you’re creating a new mesbah, I mean custome made mesabeeh are now almost always done the new way.


This entry was posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2009 at 12:00 am

10 Responses to “My New Beauty”

  1. S says:

    this is my second request, i need his number please 😛

  2. J says:

    mashallah nice, i have a yellow one and it also is supposed to change its color with time.

    But i’m not sure etha ‘3ashny el rayal wela la.. bel se3er ( 60 KD ) .

    can u give me some feedback?

  3. saud says:

    Where do you customize ur mesbah ?

  4. A.I. says:

    ya3ny el7en 7ata el mesba7 fe old & new fashion?
    and how named it (Tamleka) ?

  5. Marzouq says:

    Mabrook its very nice!!

  6. Intlxpatr says:

    Is that amber?

  7. Mishary says:

    S walla i dont have a number bs kel 2-3 weeks i pass by o ashoof etha fe shay yedeed or not. o sorry eny maradait theek el marra 🙂

    J walla i have to see it first. eth 3endek picture send it to me o ana agoleek 🙂

    saud there is a shop that i’ve been dealing with him for a long time ana awadelaa el rock o arsemlaa el mesba7 ely abeeh o then ohwa esaweley eyaah.

    A.I eee akeeeeed mo eshwaya el mesabeee7 🙂

    Intlxpatr Yes 🙂

  8. hhahaha. fee akyat minik? custom misabee7 with a “new” karkoosha and a “special” rock from the ukraine! hahah that so funny! cuuuuuuuute! mabrook 😀

  9. 3abadeen says:

    mashalah shakla 5oosh misbaa7 ,, momkin a3aref ay tafa9eel 3n mokan elma7al or esim elsha59 elly tit3amal ma3ah ..

  10. wa7da says:

    hello, where can i find this? i want to make one!