I enjoy using my Macro lens every time I get the chance, but its annoying when looking at the results. It doesn’t have the image stabilizing feature, so I always end up with shaky and blurry images. To deal with this major flaw, I make sure not to use this lens when there is no enough exposure and light. A sunny day would be a perfect opportunity to use this lens outdoors.
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These new police cars are going to be equipped with special kinds of cameras, those cameras can detect the license plate’s numbers and run them on the police system/database, and just like that the police will know whether you should be stopped and get a ticket (for example if your insurance/license had expired) or be arrested for having a major violation; a stolen car for example. It also detects your speed and deliver an instant speeding ticket. The camera can detect up to 50 license plates per second, of cars going on up to 200 KMPH.

The article also states that these new police cars are going to patrol all the land, air and sea ports.

سيارة الدورية الذكية تتمتع بمواصفات عالية وتجهيزات بالغة التطور تمكنها من القراءة السريعة للوحات المركبات بواقع 50 لوحة بالثانية الواحدة وقراءة لوحات المركبات من مسافات مختلفة، وقراءة لوحات المركبات ليلا ونهارا والتي تسير بسرعة 200 كيلو متر في الساعة والقدرة المثالية بالسيطرة على المركبات ومعرفة حالتها عند نقاط التفتيش من خلال القيام بإصدار انذار صوتي ينبه قائد الدورية او رجل الامن الى معرفة حالة المركبات سواء كانت مخالفة او مطلوبة او مسروقة او منتهية التأمين او غير ذلك
 أكد مصدر مسؤول لـ»الوطن« أن وزارة الداخلية ممثلة بدوريات المرور والنجدة قامت بتجربة أجهزة الكترونية دقيقة وذات تكنولوجيا متطورة ومتقدمة من شأنها اكتشاف السيارات المطلوبة والمسروقة والمرتكب بها مخالفات جسيمة، وكذلك المطلوبين إن كانوا في سياراتهم الخاصة خلال مرورها على الدوريات أو العكس.

وأضاف المصدر أن هذه الأجهزة وهي عبارة عن كاميرا مبرمجة مع أجهزة الكمبيوتر واللاب توب الحكومية والرسمية استطاعت خلال تركيبها على بعض الدوريات وكذلك في مركبات المباحث في الطرق السريعة والشوارع الرئيسية والعادية خلال تجربة لمدة اسبوع من إصدار إشارات فورية لدى مرور سيارات مطلوبة أو مسروقة عليها أو لدى مرور الدورية على تلك السيارات من خلال التقاط الأرقام أو الرموز المدونة على اللوحات المعدنية.

وقال المصدر إن هذه الأجهزة المتقدمة هي غريبة الصنع وقد جرى استيرادها وتجربتها عن طريق قطاع نظم المعلومات في وزارة الداخلية وتمت تجربتها من قبل الوكيل المساعد الشيخ مشعل الجابر والوكيل المساعد اللواء محمود الدوسري والوكيل المساعد اللواء خليل الشمالي وقد أثبتت نجاحها على جميع الطرق وبكافة السرعات التي كانت تسير بها الدوريات والتي بدأت من 80 كيلو حتى 160 كيلو حيث كانت تصدر الإشارات والصافرات التي تؤكد مرور سيارة مسروقة أو سيارة مطلوبة أو مرتكب بها مخالفات جسيمة.

وأضاف المصدر أن هذه الأجهزة تعمل وفق المعلومات الموجودة في أجهزة الحاسوب والكمبيوتر ويقوم المختصون حاليا، بإجراء تعديلات عليها لقراءة أرقام السيارات الخليجية والعربية دون استثناء ويتوقع أن يتم وضعها في القريب العاجل على دوريات أمنية ستتوقف قرب المنافذ البرية والبحرية والجوية.

وأوضح الشيخ مشعل الجابر العبدالله الجابر الصباح أن هذا يأتي تجسيدا لتوجيهات وزير الداخلية الفريق الركن. م الشيخ جابر خالد الصباح الرامية إلى عملية تحديث شامل وواسع النطاق لجميع قطاعات وزارة الداخلية.

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Just recieved my new mesbaah from the mesabeeh guy, Sayem, “elkharaaa6.” The rock itself was brought in from Ukraine, it weighs around 100 grams, and after approximately 10-15 years it will turn totally to orange.

By the way tara the karkoshaa (the upper end) is the new karkosha, and it’s called “Tamleka,” the other old karkoshas are now considered outdated, especially when you’re creating a new mesbah, I mean custome made mesabeeh are now almost always done the new way.


Remember when Yousef posted about Dubai’s upcoming low cost carriers? Well the route just got established but no routes to Kuwait. However here will be in the future inshallah.

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Word has it that a new Blackberry storm is going to be released. Mishary bought the older one, it didn’t last much with him, it sucked and he bought the new curve. I’ve head that the screen isn’t all that and although it’s a touch screen, it doesn’t function when it’s “touched” but has to be “clicked” to function.. Anyway.. The Storm 2 is said to be released in a month or 2 tops, so don’t go out and buy the older one just yet, no matter how alluring the touch screen may sound 😛

Thanks 9k2hn


Update By Mishary:

According to BlackBerryOS forum moderator the BlackBerry Storm 2 could be out sooner than expected. Which is expected to be this June.





Engagdet posted yesterday that they got a hold of some leaked pictures that suggest the release of a newer and slimmer PS3. The news isn’t confirmed yet. They did the same with the PS2 and people, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one turns out to be true and people fall head over heels over it too.


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What’s up with the highways today?! I’m still stuck between the 6th and 5th ring roads!

I thought traffic would go down by now, since the finals are nearing.. I’m so gonna be late for work today..

I finally managed to arrive at work, late by 2 hours. I heard in the radio that the cause of the traffic jam at King faisal’s highway (highway 50) was caused by a bursted water tank in Qurtoba. The nice people were slowing down whenever they see signs of leakage so they could get a closer look at the mess.


We had lunch at Brasserie de l’etoile. It’s a new french restaurant in the Avenues mall, phase II. The place looked and felt french, even the music played was perfecting the french mood.

However, The mood they were trying to set did not help my dish one bit. My dish was good, going by the Kuwaiti standards, but if I were to judge this restaurant and compare it to real french ones, I’d say they need to take a closer look at some of their dishes and concentrate on getting the flavors right.
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The Women’s Cultural Society is hosting a reception tomorow inshallah, May 19th, in honor of the four inspirational women who made history when they made it into the Kuwaiti Parliament. Go show your support and tell the world what we’re made of!

Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Address: Khaldiya, Block 2, Alferdous St (Women Cultural Society Headquarters)

Telephone: 24843667

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ANM just spotted Sawah restaurant which will open soon in the Avenues.


Its located in the new phase 2 near Napkit, on the first floor. Gonna try it inshalla once its opened.

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To check election results online click HERE





I went in and in less than 10 minutes I was done and on my way to my car. Going in the afternoon time is much better than in the early morning (I went early the last time and it was crowded).

I’m glad that I’m done with the voting. I hope more people turn up..



Yes, have you seen before plane bath? if not? click below to see how 🙂

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I went in with very low expectations, I expected a disappointing adaptation of yet another great book by Brown, if not his best book, and I think this was the only reason I came out not as disappointed as I should be.

I think the movie was entertaining and is likely to have legions of movie goers praising it for the coming weeks. It is fast paced and high on thrills. However, and just like it’s predecessor, The Da Vinci Code, the movie pales next to the book. There was no time in the movie to squeeze all the information needed, And I think with that pace they were going, the viewer couldn’t grasp how big of an issue things like: illuminati, anti matter and path of illumination really were.

Despite that, the movie surpassed my expectations and I liked it. If you haven’t read the book, or have read it a long time ago (just like myself) then you’re going to enjoy the movie.

Movie censoring: The movie wasn’t censored a lot, except for 1 or 2 key moments, where we were left looking at each other for an explanation.



It’s a cool virtual game where you’re the doctor and are about to perform a knee surgery. I enjoyed it for a bit but then it became a little scary with all the drills and saws needed to perform the operation.

Play it HERE

Thanks HKR



Happy weekend (defanaa leghbaaar) 🙂



I just had an argument with 2 of my colleagues about whether it’s ok to eat non Halal meat when you’re in a foreign country or not. I was saying that it’s preferable to eat only Halal meat, but it’s ok not to. They were saying it’s Haram to eat non Halal meat. As Haram as drinking alcohol, they said.

What do you think?

Personally.. I always say the “bismillah” and eat.


For the pretzels lovers just hold on .. soon it will be opened in Mishref near fatoosh restaurant.

Sorry for the bad quality pics.

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Did you noticed the 21 changes?

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I was recommended this Spa by Ansam, and since I’m making it my duty to find the best massage place in Kuwait, I went.

The place isn’t hard to find at all, it’s in Salmiya, gulf road, the right after Divas restaurant then the third building on the left. It’s a men’s spa and SalonTouch Studio, haven’t tried one of those before. It isn’t big, the salon is upfront and the spa is in the back, however it is very nicely designed with a modern feel. The people working there and the reception was very nice and warm. Even when I asked about the possiblity of taking pictures they were all smiles and approved immediately (this isn’t the case most of the times with spas).
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