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Just got an email from HNM‘s friend and i will let her say what she’s got to say from A-Z:

“One day in the Arts college-Kaifan (KUNIV), I was really starving for any bite of food. I saw this new thing called the Thai-something salad. The brown dressing looked fairly dreadful and I got woozy a little bit because of its highly unusual colour and odour; ”it was the most dreadful thing that could be eaten”, I thought, well, little did I know! I mean, I can understand a bug’s need to eat, and to eat healthy nonetheless, but why do we have to share the same salad dish?! Is it too much to ask for? Yes it is the truth; you can’t deny it; you can run from it, you can go and hide in Africa from it, but it’s not going anywhere: “THERE WAS A DEAD BUG IN MY SALAD!”.

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It’s been awhile since Mcdonald’s had something new and interesting on their menu. I tried today the new chicken sandwich from, the chicken gourmet, and I liked it. It stood out when I took it home, along with other sandwiches, since it was the only one that looked fresh. You know how sandwiches tend to get soggy when you take em home, well not this one, maybe because of the new bun. Even the chicken’s crust remained crispy. They use a new sauce in it, mayo based i’m sure, but different. Tastes somewhat like caesar sauce.

A good sandwich, but isn’t as big as it looks.


Please checkout the “sharboka” 😛



Reading Intlxpatr & Mark’s posts about the newly opened restaurant, Smoke House, was enough to make me want to go there and experience it myself. Before going I asked a couple of friends about the place, and they all said it’s Ok. Nothing more and nothing less, the place is just ok. But I went anyway.

The place is small and had around 7 tables only. It’s in a hard to come across location location and is partially owned by an american (cool factor & authenticity factor). Unfortunately my experience wasn’t a good one. And Here is why:

The food was mediocre at BEST. Nothing special about the food at all:

1- The chicken wings’ (which is considered a specialty in this restaurant) presentation was horrible. The wings looked and tasted like they were cooked a couple of hours ago and then heated up in an oven then served.

2- Their smoke house burger was nothing special. The patty was too dry and the bun was too thick. Even my friend who had this burger a month ago said that it isn’t the same anymore.

3- The ribeye steak, my order, was recommended by the waitress as the house special dish, turned out like a fridays’ steak. I ordered it medium and got a well done.

The service:

The waitress was very nice, but I can’t say the same about the waiter nor the manager. The waiter couldn’t care less when I told him that the wings weren’t fresh, and when I told him I ordered a medium steak not a well done, he just smiled and left.

On our way out me and my friend had a little chat with the manager that went like this:

Friend: The chicken wings was different this time than the last time I was here.
Manager: No it’s the same.
Friend: No, I was here and my friends ordered the wings and it was different.
Manager: No, Thats what you think. I know it is the same.
Me: The wings weren’t fresh.
Manager: No they’re fresh. they were cooked at around 6pm only. (we were eating the wings at 8:30pm)
Friend: The food is different this time, even the burger! I ate here a month ago and everything was good!
Me: see this is my first time in this restaurant, so I don’t know if the way you cook has changed or not, but I just want to say that most of the food wasn’t good.
Manager: (in a very careless tone that lasted throughout the conversation) Listen, I know that my food hasn’t changed a bit, because I cook here, I made the recipes and the dishes and everything… I do everything here.
Friend: and we ate the food, so we know..
Manager: Yes the food I made.
Me: You know, you have an amazing way of arguing with the customers.

Thats when he retracted a bit, realized that he shouldn’t have argued so much, and said the ‘I will try and see what went wrong.. I appreciate your opinion..’ bla bla bla. Too little too late.

The hype surrounding this place was big, and the disappointment I felt, after eating the food and dealing with this disrespectful manager, was bigger.

Their location





American Creativity Academy will conduct a carnival tomorrow from 3:00 pm till 9:00 pm with the price of 1 KD  per ticket which will include bazzar, magic show, soup pitch, bunjee jump & cinema.


Boys Campus

American Creativity Academy
Sharhabil St, Block 9, Hawally
P.O.Box 1740, Kuwait 32018

Girls Campus

American Creativity Academy
Al Muthana St, Block 6, Hawally
P.O.Box 1740, Kuwait 32018




Just received two shipment from Shop&Ship within 48 hrs, this is really fast! But keep in mind that if your using U Shop We Ship it might take 48 days .. And if you’ve got your items in 48 days keep in mind also that your a lucky guy coz mine took 9 months to reach me ! And they’ve charged me the full amount of the shipping cost. God job Aramex.


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You’ve seen this thing, the jetlev flyer, before on email forwards or on tv, right? It was finally made available for people to buy last month. People now can buy this thing and start flying all over Kuwait’s beaches this summer 😛

Jetlev is available in 2 models:

  1. The one with 155 HP costs € 99,000. Around KD 38,000.
  2. The one with 215 HP costs € 119,000. Around KD 46,000.

With these prices could the jetlev flyer be the next big summer activity in Kuwait? To use this machine you need 10 hours of training first, but I’m totally picturing this machine being rented in Kuwait for say, KD20 for a 10 minutes ride, with less than 10 seconds worth of training.

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I like how Zain are updated with these stuff.

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Almost five years ago the first time I visited Yousef while he was studying in Dubai, he was always taking me to a tea shop to drink some kind of milk called Horlicks milk.. It tastes amazing.. it was like magic!! It gives the milk a flavor of what shall I call it.. marries biscuit, I was really enjoying it and Yousef was insisting that there is nothing special with this recipe you can find it in Kuwait, I was like how could it be? and on my last visit to Dubai Yousef told me that Mishref’s co. op got it and guess what ? I went and found it ! I will try it and update you with the result 🙂

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Yeah so I was looking for this book ‘The cry of the peacock’ in every country I’m in for about a year and a half now, I even told my brother to look for it all over london when he was vacationing there last christmas (maskeen dar 390 book shops with no luck. It’s out of stock and print, he said). So I finally had to order something off amazon and thought might as well include a couple of books in the shipment (I hate ordering online coz I don’t like to wait for stuff to be delivered. Yup I’d rather waste a year looking for the book instead). So when I finally received the book it turned out that I ordered more than one copy (not shifa7a, promise!). Anyones interested? I’m giving them away.. (the extra copies that is 😛 )

So.. (so many so’s in one post), I want to say something to those who like to read and immerse themselves in good books with middle eastern backgrounds.

1-“The Bastard of Istanbul” by the turkish author Elif Shafak is one of the best books I’ve ever read, it’s up there with the kite runner (yep thats the book I compare other books to). You have to read it if you haven’t done so already.

2-Alf Laila’s blog. It’s a blog by a talented Kuwaiti author. I’ve been following her writings and stories for a long time now, and I think she’s got the ability to write stories like the best of them. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves and I also hope that she finds it in herself to write the remaining parts of her latest story, Doubt, faster!


It was the last day in Dubai before we went to the airport so we decided to have a look at Dubai Marina Mall and The Walk, For me i wont go again to Marina Mall but for sure I’m going back for The Walk. Do you know why? See the pictures below 🙂

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I’ve seen this video before but I still get a kick out of watching it 😛

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For those of you getting errors while sending MMS and even can’t get the Wap browser working properly, the solution is simple just go to any Zain branch and replace your SIM card with the new one (the one with Zain’s logo) and thats it. It will work like a charm!



I passed by Zain’s Mohalab branch today to get the new adapter, which comes along with an ego once you subscribe with their service for a year.

The differences between the new adapter and the router are:

  1. The adapter doesn’t need a dedicated sim card to be wifi spot, instead I can plug in the ego to create a wireless network.
  2. It works in the car, using the cigarette lighter socket (car plug included in the box).
  3. Much smaller than the router.

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Since summer have officially begun, the guys at our chalet inflated the Fly Fish and went on with their annual summer routine, which lasts through out the summer. The Fly Fish is basically 3 Bananas stuck together, and it flies when the boat pulling it goes fast enough.

I tried it for the first time today, and it beat all my expectations and more importantly my worries were subsided. it doesn’t strain your muscles, it doesn’t wear you down, and when it leaves the water and goes up in the air it isn’t as scary as it looks. It’s just awesome!
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Today ANM on her way to the university, she spotted a new branch of Oula gas stations in Mishref near the ACK, the design is somehow similar to those in Europe (with a Mini Market).

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Google maps adds new feature to their maps which is Swine Flu locations and its updated daily. Check it out HERE

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Just got home and found out that one of our relatives sent us crumbs bouquet which was really good ! im highly recommending it.For more information and pictures check out my previous post about Crumbs.