I was recommended this Spa by Ansam, and since I’m making it my duty to find the best massage place in Kuwait, I went.

The place isn’t hard to find at all, it’s in Salmiya, gulf road, the right after Divas restaurant then the third building on the left. It’s a men’s spa and SalonTouch Studio, haven’t tried one of those before. It isn’t big, the salon is upfront and the spa is in the back, however it is very nicely designed with a modern feel. The people working there and the reception was very nice and warm. Even when I asked about the possiblity of taking pictures they were all smiles and approved immediately (this isn’t the case most of the times with spas).

I chose the deep tissue massage, my friends went with swedish massage and the other just the foot massage (they had only 2 rooms for massages so 3 people for full body’s wasn’t possible).

As I said the place is nicely set, and the rooms were very good. enough space and a shower in the room is all I hoped for.

Now, down to business, The changing room was located near the massage room, which is a thing I don’t appreciate. We should be able to change in the room itself, just like the day spa and acuatonic spa. The massage room had a slidding glass door, not very sound proof, so I ended up not enjoying the massage much because of all the noises I could hear going on outside, especially when you’re in a relaxed state, your ear gets extra sensitive and could catch everything. Not having music on most of the hour also contributed to the lack of privacy in the place; could hear everything going out.

The massage itself wasn’t so good. The guy was nice and very attentive, and I hate saying bad things about him, but the thing is, I was waiting impatiently for my 1 hour to finish. It was boring and a tease. It felt like I was being teased most of the time. Like he was about to begin digging deep, but then moves on to another part of my body.

The privacy (yes it is one of the most important things I look for in massage places) was totally and utterly breached when the masseur entered the room while I was taking a shower. The doors of the showers were smoked so he can’t possibly see me, not that he looked my way to begin with, but the idea of having this guy enter the room while I’m showering, is not acceptable.

Same thing with my friends, both their massages weren’t as good as we’ve hoped for.

The full body massage costs KD20 and the foot massage costs KD10.

Their phone #25724248 and Website.

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11 Responses to “Spaloon Spa”

  1. Ansam says:

    OK I have a confession to make… I saw their ad in one of the local newspapers and decided to tell you since you love reviewing spas… and I made you go review it to see if its any good so that I can then tell my father whether to go or not to go! 😛 hahahaha 😛

  2. Bo9ale7 says:

    Hahahahahahah ansam nice one 😛

  3. Ansam says:

    Bosale7… 7athreeeeeeeen 😀

  4. hman says:

    tried this place for haircute. im happy with it. thanks for the massage info though.

  5. Touché says:

    Well, if you are into some real therapeutic massage then head to Orchid Spa at Palms and ask for Victor. You’ll get what you pay for knowing that you’re being treated with skill, knowledge, experience and science.

  6. FUNK says:

    Honestly I was a bit disappointed when I read your feedback at Spaloon and felt rather sad for your unfortunate experience there. Unlike the experience I have been personally having at Spaloon, where I can only describe it as: OUT OF THIS WORLD FEEL GOOD!

    Bro, I have been introduced to this place about couple of months ago thru a friend of mine who cuts his hair at Spaloon. He convinced me to get a hand and feet treatment. And let me tell you, for someone like me who really wasn’t big on this stuff, but once I tried it for the first time, I got so hooked and interested to try everything else. Mainly because of how good it felt post the treatments, how professional the staff is, and the top hygiene standards used. And believe me, I have been to most of the spas you said and more but at Spaloon things are different. Maybe because it is not a full spa and has a bit of both, the spa and salon stuff.

    Anyways, I have recommended so many people to try it out too and have turned to be loyal customers, just like me.

  7. styler says:

    if u need real spa follow Touché advice
    (Orchid Spa at Palms) i try it and it’s the best of all others

  8. Marzouq says:

    hmm a massage in Kuwait just doesn’t hit the spot.. never tried one, don’t think I will

  9. James Paige says:

    I tried Spaloon after it was advertised on facebook. The have a fan page. I wanted a waxing and pedicure and manicure. then I was talked into getting a massage. The pedicure and manicure were very nice. The waxing was not as bad as I thought it would be. But i had stubble on my shoulders a week after. One week after. this made me mad. The massage was exceptional. But I am like you. I hate noise and music during a massage I can not relax with music playing in the back ground or the noise outside. I heard every little noise at spaloon. It was disappointing.

    Thanks for taking the time to review all this places.