INM just brought with him a New Twix ,which is Twix White ,a mix of white chocolate, caramel and biscuit, limited edition,it was found in City Center , I don’t know if it available in any co-op .

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This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 at 9:33 pm

13 Responses to “Twix White”

  1. faisal says:

    iliked it , what about you?

  2. DVLz says:

    You can find it @ the sultan center Hawali not sure about the rest

  3. Abdullah says:

    تحصله بفرع الفحيحيل بعد، دايما أشتريه من هناك 🙂

  4. INM says:

    walla i didnt like it not that much tasty

  5. Daddy's Girl says:

    My husband bought it for me from a co-op, either Mishref or Jabriya im not sure but one of those two…

    Yet it is completly not worth eating… too heavy, tastes too creamy o yeqeth

    i liked the dark chocolate twix available before it … much better o actually you can relate to it as twix, unlike that white one…

  6. Mad Reds says:

    yabela enjarebha ..

  7. Mishary says:

    wala majarabtaa bs a7esa latheeth!

  8. joy says:

    it looks weird!!!!

  9. Rakan says:

    Jam3eyat el Yarmouk have a special section for it.

  10. Ansam says:

    hmmm mayshaji3! Try it o let us know how good/bad it is

  11. Marzouq says:

    That just looks weird!

  12. Fiend says:

    Its been out for awhile now… i bought it from sultan center sharq around december if not earlier than that… Its not bad.. the original twix has always been my favorite… The candy bar i’ve been dying to try is the kitkat chunky cookie edition which i believe you posted about awhile back but i never got ahold of it 🙁

  13. Om MiMi! says:

    today i saw it in ROWDA Co-Op