Just received two shipment from Shop&Ship within 48 hrs, this is really fast! But keep in mind that if your using U Shop We Ship it might take 48 days .. And if you’ve got your items in 48 days keep in mind also that your a lucky guy coz mine took 9 months to reach me ! And they’ve charged me the full amount of the shipping cost. God job Aramex.


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This entry was posted on Thursday, May 7th, 2009 at 1:44 pm

11 Responses to “Within 48 Hours?”

  1. kremboo says:

    But aramex should lower their price.

  2. Barry McGarry says:

    Look at the other side of it; they don’t ship all items in your box, which makes them charge the minimum 3KD multiple times.

    Eventually, 4000 boxes per day at an average of an additional 1 – 1.5 per day will result in 4K-6K additional revenue. We’re very satisfied with the previous frequency of 3 times per week, arriving after 5 days!

    The point is the more money they make the more greedy they get; and keep in mind that they are an absolute monopoly in comparison to the other rivals.

  3. Marzouq says:

    I am happy when I do get my packages quickly!

  4. Jessie says:

    48 hours is pretty darn good. I’ve entrusted my US purchases to http://www.BongoUS.com
    They consistently deliver my shipments across the globe in 3-4 days.
    Gotta love technology!

  5. Yousef says:

    lol Mishary! you sound so bitter about the ushopweship incident! killish mo 7arreenik 😛

  6. ACA_ carnival says:

    Hala wallah. A7na ib madrisat ACA, illey ehey il ebdaa3 illey fee 7awali. A7na emsaweyn carnival o bazaar o al3aab 7ag il yahaal. A7na emsaweyn kil hatha broo7na, bedoon i madrisa. O a7na emsaweyn hatha 3ashaan enyame3 floos 7ag ta5arojna. Fa etha tegdar, momkin takteb 3an hal carnival? La2ana i9ara7a nabey naas eyoon la2ana ta3baaneyn 3ala hal carnival. Etha rathey, desh Facebook o saw search 7ag aca carnival & bazaar o raa7 telga event maalna 3ashaan et3arf 3an il carnival o etshoof il poster. Mashkooor, o tara ana agra blogik ta8reyban kil yoom, “ma9ala7a” 😀

  7. TG says:

    You tell me about it! That’s damn true..48 days with uShopWeShip + never give you a good answer when you call and ask about your package!

  8. Mishary says:

    Yousef they don’t deserve to be a company! a7es’hom shelaaat esbayaan gareraaw esawoon shay chethy o kharabeeee6 !! 7aram fehoom yengal 3anhom sharekaa aslaan!!

    ACA_ carnival Send us more details and we will post about it inshallah 🙂

  9. najla says:

    ma asadeg , mo sij , sorry
    ana a6leb 3ala 6ool a’3rath min el net
    kela youslon mitaa’7er

    wala marra iwsalow ibsor3a ma3a aramex ,

    ella marra wa7da min net a porter , bass mo ma3a aramex

  10. joy says:

    wow am glad u got it
    way to go aramex

    bad bad dhl
    i recieved 2 packages in one week from the same spot one was sent on sunday and reached kuwait on the next monday of the next week!!!!!!!!

    and the other was sent on monday and reached me on wednsday !!!!!!!
    gusse the dhl was carrieng which!!!
    the one that reached me on the next weeeeek
    imagine a weeek to reach me!!!
    and from where from lebanon!!!!!!