I passed by Zain’s Mohalab branch today to get the new adapter, which comes along with an ego once you subscribe with their service for a year.

The differences between the new adapter and the router are:

  1. The adapter doesn’t need a dedicated sim card to be wifi spot, instead I can plug in the ego to create a wireless network.
  2. It works in the car, using the cigarette lighter socket (car plug included in the box).
  3. Much smaller than the router.



The adapter/router.




This entry was posted on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 at 12:22 am

10 Responses to “Zain’s New Adapter”

  1. Nora says:

    i’ve always wanted an ego..

  2. Marzouq says:

    I still haven’t justified the use of an Ego, but those new ones are looking good.

    I’m just hoping that they can improve the speed soon, one thing is that the Zain network is more reliable then the Viva network

  3. S3ood says:

    It is the best usb hsdpa adapter from huawei .. considering I used all of them, they finally got it right.

    Just make sure you have the latest driver and firmware: http://www.huawei.com/mobileweb/en/doc/list.do?type=-1&id=5600

    mine was from Three, and it came with an older firmware, it made a lot of difference on my mac.

  4. Wilson B says:

    I have that e-ego device. I got it when I was with Zain. I got better speeds tethering via my Iphone to computer instead of using the device.
    I had to change from Zain.. their customer service sucked so bad.. and over charged me to many times and most importantly couldn’t get 3G at work..
    At least with Wantayia I can get signal.

    BTW: They need to drop the obvious BS with Internet speeds. 7.2mb speeds…
    That’s shared for everyone in the area. The best I ever got with Zain’s expensive speeds was 800kb down..

  5. DVLz says:

    Screw Zain aka Zain Kuwait aka MTC

    1- I had their service for a month and its not worth a fils
    2- Copied Viva’s usb stick version
    3- 30GB monthly download limit, yes when you pass the limit it turns from 7.2Mbps connection to dial up or even worse.

    Viva on the other hand is faster than my home dsl connection, faster download, no limit, can even play online on my ps3, its not slow as some people say, it just depends on your area.

  6. mohammad says:

    what is the latest the prices?of (ISP)’S in kuwait now?any one knows?.

  7. Breezeway says:

    Does this adapter works with Viva USB

  8. Net1 says:

    What is the max signal range of this adapter?? How many users can connect at the same time?

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  10. Khurram Bajwa. says:

    i m already use ur connection 15 kd per month but what is this divoice can u explain me thanks.i dont know english can u explain me on my phon my number is this, 00965-66474300 thanks.