Today we’ve received these brownies from one of our relatives, the first impression was the good packaging and its kind of girly look.

When you first open the jar it suddenly hits you, that rich chocolatie smell.

the one we got were (Marshmallow + Mars) and (Oreo + Sugar) flavored.

Brownies Delight_4

For ordering you you can send sms to 97443133


This entry was posted on Monday, June 29th, 2009 at 10:30 am

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  1. Miss-Informed says:

    I would buy these just for the cute jars and save them for “blue days” when I binge in for comfort food.

  2. 1001Nights says:

    They don’t have a website or a menu we can check out?

  3. Mishary says:

    1001Nights, Walla i think they got a face book page.

  4. CrazyCatQ8 says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaay eshaweg !!!!!

    ehee eheee *scrying* basna sweeets 🙁

  5. INM says:

    walla i did try it 3ajeeb 7elo koosh browni

  6. TG says:

    I second Miss-Informed

  7. Sn3a says:

    they look Yummee

  8. Brownies Delight says:

    Hello all,
    This is “Brownies Delight” owner, i heard from friends that SOMECONTRAST.com posted about my brownies, first of all i am so glad and so thankful =).
    Second, regarding your questions, i’d like to inform you that our web site is under construction for the meanwhile, so currently you may refer to our page on facebook.com to see all the pictures and flavours we have.
    By the way we have 3 jar sizes :
    1- Medium size jar, fits a dozen —- 4.5 KD
    2- Large size jar,20 piece —- 6 KD *(can do 2 kinds)
    3- XL size jar, 30 piece —- 8 KD *(can do 2 kinds) as shown in the picture above =).
    Delivery 1 KD

    Feel free for any question via our email browniesdelight@hotmail.com, we gurantee fast response!
    or sms 97443133


  9. Yousef says:

    We had them at work the other day and they were tasty

  10. Hamad says:

    fee sugar free brownies? i’d be your no.1 customer 😀

  11. nym says:

    i ordered them 3 times, all i can say is im addicted 2 these brownies, really high in quality, freshness and flavor. i would advise u 2 try some

  12. Moi says:

    there’s an amazing place which makes brownies and sweets in shwaikhs’ jam3iya…It is sooooo heavenly. it’s good I dont do their very often cause I would be fattttt…

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  14. Brownies Delight says:

    Hamad: La wala sorry ma3ndna sugar free :p , hmm it wont be brownie then!:s, but am wondering to creat a “light brownies”.. just an idea how about it ?!

    Yousef & NYM: thank u for ur lovely feedback! ur satisfaction is an honor to us =>

  15. Marzouq says:

    I could really pop these into my mouth like candy! Thinking about ordering some for tomorrow.. hmmm

    I’m craving Brownies!

  16. Hamad says:

    brownies delight, try to add sweeteners instead of sugar, it would be more sweet than the normal sugar, since im diabetic the lighter recipe wont do me any good ;x

  17. Brownies Delight says:

    Hamad: alah yshafeek inshalah, hmmm.. Ok then first ill try to do a sample and c how it gonna work!

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  19. Reham says:

    I have tried their brownies and cup box … they are really good !!!
    The cup box are good if you have guests because it is well prepared and looks neat