I had a late lunch today and at 10pm I was in the mood for hot chocolate, it’s heavy enough to count as a substitute for dinner, so yeah I went for it.

We have this Cadbury chocolate powder, it’s the orange box pictured somewhere in this post, Mom uses it when she’s making cakes and desserts so it’s always available in the kitchen. Ok so this is how it’s made, It’s pretty easy:

1- Take some milk, just a tiny bit, like less than 50ml, and mix it in with one teaspoon of the chocolate powder and another teaspoon of sugar (I added another 2 extra teaspoons of sugar to the mix).

2-Mix well till it forms this pasty texture.

3- Boil some milk, and then add it to the past you made in step 1 and 2. And then stir well.

4- Bon Appetite 🙂

It’s easy and it’s yummy and this post barely qualifies as a recipe but we’ll let that slide 😉


This entry was posted on Saturday, June 13th, 2009 at 11:19 pm

3 Responses to “Easy Hot Chocolate Recipe”

  1. exactly how i make my hot chocolate!

  2. Noorah says:

    You should try with a bit of cinnamon, gives it a really nice taste… and I do mine differently 😛

  3. G says:

    Hello I just want to say if like hot chocolate try my recipe my little family just love it !

    1/4 block of 100g lindt 70% dark chocolate melted using hot water steam .
    Then pour I table spoon of hot milk to the chocolate stir it and add it to your mug.
    After that add the remaining hot milk and stir . No need to add sugar it’s sweet enough if you like to enjoy the real taste of chocolate 🙂 enjoy!