I had my first backstab experience at work today. At first I was kind of shocked, but then that subsided and I’m left with disgust. I don’t feel betrayed, coz the backstabber had no grounds for their accusation, but I’m just amazed at some people’s ability to do such things.. Froid needs to study this person.

Have you ever been backstabbed at work? How did you deal with it?


This entry was posted on Sunday, June 21st, 2009 at 11:35 am

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  1. AIC says:

    Never happened to me yet, Thank god

    am sure the girls can help you with this, since they are experts in dealing with these things

    so What happened??

  2. Bo9ale7 says:

    Let the war begin and strike back yousef looool tara moga3ed ashayeesh

  3. KTDP says:

    regularly happens. Either tell him/her that what she did was wrong in front of everyone and embarrass them (chances are this has happened before and people hate the person). or ignore the person for a few days.

  4. A.Albaz says:

    Heal the stab with a Clap

  5. steveleb says:

    it did happen to me ones when a colleague couldn’t answer the G.M. questions.. she point it the finger at me and said him it is him who asked me to do it.. although i did ask her to do it.. but the way she reacted.. i mean she could simply said OK i’ll fix the mistake and reprint.. but no.. she couldn’t.. i still till today remember her tone of voice and the look in her eyes.. she sure took me by surprise..

  6. kcal says:

    happens a lot! don’t be surprised .. Keep your guard up cuz chances are it will happen again

  7. Marzouq says:

    I have seen that happen, it has happened to me a while back.. but you learn to deal with it.. I try to remain clean but I make sure to return it to him when possible.. and only when I’m right.. πŸ™‚

  8. 7abib says:

    you do not die so never look back

  9. Abdullah says:


    Everything you do, document it with an email.

    If the thing is done verbally, you loose.

    I was given this advice when i first started work, didnt take it seriously till I got my slaps.

    Hope this helps.

  10. Abdullah says:

    Oh and avoid the “pay back” mentality. Consider it a lesson learned.

    Your email follow up is where the real slaps are. Ask for it, be careful in these tiny things, you’ll come up way big with that action.

  11. Hamad says:

    stab him back… with a real knife

  12. ducmania says:

    Hire me ? i’ll take care of it.. i know some people that know some people πŸ˜‰

  13. Entra-p-Noor says:

    I know I’m currently being back-stabbed by at least 10 people where I work.
    Rule of life. The more you succeed, the more people will attack you.
    Fight back and they will engage you, then you have little time to work and achieve.
    Only worry about you Boss. make sure he/she is updated regularly on different details of your work and achievements.
    To your boss, Just mention the facts about what being said without mentioning the incident.

  14. shopa says:

    oh all the time…what you do is look them in the eyes and smile…that’s what I do!!!

  15. Moi says:

    I duno what you mean by that but where ever I go, I see hatred in work enviroment, jelousy is eating them up, and gossips aaaaah tell me about it, even the G.M. does it, so I really dunno what to say.. Life teaches you alot and you will see different ppl with different cultures and background to deal with. Work enviroment is very unhealthy, in my opinion and it could be good to your career wise if you found the good ppl around you. And as som1 has mentioned the more you show your knowledge and success the more you deal with gossips, jelousy.

  16. H. says:

    Backstabbed..? Well to tell you the truth I view this evil from a different light. Everyone of us do things with good intentions but that action itself is open to interpretations. So if anyone backstabs me I would just turn around and say “No, no, no you don’t understand”.

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”
    -Sun Tzu

  17. e7mood says:

    ely e3areeef el reyayeel ma yandegeeer bs ely galbii 6ayeeeb oo 3abala kel enaas 6aybeen nafsaaah….magool ela alaah e3enaa

  18. iLSuL6ana says:

    I had my 1st experiance awal esboooo3 dawam..ya3ni qemat il ouch! loool baqaat ag3ad bil bait madawm πŸ˜› bss il7amdillaaaa ..it was a lesson needed oo 3ogobha..oo b3ad-ha i started working alone..which is the best solution in most cases πŸ™‚

  19. Intlxpatr says:

    Backstabbing happens, in work, in personal life, it happens.

    Keep clean. If you are at work, document. Stay calm. If the person is out of line, answer calmly, and correct the mistakes, the insinuations calmly. YOU stay clean. No revenge. None necessary – a person who backstabs usually shoots him/herself in the foot. They can’t help it. They backstab when they can’t produce.

    Your reputation is based on consistency. Stay calm. Stay clean. You will have credibility.

  20. Of couscous and Zigzug says:

    ” How to deal with a backstabber at work?”

    You don’t; you just learn to get on with it.

  21. deena says:

    i agreed to entra-p-noor and moi.
    they are just jealous and insecure coz ur doing ur best.
    same on my situation now..
    after i got promoted everyone is attacking..
    they are like snake..
    why cant they just be happy in everyone’s success?
    well of course, jealous…
    just keep up the good work..

  22. Emily Summerhill says:

    Why are my fitness videos listed at the bottom of this blog? Please remove them if possible as they don’t fit the content.

  23. Mickey says:


  24. SoulBeast says:

    The trick is knowing who the backstabber is. Once you know who your real friends are, then you’ll be able to get a better footing. BUT, having said that, NEVER trust ANYONE 100%. Always reserve some until you are very-very sure!
    It’s probably bound to happen over and over again and by the same person. So you’d find out soon if it hasn’t happened (as to some who posted).
    These people are crazy for something and they’ll go to any extent to get it. That’s the reason why you are being stabbed. You are ‘in their way’.
    My experience? Numerous. One happened just recently. And when I found out who it was, I wasn’t shocked really. This is the same guy who calls me ‘bro’ at work. Why did it happen? Well, we’re on the same level at work and he desperately wants to climb up the ladder and he knows that I’m more than capable of doing that before he does. So, he tries to topple me by doing some silly things behind my back. And, as if I care.
    These people, they won’t last long. Trust me, there will come a time when their game will be over and they’ve to move to other places to start all over.
    Cheer up! there’s a whole new world out there! πŸ™‚

  25. Lily says:

    Backstabbing is very rampant in the society with a lot of crab mentality. I am a Filipino working in a hospital in Riyadh, K.S.A. It was so disappointing that I am experiencing this with my fellowmen. I strong believe that the main reasons for this kind of attitude are jealousy and insecurities. This only shows how idiot and stupid they are. Good luch to them! They know very well if they have even a small brain where they really belong.

  26. Lily says:

    Ignore this backstabbing stupid workers as they lack attention from their colleagues. Their big mouth is busy gossiping where It only shows that they are not productive at work as they have enough time to backstab colleagues. Boss should kick their ass out as the company is paying them for nothing. The company should send them to mental hospital for rehab. This is a wake up call for all my Filipino colleagues working in one hospital in Riyadh I would like to get the attention of Mrs. Chuckie doll (Medical Records Dept. and Mrs. Dagul (Pediatrics Dept).

  27. Just Me says:

    Here are my thoughts .. if anyone cares!

    I have been in a situation for the last 3 years with someone who has exposed themselved numerous times as a backstabber, manipulator and snake. However, it is hard for those around me to see this side of them because, they are wise with their game-play and know how to turn on the charm around others while create chaos within me. They have claimed work as their own, those that I work with are rude or mean for no reason and I finally realized that they were feed possible rumors untrue about me. But, this is one lesson that I have learned.. I am young, I most demonstrate knowledge, wisdom and talent to even be a possible pawn for such a backstabber or else why waste the time. Even, if management doesn’t figure out what is happening.. happiness amongst all things is most important. I have tried the confrontation tactic.. doesn’t work.. just gets worse. I’ve tried the best-frieds tactic.. I’m the one that gets burnt because, they continue to spread rumors behind my back. SO, I have decided the move on approach either I have to decided to take the abuse for as long as they are an employee or move on and find a job that I can work in the enviroment.. “knowing that this will be everwhere”