Michael Jackson Dies!

This is shocking, but according to TMZ, The legend that is Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest and has just died. He was only 50 years old.

Rest of the article:

“We’ve just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.

Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We’re told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

A source tells us Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived. A cardiologist at UCLA tells TMZ Jackson died of cardiac arrest.

Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.

We’re told one of the staff members at Jackson’s home called 911.

La Toya ran in the hospital sobbing after Jackson was pronounced dead.

Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II.

Story developing…”


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10 Responses to “Michael Jackson Dies!”

  1. faisal says:

    i know its very shoking, i just wrote about it too

  2. Yousef says:

    Faisal, this is just so sad. It was his time to shine with all the concerts he’s doing.. I hope his haters are happy now….

  3. faisal says:

    just when he started working again…he dies… يومه

  4. reemas says:

    very sad day..
    both Farrah Fawcett and Mickael Jackson die at the same day.
    what a loss.

  5. KTDP says:

    RIP …. giver of the jesus juice and maker of the moonwalk …..

  6. Michael says:

    Hey, have you seen this news article?
    New details about Michael Jackson’s Death Emerge
    I was wondering if you were going to blog about this…

  7. TechCrown says:

    R.I.P King of Pop Michael Jackson
    May he rest in peace.
    We all are going to miss him.
    He’ll live in our hearts forever.

  8. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Yeah he was an “ICON” I still remember the time I used to dance on his “Thriller” video! lol trying out his “Moon-Dance”

    Michael Jackson was our “Elvis Presley” 🙁

  9. Marzouq says:

    Loved his songs! He really moved so many people!