You’ve got to check this website, it has people from all over sending in funny text messages they got from people they know. The word funny is used loosely here, but they’re interesting for sure.






I went to Nino today, I ordered the fondoto* (which is a starter only available at their gulf road branch, that consist of spinanch, prawns, mushrooms, and fondoto sauce (cream sauce) gratinated and topped with parmesan cheese.) and then their angus certified steak for the main course. I told the waiter twice that I want a medium steak, not a well-done, not a medium-well, but a medium! twice! He brought it over to our table, it looked weird and flat, as in hammered flat (It looked, felt and tasted like a big round burger). I cut it and it was a well done. I called the waiter and complained, he couldn’t believe it coz he said he made sure to tell the chef himself. I said no problem, just replace the steak and this time I want a medium. He goes with my dish, returns 5 minutes later with another well done.

Now I got upset, I called the manager and he came over all nice and smiley and I said I’ve got one question and I need a one word answer. just one word, either yes or no. Does this look like a medium steak to you? He wanted to talk so I interrupted him “Either yes or no.” He then take a closer look and said No this is a medium well.

I asked him to take it off the bill coz I refuse to pay for something I did not order and he did. He was very apologetic too, which is good, made me less upset. But then he called the chef over. The chef came over and he was trembling. I don’t know what happened back in the kitchen for him to come out shaking like that (even my friend noticed. It was weird), and I asked him the same question, is it a medium steak *pointing at the steak* and he said Yes this is a medium steak. So I said ok I have nothing else to say to you, if we couldn’t agree on something this obvious, then there is not point in arguing. But that didn’t stop him. He kept telling me that this is how “their medium looks like” and then branched out to explain about their streaks and (read this carefully) how they Hammer the steaks, yes they hammer them just like a scallop, to make them look larger, and that is why it looks like this. After arguing a bit over how they’re not supposed to hammer a steak, and him not caring for what I had to say, I gave up. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t know what hammering the steak got to do with it being overcooked, but at that point I was just nodding him off.

I hate it, just HATE it when I get an over cooked steak after asking them clearly and repeatedly NOT to do so in advance. And this isn’t their first time to screw up a meal.



For those looking for a good source of medications and nutritional stuff for their birds and animals, this pharmacy is for for your animals and birds.

From their site:

ALWAZZAN Vet Pharmacy, for veterinary medication and nutrition Pharmacy specialized for Birds and Animals hobby – Established in Kuwait since year 1992 (with a partial asistance of Pharr Road Animal Hospital) As Family Business owned by Alwazzan, with the aim of supports and develop the Pigeon hobby and Sport, hence then we have expanded to other products to include Birds, Falconry, Poultry, Pets, And Farm Animals.

With a wide range of Feed additives to specialized feeds, veterinary pharmaceuticals and some Accessories necessary for the hobbyist.”


Thanks INM



I’ve been attending diving classes for the past 3 days at Bubbles diving center. I don’t know how my friend bo9ale7 convinced me to join, I’m not the sportish type; I never really think of ‘activity’ when considering an outing… coz well, let’s just say I’m more of a restaurants person 😛 But I wouldn’t have thought that I’d enjoy diving this much!

The diving lessons started on Monday and will be ending on Saturday. Over the last 2 days we were studying the basics of diving with Captain Abdulrahman AlSarheed over at Bubbles diving center. The classes were very informative, and have done a nice job preparing us for the real thing.

Today, the 3rd day into the course, we got to practice what we were taught. We went to a huge swimming pool in Al Araby club in AlMansouriya. The experience was magical. Going in with all those diving gears and breathing under water was one of the most special things I’ve done, ever.

I’m too tired to keep writing after the dip in the pool, but rest assured a full review of the experience and Bubbles diving center will be published once I get my Beginners License.


I was having trouble finding Arabic keypads for my Blackberry Curve, so I ordered a couple from ebay. They’re relatively easy to install and you could end up saving a couple of KDs too.

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The dust is unbelievable outside. How could it turn upside down in such a short time!





We’re thrilled today to share the new revamped SOMEContrast site with all of you dear readers. We’ve been working with a talented group of people from a local design company, Circus Branding Circle, and we’re very proud to finally share the results.

We’re also excited to get your feedback and reactions to the logo, the layout, the colors and basically the whole look. So! Do tell! What do you think?



Hey guys, brace yourselves for the unveiling of SOMEcontrast’s new look. The site is going to go down at noon. This time it’s for real, And we are going to be back soon inshallah.


I had a late lunch today and at 10pm I was in the mood for hot chocolate, it’s heavy enough to count as a substitute for dinner, so yeah I went for it.
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I don’t know if this ever happened to you, but yesterday I was heading to the Avenues for lunch and just 3 minutes before reaching the mall I looked at what I was wearing and discovered that I was wearing my house slippers instead of a real decent ones! It was hilarious discovering that. I was about to turn back home but thankfully my friends were there ahead of me, so they bought me a pair of Crocs and brought them down to me in the parking lot..


Just got this video by email from my wife, This is supposed to be showen next Ramadan inshallah which i think is another one of those hidden camera/Sadaouh type of shows. Checkout how Mohamad Sayrafi is fabricating every thing and how the whole thins isn’t real at all!




Ali just sent me this picture telling me its raining now in north Kuwait with a heavy rain. Guys its June I’ve just checked the temperature & it’s 43C!

Update By Yousef:

It rained in Kuwait City too!

Fawaz was just in Murgab and took this picture!



Alshaya got a franchising agreement to get the American eagle to the Middle east:

“The company, headquartered in Kuwait, plans to open a series of AE stores throughout the Middle East in the next several years, CEO Jim O’Donnell told investors in a conference call. American Eagle won’t have to invest any capital and will have minimal involvement in operations, he said, but the deal could generate “significant” returns. ” – SOURCE

“Alshaya will open a series of American Eagle Outfitters stores throughout the Middle East over the next several years. The first store is slated to open in early 2010.” – SOURCE



Since the last month i was in a blue amber mode, so i was busy contacting some sellers for making blue amber misbah, I even bought 2 rocks of blue amber to get it done here in Kuwait, at that time my wife was watching me quitly until i decided to get into the second step which was buying a new misbah from one of my online friends, which was kind of very pricey. At that point specifically before transfering the amount of money to my friend, my wife saddenly says WAIT! dont buy it… i said to her why? she said open the drawer and look there.

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“Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid,” read a club statement.

“At Cristiano’s request – who has again expressed his desire to leave – and after discussion with the player’s representatives, United have agreed to give Real Madrid permission to talk to the player.

“Matters are expected to be concluded by 30 June. The club will not comment until further notice.”

Ronaldo’s future at United has been the subject of constant speculation with Real trailing his signature for the last three summers.

Real have now agreed £80million offer for the Portuguese ace and United have given the World Player of the Year permission to talk to the Spanish titans.

Ronaldo will now head to the Spanish capital to hold discussions with Real and undergo a medical.

Real have already snapped up Brazilian superstar Kaka in a world-record deal, but a move for Ronaldo would eclipse that deal.

Thanks Fawaz






^He sent me this picture with a very mean subject line! I’m so envying him right now and I have a strong feeling that he’ll choke on the first thing he put in his mouth 😛

Note to Mom: I know you are reading this post, look, I know I said that I won’t travel with you guys this summer, but I’m having second thoughts now.

Ana ga3ed ebhal7ar wohwa raye7 “iteshagag fe roboo3 swaisra*”!!

*in which Kuwaiti (mosalsal) soap opera was this line said and by who? First one to give the correct answer will get a standing ovation from Mishary.





This is my second time with the NBK’s ATM, what shall i do with it:

Option 1: Return it back to NBK.
Option 2: Keep it with me ( I did before).
Option 3: Fix it (but i don’t think its gonna work)

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We went to Garoh island last weekend, it was my first time to go to Garoh, and let me tell you how would you feel if you ever went there:

1-On the way there and just before you get to the island, the sea will smell like you’re at a gas station. The sea reeks of gazoline. Big circles of transparent oils are floating everywhere. And just so you know, thats why it was called Garoh. Garoh is a word derived from Gar, which somehow meant Oil/Petrol long time ago.
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Today we got some sweets from a relative and these moltens cought my attention which i ate long time ago at my father’s in law house, guys for any one like me who’s a chocolate lover you must try this! its really tasty and I’m really recommending it.

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From ESPN:

“I can officially say I’m a Real Madrid player. My professional link with AC Milan finishes now, but my sentimental link will never end,” he said.

“Real Madrid intend to build a great team, with historic players such as Raul and Casillas. We will make history again, both in Spain and Europe. I guess the sport project is very good.

“Now another chance came up and AC Milan is in a big crisis (financially). For me, the sporting project (at Madrid) is interesting and will be an important boost to continue my career in the highest level.”

“Kaka could now become the first of a new wave of ‘Galáctico’ signings, with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, David Villa and Franck Ribery all linked to the Spanish giants since Perez’s unopposed re-election as the club’s president last week.”