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What to do with all the confetti we stocked up?



Since this issue of eating or not eating non-Halal meat got some good response we thought you might be interested in this iPhone application called Zabiha, which is a good guide for all Halal restaurants and mosques around the world. It costs only $2.99 on iTunes store.




Tetris celebrated it’s 25th years anniversary this week. What do you think of this game? I think it was brilliant and was destined to be a classic.

I remember the first time I played tetris was sometime in the winter of 1990, yep Kuwait was still invaded and we were in france visiting my aunt. I remember I got to play with my aunt’s gameboy and trying tetris for the first time. I was soooo taken away and just couldn’t believe how my luck sucked at the time coz I only discovered this game the day we were leaving france.

I then got another glimpse at this incredible game when we went to Bahrain, in ramadan of 1991, Kuwait was just freed by then. I remember one Kuwaiti girl on our block had the gameboy and we all played together so I was always asking her to play with her gameboy.

I remember I was jumping with joy after visiting my aunt in Kuwait for the first time right after the invasion, coz she had just bought me one from france! I couldn’t believe it lol! I remember that I got to boss my little brother around in order to let him play with my gameboy… well, I bossed him around till my parent got him later the game gear.


I realized that this was my second mention of the invasion time and it’s also of a happy memory, and that this could lead people who don’t know how old I am or even foreigners to believe that we and Kuwaitis in general weren’t caring enough about their country back then, and I could be misrepresenting Kuwaitis in general (some of Kuwait haters used to say that we were indifferent to that fact that our country was at war). So, just in case, I’d like to say that I was 7-8 years old back then, and thats why all of my memories of that time are happy ones. Sorry, I just had to mention that πŸ™‚



Wataniya has finally launched it’s blackberry service. For more information check Z District’s Blog.

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Congratulations to the winning parties and better luck next time for those who did not get it right this time. Excerpts from the BBC news article:

“The leader of Lebanon’s governing pro-Western coalition has claimed victory over a Hezbollah-led bloc in the country’s parliamentary election.

Saad Hariri said his 14 March alliance would retain its majority in the 128-seat parliament.
A key Christian ally of the Hezbollah-led alliance, which is supported by Syria and Iran, admitted defeat in Sunday’s elections.

The Christian vote was said to be split evenly between the two camps.

Hezbollah fielded only 11 candidates, though it is a powerful member of the broader opposition coalition, which Mr Aoun’s group and the mainstream Shia movement Amal.

The current majority in parliament was swept to power in 2005, following the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in a car bombing in Beirut.

The bombing forced Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon after a 29-year presence amid accusations of Syrian involvement in the attack.

The government in Damascus has strongly denied the claims.”

I just asked one of my christian Lebanese colleagues “Mabrook?” and she said ever so sadly “NOO!!”



See how much oil does the single burger contain. Just count the calories πŸ™‚




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We’ve been working on a whole new design with a very talented local design company for 2 months now, and we’ve finally reached the end of the deciding process. The new revamped site will be up maybe as soon as tomorrow. The website may go down for a few hours tomorrow in the morning time, so when that happens, keep checking back coz we won’t be going for long.

We’re so excited about this whole new look we have in store for you guys and can’t wait for you all to see it and get your feedbacks πŸ™‚


The new design should be up by tomorrow and not today. I should’ve waited and made sure before making this post πŸ™‚



Galler opened up a branch at avenues in phase one, near NBK, and they have this Milkshake that you’ve got to try. I liked it mainly because it’s not heavy and has little chocholate chunks in it. Me and HBZ tried their mix of dark and white chocolate and it was real good. Mo sa7na kilish πŸ˜›

Oh and we asked about their Waffles, which was mentioned on Buzberry’s a couple of months back, and they said they’re going to have it soon, they have the machine to do them but they were yet to be trained to use them. Maybe it’s available now since I haven’t been there for over 2 weeks.

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I finished The Lovely bones, which was a bit of a letdown. I mean people were praising it on the net and then book started out very promising, but throughout the book I was waiting for it to grab me, to get me hooked, but it didn’t. I finished it because I wanted to know what was going to happen to the killer.

As I was reading this book I was thinking to myself that it isn’t as good as I had hoped but that it would make a great movie. I just had a hunch about it, and just a few days ago I learned that it is a movie in the making starring Rachel Weisz, Mark Wahlberg & Susan Sarandon. It’ll be out in theaters on december 2009.

I bought 2 more books from Bahrain last week and they’re sitting there with the other pile of books that I bought. I read some but only finished the lovely bones. The 2 books above are The Night of the Miraj, and The Pillars Of The Earth. The latter was mentioned and praised on Intlxpatr’s blog a long time ago and I finally got around to buying it.

I need a couple of weeks off just to read all the books I have piled up.


Guys don’t attempt this trick. Jail is not fun this time of the year πŸ˜›

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Wouldn’t you kill for a friend like that πŸ˜›



Swine flu edition πŸ™‚

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I have been encountering some idiots on the roads lately, well we all have, but there is a new kind of idiots. Let me explain!

You know when you’re in a hurry and driving on the left lane and you’ve got a car in front of you that just won’t move to the right? Well, I don’t like to flash the cars in front of me so I get close, then too close. As a last resort I turn up the headlights once or twice so they could wake up and move to the right. Anyway, nowadays there is a new kind of angry drivers on the scene so beware! They won’t move to the right until they see a road camera coming up, and that’s when they speed up a bit, making you do the same, then they move to the right and hit their breaks so you end up getting caught by the camera!

It happened to me more than once now, and thankfully I was always aware that there was a camera ahead. But still, what kind of a sick person would do such a thing!? And why are they so offended by the thought of giving way that they had to have some sort of a revenge?!


Apparently this slope found it’s purpose in life.. its the new slide for kids! its located in kaifan’s Co-Op.

Look how happy he is! πŸ™‚

Update: It seems this belong to al-dasma co-op.

Thanks A.I



DETROIT (AP) — General Motors Corp. took a key step toward its downsizing on Tuesday, striking a tentative deal to sell its Hummer brand to a Chinese manufacturer, while also revealing that it has potential buyers for its Saturn and Saab brands.

China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. said Tuesday afternoon that it reached an agreement to acquire the brand from GM for an undisclosed ammount. The Detroit automaker had announced Tuesday morning that it had a memorandum of understanding to sell the brand of rugged SUVs, but it didn’t identify the buyer.

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Its in Dubai and it reaches 52 degree.


We were in Spain the summer of 1990, we had a nice beginning for a very promising summer vacation. Then we headed to nice, we stayed at my uncle’s place, and that was when we got the news that Iraq have invaded Kuwait.
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“Hi… My name is Munchies. I Like to play fetch! Please be careful with me, I’m scared” this what was written on the dog box which INM saw yesterday when he was at the airport, it belongs to a western guy who got rejected by KLM airline coz they don’t ship animals on their airplane, and guess what? the guy also refused to travel with them since they reject his dog. since i’m not familiar with all this is it only KLM who rejects pets onboard ?

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