It’s been reported in the papers that the number 112 will replace the existing 777 as the new emergency number. I didn’t know at first why would they change the existing one, especially since it’s already well known all over Kuwait. But then my friends told me that the # 112 is recognized world wide, and has been implemented and used in over 50 countries.

Another theory for the change: so they could use these numbers 777*****.

The number 777 will work till the end of the year, forwarding calls to the new number, once it’s launched. An awareness campaign will be launched once the change take place.


This entry was posted on Saturday, July 11th, 2009 at 10:24 pm

8 Responses to “112 The new emergency number”

  1. FAH-Buzberry says:

    Yup it’s true, I heard about it the other day on marina FM, now do you think 911 will change to 112 as well? I personally doubt;p

  2. Deema says:

    so now Miyami’s song “ilma6afi” will be a historic one..

  3. Pyyth4 says:

    112 can be called, even if your mobile phone is locked (keypad lock, lock code) and even if you dont have your SIM card.

  4. Ansam says:

    It was in the papers some time ago… people will mis-dial it and get… “3ind al ishara, takoon al sa3a assabi3ata saba7an, wa arba3on wa 3ishroon daqeeqa, wa khamsoon thaniya…. PEEP”

  5. Marzouq says:

    It still doesn’t change the fact that when you call 777 that a majority of the time people don’t pick up.. you are better off calling the police station directly..

    What is sad is that the recordings are not taken into consideration for the performance of the operators or what they are doing.. I think somebody needs to rework that operations facility as to what exactly they are doing!

  6. Abid says:

    What about phone numbers taht actually start with 112*****

  7. Eve's.Heart says:

    yes i been told the same, that the no. 112 is known world wide, when i told one of my friends who lives in Australia but i didn’t know that before !! hope they answer when you call them !! :P~