2 musts at prime & toast

Whenever you’re at Prime & Toast there are 2 highly recommended dishes that you shouldn’t leave without trying: The Spaghetti bolognese and the Cremeford Caramel dessert.

The spaghetti is astounding. The sauce they use is a bolognese sauce that is so different from the the ones I’m used to. Their sauce is sweet, as in “I bet there is some sugar in it” sweet, and it’s in my opinion the best spaghetti bolognese in Kuwait (the second best is Macaroni Grill’s, without the meat balls for me).

Now the dessert is a very simple dish. I think (I say think here because I really don’t know what it’s made of) that it’s made of layers of thick whipped creme and crushed biscuits, they put it in the freezers for awhile (so the creme feels like ice cream when served) and then serve with caramel sauce on top. You’ve got to try it, I loved it. They also put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. When I first tried it I thought the ice cream was distracting so when I went back for the second time I asked them to serve it alone, and it made a huge difference. Highly recommended.


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13 Responses to “2 Musts at Prime & Toast”

  1. Abid says:

    ‘Their sauce is sweet, as in “I bet there is some sugar in it” sweet’

    Actually, most pasta sauces contain sugar!

  2. Yousef says:

    I meant lots of sugar then 😛 coz most pastas taste normal, not sweet.

  3. Quack Scientist says:

    Prime and Toast is SO over rated. It’s a place where people go to check each other out more than go for the food.

    The dessert isn’t bad, but it’s not worth going through the crappy parking and pretentious people

  4. Marzouq says:

    I agree about the spaghetti is damn good! The milanese is also pretty damn good!

  5. Rakan says:

    Dates pudding mooo sij !

  6. ban1 says:

    9eg spaghetti shy mo 9eg ger burger one of the best burger

  7. Daddy's Girl says:

    If you ask them to make you a spaghetti with tomatoe sauce only for us non carnivores… they will make you a very very VERY good one indeed… and yes the tomato sauce they use is sweet which i like…

    also the strands of spaghetti are cooked to perfection, they are slippery, thick enough, and have just the right bite to it… o the portion is huge for el yowa3a…

    o 6b3an el breakfast ilee they serve up till 3 is amazing!!! the Creme Englais French Toast jedan jedan latheeth…

  8. Simply Me says:

    yup its good. o they hav this other dessert which is really good, it was caramel-y biscuit-y but cant remember the name.
    i think their sauce is ready-made RAGU sauce, u can find it in sultan canter. i always use that. it tastes exactly the same, either with tomatoes or without. try it at home.
    ooh and the burger, i like! they hav this special burger with mushrooms, yummo!

  9. Simply Me says:

    “…either with beef or without” *

  10. moseqe says:

    Try their dates pudding and phily cheese steake Sandwich !!
    yum yum

  11. :o says:

    dates pudding ybachee, soooo yummy…bs balo3 chbdkm shway el steak sandwich a5er mara lgeet feeha big short thick black hair shkelha mn mostache or beard…and it was a take away order so i coudnt say anything on the spot…bs la3at chbdee menhm.i used to be an addicted regular 🙁

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