Finding Perfect Medium in Most unexpected place

I just came back from Mishref’s Applebees and I’m stuffed. I just ate the perfect Medium Fajita ever!

I don’t usually bother eating at apple bees let alone order a steak dish, But there was no other option (My friend refused to go anywhere outside Mishref). Anyway. When the waitress asked me how I like my steak, I didn’t know what to say, Asking for a medium steak at apple bees is like asking somone to find a humble Kuwaiti; it is impossible. But I thought I’d give it a try..

Glenda: How do you like it to be cooked?

Me: I want a medium steak, but that is impossible to achieve in Kuwait, no one in here serve the steak as requested, in fact, I’ve been to most of Kuwait’s steak-serving restaurants and none brought me a medium steak (Gaucho did a couple of times). Look, I dare you to bring me a medium fajita.

Glenda: *stares at me* Ok I’ll talk to the chef.

My friend at that moment told me “lo 6ag’ha ib bo6ol il ketchup wayid abrak”

But guess what? My speech did it’s magic and I was served the best fajita ever! You know those picture perfect sliced steaks? the dark from the inside then gray from the outside.. That was exactly what I was served and it tasted extremely good.

I would’ve never guessed that of all places, I’d find the perfect medium steak at Apple bees.


This entry was posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2009 at 10:33 pm

6 Responses to “Finding perfect medium in most unexpected place”

  1. Girl says:

    the best medium steak ive ever tried was in casper and gambinis ely yam el kaneesa,,, omg they perfected it, it melted in my mouth perfectly!

  2. KTDP says:

    the mishref one is usually good regardless of how rude you are to the staff or how obnoxious you sound.

    That’s why they’re good people ……

  3. um-mit3ib says:

    tadre ena lawadem bihidoon el post kila w bitakhasiroonlik ena gilt ohma not humble;p?

  4. Yousef says:

    Girl I never ate there, maybe I will sometime..

    KTDP then you must enjoy being yourself there 😛

    No seriously, the staff were very good, even after I said my speech the waitress was all smiles. I liked the place.

    um-mit3ib LOL I think it’s true. Kuwaitis act humble but they’re not, and most even won’t bother acting 😛

  5. Intlxpatr says:

    If you think medium is a tough find, you oughta try looking for medium-rare! LOL @ trying to find a humble Kuwaiti!

  6. farah says:

    you can just ask for 3 minutes on each side to get a medium.