Marwa AlShirbini

It’s been a while since the death of Marwa Alshirbini, the hijab martyr, as they refer to her now, but the incident still lingers and comes to mind every once in awhile.

Marwa AlShirbini was killed in a court room in Germany, her killer is Alex W. He was on trial for cursing and yelling offensive words at Marwa when she was with her 3 year old child at the play ground in dresden, Germany.

On the first day of trials he openly stated “You don’t have the right to live here.” and on the day of the appeal, at the court and right infront of the judges, he jumped Marwa and stabbed her 18 times, Killing her right in front of her husband and child.

When the police intervened, they shot Marwa’s husband in the leg, thinking he was the criminal, but then after overcoming their prejudice, they arrested Alex, the Islamophobic.


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7 Responses to “Marwa AlShirbini”

  1. Marzouq says:

    Its a very sad thing, and who would have thought that something like this can happen to a person in Germany in this day and time!

    Alah yer7amha o ekoon fee 3oon wilda..

    I think the husband was also stabbed in court and the stabbing lasted for 8 minutes without the police intervening while in court!

  2. faisal says:

    خوش شي الشرطة قاعدين يطالعونه .
    عفيا قلب يشوفون ام تنذبح جدام ولدها وساكتين مادري شلون عندهم خلل اجتماعي هالكثر ومع ذلك متقدمين علميا؟؟؟

  3. Amu says:

    Is really sad..Just yesterday I was reading about it in a magazine..

  4. blah says:

    shloon stabbed 18 times? were they alone?

  5. i don't think it's requierd says:

    every time i imagine her situation immediately my goose pumps .
    poor lady she was a intolerance martyr .
    lets remember all human who they killed because of their race or religion .
    our world need a lot of tolerance .

  6. Ra-1 says:

    Very sad 🙁
    I posted about it

  7. pumkinah says:

    7sby alah wane3ma al wakeel 🙁 walah 7araam 🙁 7dhum el court oo el police 3anefeen !!!! loma ohma ratheen chan ma sm7aw 7g hal mujrem ysawe chethe inside the court room !!! 🙁 lazm nansher hl shy more !! wekon lena mwqef mn hali g3d y9eer !!! wela a7na mo kafo enkon muslimen then ;/ alah ye9aberhum oo ye3een hal baby ele fegad oma 🙁