My Nintendo Dsi_1

I used to buy every Nintendo game when ever they release something new, but once I was in collage and then started working, I lost interest with these types of games. And I was focused only on the consoles like N64, Game Cube and the Wii.

My Nintendo Dsi_1

Last week Bashar and I decided to go to Rehab center, and while I was there I remembered reading a post by Mark about the ability to hack the DS and downloading full games via the net and even a robux generator, which could be enjoyed just like the originals. So I mentioned the system manipulation thingy, and we learned that we had 2 options:

  1. Nintendo DSi + Original Game + Adapter = KD 85
  2. Nintendo DSi + DS TT Card (cracks) + 2 GB memory card + Adapter = KD 75

So I went ahead and bought the secound option, which I thought would cost more since they fill up the memory with lots of games, but it did not.

Bashar just finished downloading 3000+ full games for our DSi’s. Can you imagine owning over than 3000 Nintendo game? It’s like a Kid’s ultimate fantasy. But before I start with new games, I have to get done with Zelda first!

My Nintendo Dsi_1

Some technical specification:

Form factor: 137 x 74.9 x 18.9mm
Stylus: DSi: 92mm length
Weight: 214g

Screen Size: 3.25 inch / 825.5mm
Screen: Both screens are TFT LCD with 260,000 colors

Power: AC adapter and DSi battery pack
Charge time: 2 hours 30 minutes from flat battery
Battery life: 14 hours at lowest screen brightness, 3 – 4 hours at highest screen brightness
Software compatibility: compatible with DS software and new DSi software. GBA games are not compatible.


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8 Responses to “My Nintendo Dsi”

  1. The Godfather says:

    whats the difference between that and the regular DS ?

  2. Na9er says:

    You can still play original games right? and where did you manage to find 3000 games? ;p. That’s amazing! Are they gameboy games?

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  4. Mishary says:

    The Godfather, its an updated version of the DS.

    Na9er, Yes you can play original games also .. and regarding the 3000 its from the torrent 🙂 and all of them are DS games 🙂

  5. joezaif says:

    I’m Nintendo fanatic myself and just stopped buying consoles and games after going to college (by the way you spelled college wrong).

    it been over 6 years since i last played on a Nintendo console and recently tried playing wii with a bunch of my younger cousins and it seems that I lost the feel of video games. Makes me feel so retarded :S guess it’s all about practice.

  6. Marzouq says:

    Nice! Mabrook!

  7. Xero says:

    I recommend you try a game called Korg DS-10.
    Not technically a game though, it’s an amazing synth that lets you compose and save your own songs. It’s so much fun to mess around with.

    Search on Youtube to get an idea how it works.

  8. Ben says:

    my nintendo is very ganza