edible arrangements

I find this idea unique and interesting. Instead of flowers now you can send fruit baskets and a bouquets of fruits. It’s available in Kuwait next to AlMowasat Hospital. The company has a dealer in Kuwait, so you can choose the bouquet and get it delivered all online. I haven’t tried it yet.

Their phone # 25723888 and their Website

Thanks Fawaz




Where is August_1

I was planning to go to the cinema with Ali today for Bos bos (Adel Emam’s latest movie), so I went ahead and selected the seats then they transfered me to the K-Net page but guess what?! in the expiration field there is no August .. and my credit card will expire in August! so please KNCC or K-Net staff fix this, and note to Ali, dont worry i managed to reserve the seats.


Received My New Smart Civil ID_11

I got it at the airport right after coming back from my trip, its really good in quality compared to the old one, and it looks good with the smart chip which Yousef’s wrote about it long back Here. And if you notice the GCC logo is attached on the back of the card itself.

Oh and by the way, if your current old ID is still valid, you can’t replace it with the new one due to the amount of people and the long queues.

you can find more details about it Here


Etisalat Spying on Blackberry users

It seems that the UAE based telecommunication company, Etisalat, messed up big time. They sent out a message to all of it’s 100,000 Blackberry subscribers urging them to update their mobile with the latest Etisalat patch: “Etisalat network upgrade for BlackBerry service. Please download to ensure continuous service quality.”

The application slowed mobiles’ performances and drained their batteries. After a closer look at the patch they found out that it contains an application that allow the company to intercept and get a copy of each email and sms sent. This option is turned off by default, However, it could be turned out remotely if they wanted to.

“he said that once installed, it potentially gives Etisalat the power to view all emails and text messages sent from the BlackBerry.”

“I don’t think it’s been designed for a large scale deployment,” he said. “They have released it as an upgrade across all UAE BlackBerry handsets, all of which have tried to phone home to this one registration server at the same time, and that has effectively brought the server to its knees. When the BlackBerry cannot register itself, it tries again and this causes the battery drain.” – Nigel Gourlay


Thanks Hamad




Just arrived to Kuwait Airport from Mumbai which was 3 days in a row raining ! I couldn’t see Mumbai in detail due to long meetings which were starting from 9AM all the way to 5 PM .. Any how I’m happy that I’m back 🙂

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I find it very funny but I would’ve been furious if it happened to me 😛




Marwa AlShirbini

It’s been a while since the death of Marwa Alshirbini, the hijab martyr, as they refer to her now, but the incident still lingers and comes to mind every once in awhile.

Marwa AlShirbini was killed in a court room in Germany, her killer is Alex W. He was on trial for cursing and yelling offensive words at Marwa when she was with her 3 year old child at the play ground in dresden, Germany.

On the first day of trials he openly stated “You don’t have the right to live here.” and on the day of the appeal, at the court and right infront of the judges, he jumped Marwa and stabbed her 18 times, Killing her right in front of her husband and child.

When the police intervened, they shot Marwa’s husband in the leg, thinking he was the criminal, but then after overcoming their prejudice, they arrested Alex, the Islamophobic.



Showtime Arabia and Orbit announced on Sunday a merger that will create the “biggest Pay-TV platform” in the Middle East and North Africa. Hard luck to ART 😉


Thanks Ali


2 musts at prime & toast

Whenever you’re at Prime & Toast there are 2 highly recommended dishes that you shouldn’t leave without trying: The Spaghetti bolognese and the Cremeford Caramel dessert.

The spaghetti is astounding. The sauce they use is a bolognese sauce that is so different from the the ones I’m used to. Their sauce is sweet, as in “I bet there is some sugar in it” sweet, and it’s in my opinion the best spaghetti bolognese in Kuwait (the second best is Macaroni Grill’s, without the meat balls for me).

Now the dessert is a very simple dish. I think (I say think here because I really don’t know what it’s made of) that it’s made of layers of thick whipped creme and crushed biscuits, they put it in the freezers for awhile (so the creme feels like ice cream when served) and then serve with caramel sauce on top. You’ve got to try it, I loved it. They also put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. When I first tried it I thought the ice cream was distracting so when I went back for the second time I asked them to serve it alone, and it made a huge difference. Highly recommended.


Just got this video clip from Elaine , it is a techno song called “Kuwait.” Check out at 0:06 the guy passes a red light.

Thanks Elaine


It’s been reported in the papers that the number 112 will replace the existing 777 as the new emergency number. I didn’t know at first why would they change the existing one, especially since it’s already well known all over Kuwait. But then my friends told me that the # 112 is recognized world wide, and has been implemented and used in over 50 countries.

Another theory for the change: so they could use these numbers 777*****.

The number 777 will work till the end of the year, forwarding calls to the new number, once it’s launched. An awareness campaign will be launched once the change take place.




We’ve just landed in Mumbai and so far it looks nicer than New Delhi .. Any Recommendations guys, things to see?

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We got an email from a reader with the pictures above, asking for an explanation.

I called a friend and he told us that the ads above are made by Viva and they’re, according to my source, an introduction for Viva to roll out it’s new pricing plan, something to compete with Zain’s wiyana plan.

My source says “It’s illegal in Kuwait to make ads that mock a competing brand, yet there is a way to do so without being sued, and it’s by not using the other company’s logo” it wasn’t used in this case, and he concluded with “But it’s still unethical.”

I’m looking forward for a response to those ads! 😀

Thanks Noura


4th Ring Road have wrote about the topic too and there is a response to Viva, check it out:

We don’t know if the response was made by Wataniya or Zain, yet. But we sure know that this is turning to be so much fun!!

Thanks 4th Ring Road for the last picture.


A long time ago i used to buy t-shirts from Benetton which at that time cost me around KD20+ per t-shirt and i was thinking till yesterday its a reasonable price but yesterday after finishing our meeting we went to a mall called  Centrestage Mall New Delhi which is the largest mall in Delhi, and i spotted there Benetton so I in and loocked for polos and came up with 4 t-shirts but the problem was what? The price for eachI polo was KD 6.5 ! I didn’t believe it until I asked the seller “are these shirts a replica?” He answered with a smile: No sir we don’t sell any replica’s we’re an official Benetton branch. Then I asked him then why they are so cheap .. what do you think it was the answer?

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A new blog has been addded to the blogroll a while ago, this new blog, re:kuwait, is about an “attempt at finding pragmatic and urgently needed solutions to the problems that plague the urban cohesion of Kuwait City.”

I like this blog and think it’s very different in terms of the subjects they focus on. For example in one of their posts they discuss Sharg’s mall. I don’t enjoy going to Soug Sharg and never knew exactly the reason why. It just felt depressing walking inside that mall, and in their post Soug Sharg, I got to know exactly why I felt like that, and the reason being: You can’t tell whether it’s day or night when you’re inside the mall, you’re cut out of the outside world, unlike the Marina, Avenues, and Fanar malls.

Check it out, it’s a very interesting blog.



a story about friendship

This story was told to me by my cousin Fawaz a long time ago and I thought I should share it with you. Don’t miss it, its a great one. Here it goes:

A long long time ago in Arabia there lived two men in two different cities. One was called Baghdadi, who lived in Baghdad, and the other was called Hasawi, from AlHasa Regio in Saudi Arabia. These two men were sent to Egypt to be schooled and to learn what they couldn’t learn in their own countries. They met there and became very close friends. Hasawi, who was from a wealthy family took care of his less wealthy friend, Baghdadi, and the two men became like brothers to each other. Then years later, when they finished their schooling, they each went back to their countries. But they both promised to keep in touch and visit each other soon.

A year later Baghdadi, who missed his best friend a lot, took the long journey to Hasawi’s village, in Saudi, to visit his old friend. Hasawi showed him the very best of Arab hospitality and did his best so that Baghdadi would have a great time. When the two men discussed their future plans, Hasawi told Baghdadi that he was in love with his cousin and that ever since he was a kid he planned to marry her one day. Baghdadi told Hasawi that he also would like to get married. So, Hasawi promised Baghdadi that he will marry him off before he goes back to his country.

The two men walked the streets of Hasawi’s village while Baghdadi looked at the different women in hope of finding a wife to take back to his hometown. Baghdadi’s heart was taken when he saw a certain beautiful woman. He told Hasawi that he found the girl he wanted to marry but that he did not know anything about her. So the two men took to the streets again, in hope of finding the woman he was taken by, but with no luck. A few days later and by coincidence, Baghdadi finally saw the woman he wanted to marry. Hasawi was crushed when his friend pointed out the girl he had his eyes on! Baghdadi had his eyes on Hasawi’s cousin. The very woman that Hasawi wanted to marry since he was a kid! But Hasawi didn’t say a word. He loved his friend and he had promised to help him marry. So he told his father to allow his cousin to marry his friend, the Baghdadi.  Baghdadi had no idea. He said goodbye to his old friend,  took his new wife, and left back to his home in Baghdad, Iraq.

Years came and years went by. On one of those years a terrible drought hit Hasawi’s village. Death and poverty swept through the town and his family lost all of its fortunes. So, Hasawi decided to make the long journey to Baghdadi’s house. He wanted to seek out the help of his old friend. He knew his friend would never turn him back and would help him in his misfortune.

So, he traveled through the deserts of Arabia and it’s many cities. His clothes were ragged and he had little to survive. He finally made it to Baghdadi’s village and he asked the locals where his friend’s house was. One of the locals looked at him with surprise and laughed at the thought of someone like Hasawi, who looked miserable and poor would know someone of the stature of the famously wealthy Baghdadi. When Hasawi finally found Baghdadi’s home the guard stopped him at the door. Hasawi insisted he wanted to see his old friend but the guard did not believe him and would not allow him in as he looked very poor and an unlikely friend. The guard finally agreed to go tell his master that Hasawi was there and Hasawi waited and waited at the door for the guard to return. But the guard returned and told him that Baghdadi was too busy to meet him.

Hasawi left feeling heartbroken and disappointed to no end. How could his old friend neglect him in his time of need? How could this dear friend of his, who he sacrificed his cousin for turn him away so coldly. He didn’t have food nor shelter. He wandered around the city aimlessly, hopeless and most of all disappointed. As he walked through an empty spot of land two men, who looked like thieves, were running away from something and were carrying what looked like big and heavy bagys. When they saw him, they looked very frightened, so they dropped their bags and ran as fast as they could. When Hasawi looked inside the bags he found stacks of gold. He did not know what to do with them so he buried them in a place and marked the place so he would lose them. After some contemplating, he decided to live off the gold till he finds a plan or a way to survive his loneliness away from him home. So he chipped away at the gold every day. He bought a tent and some food to survive.

On one of his days sitting in the tent a hunched old lady passed by. She begged him to help her. She said she was old and had no where to stay. She just wanted a place to stay and she was willing to clean and cook for him. He welcomed her into his tent and allowed her to stay there. He told her the story of his journey to this village and his friend who deserted him and the gold that he found. She advised him that instead of just chipping away at the gold which is sure to finish one day, He should become a merchant. She also told him that there was a gold merchant in town who was going out of business and that he wanted to sell his store. Hasawi went to the store salesmen and asked to buy the store. He bought the store and before he knew it he became very successful at his trade. He bought the next store. And the store near the next store. Sooon, he became very very wealthy. So, the old lady told him that since he is now rich, he must find a wife! And she insisted that since she was born and living in this town all her life, that she should would find him the best woman in town for him.

The old lady found Hasawi a beautiful bride. He decided to have a huge wedding and invite everyone in the town to his celebration. All the important men in the city came and Hasawi couldn’t be any happier. But at some point in the evening he saw Baghdadi! His old friend was coming to congratulate him. Hasawi was furious! He immediately asked Baghdadi to leave. He told him that he neglected him in his time of need and that he had forgotten the kindness he had showed him and that he never wanted to see his face again. Baghdadi begged Hasawi to let him speak but Hasawi insisted that he was a liar and that he must leave! The other important men in the village tried to calm Hasawi and told him that Baghdadi was known to be an honest man, a man who never lied, and that he just have to give him a chance to speak. Finally, Hasawi agreed to listen.

Baghdadi told him that on that day, when Hasawi came from his city hungry and in torn up clothes, he was watching him from the window of his home. He couldn’t stand the thought of seeing his friend like that and he couldn’t stand the thought of having his friend beg him for anything. Thats why he turned him away, and then sent some of his servants with bags of gold to him in an empty spot of land so that he can live off of this gold. And that the old woman he sent and pretended she was a helpless old lady, cooking and cleaning for him and was like a mother to him, That old lady was his mother. And when she advised him to buy a gold store, that the owner of the store and all the ones next to it was Baghdadi’s stores himself. Baghdadi wanted his friend to become a merchant in his own right. And when the old lady, Baghdadi’s mother, finally told Hasawi she would pick the best wife in town to become Hasawi’s wife – she picked her daughter, Baghdadi’s sister.


Yes its just got released, so now you can publish post where ever you are with your BlackBerry ofcourse but you have to know these first:

  • The app is for WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress version 2.5.1 or newer
  • This app should work with any of the new BlackBerry devices such as the 8700, Pearl, Curve, Bold, and Storm
  • BlackBerry OS requirements are OS 4.2.1 or newer
  • For self-hosted WordPress sites, please make sure you have XML-RPC enabled. To confirm, it’s a simple check box in your dashboard under Settings -> Writing

To install the application: Point your BlackBerry browser to http://blackberry.wordpress.org/install and follow the instructions.




Couple of days ago me and 9K2HN were searching for some one in Hawali to print in our macs Arabic letters and we found two or three shops which can do it but the problem was the letters can’t hold more than 3 months then it will begin to fade away, so we decided to replace the whole key board with an original Arabic/English key board and we headed directly to iCity and guess what? it cost us only for replacing it KD120 plus KD 10 plus you have to wait 1 month after you pay for it! so in total KD130 plus 1 month of waiting ! so we left iCity and headed to DIGITS and found out thats also the same! but they offer us some thing else which is we can buy it from the net and after we recieved it we can bring it back to them and they gonna install it for KD10 (which iCity refuse to do the same) so we went back home and i was searching for it in the net and i came up with this thing which is a silicon cover which ONLY gonna cost us around KD 8 you can check it out by clicking HERE


Zain Create album for KD 1.400

Zain Create have made some changes to their pricings, and now you can buy a whole album, legally, for KD 1.400. I have downloaded an album before and thought the sound files’ quality are superb.

Thanks Nasser




What to do next

Yes, i’ve just signed up in Facebook because most of my family and freinds are there but i dont know what/where to do next? i heard there are some games you can play it online and much more.