How to handle unsatisfied customers

We went to AlHambra restaurant at the Sheraton the other day. We had a very bad experience over there. Something major went wrong with the dessert so we called the manager. He handled the problem in the worst way possible, I decided to leave the place and head back home, but my friend was so offended by the way he was treated that he stayed and took the problem to a higher level, then higher, till he reached the general manager.

At that point I was peacefully at home getting ready to sleep. My phone rang as I was getting into bed, and there was my friend telling me the following:

“I told the GM about the problem, and how they handled it, and he was more than great with me, he solved the problem, made feel better and just before leaving he insisted that I accept his offer. You won’t believe his offer.”

Me: What offer?

“He told me that you and your friend are invited to stay for 2 nights at one of the hotel’s suites, either at the 4 points or the Sheraton itself! We chose!”

Me: What!!?

“Even when I told him I’m not sure my friend would accept, he said that he is ready to pick the phone and call you and insist that you accept the offer! he asked for your phone number too”

We’re not decided whether we should accept this offer, but aside from that, isn’t that what all managers should do when a customer isn’t satisfied? I don’t mean every restaurant should get their unsatisfied customers a suite 😛 but just be professional about it, go that extra mile and show the people that you care and want to retain them as customers, for life!

They messed up big time, AlHambra and even the Sheraton’s image got shaken that day, but the way they ultimately handled the situation got me sucked right back in.

What do you say? Accept the offer or make a point by not accepting?



My friend just sent me pictures of The Noodle House restaurant that is opening in place of Big Al’s, near Johnny Carinos.

This is the best chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to, we used to go eat there religiously when we were studying in the UAE.
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business trip

I Just got a confirmation a couple of days ago that i will be leaving in a business trip for the company, and I be heading to India. I stay in New Delhi for 4 days then Mumbai for another 4, then back to Kuwait. This is the first time for me traveling to India and I have no information about this country whatsoever. The things that i concluded from my partners are that do not expect from India any thing.. except for a heavy rains, cause the raining season has just begun.


Finding Perfect Medium in Most unexpected place

I just came back from Mishref’s Applebees and I’m stuffed. I just ate the perfect Medium Fajita ever!

I don’t usually bother eating at apple bees let alone order a steak dish, But there was no other option (My friend refused to go anywhere outside Mishref). Anyway. When the waitress asked me how I like my steak, I didn’t know what to say, Asking for a medium steak at apple bees is like asking somone to find a humble Kuwaiti; it is impossible. But I thought I’d give it a try..

Glenda: How do you like it to be cooked?

Me: I want a medium steak, but that is impossible to achieve in Kuwait, no one in here serve the steak as requested, in fact, I’ve been to most of Kuwait’s steak-serving restaurants and none brought me a medium steak (Gaucho did a couple of times). Look, I dare you to bring me a medium fajita.

Glenda: *stares at me* Ok I’ll talk to the chef.

My friend at that moment told me “lo 6ag’ha ib bo6ol il ketchup wayid abrak”

But guess what? My speech did it’s magic and I was served the best fajita ever! You know those picture perfect sliced steaks? the dark from the inside then gray from the outside.. That was exactly what I was served and it tasted extremely good.

I would’ve never guessed that of all places, I’d find the perfect medium steak at Apple bees.


Om Kalthoom Exhibition at 360° Mall

Remember the Oum Kalthoom Exhibition that took place in Bahrain? Well it’s going to take place in Kuwait soon, on the 8th of July at the new 360° Mall to be specific. It’s going to last for awhile so no rush, but you gotta pass by it if you’re ever there, especially the photo gallery, take a look at them. I like looking at old pictures so I really enjoyed them back in Bahrain.

Thanks Bo9ale7


guess who obsessed

Who is that person???
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Kuwait look

I think this site will be useful coz it can provide you with the name and the phone number for whoever you’re looking for.

From there site:

“With Residential Search you can look for any residential telephone number in Kuwait by typing the person name or any part of it. To be more specific you can select the governorate or area after making your general search”

In order to get the name you have to write the number in Arabic.


Thanks 9K2HN


Done with Advance Diving Course

I went yesterday to my last diving class for the Advance course I’m taking at Bubbles. It was a night dive. We left the marina at 6:15 and returned sometime around 8:30. It was a 40 minutes dive, I didn’t consume much of my tank, which proved that I was getting better and better at controlling my breathing and that I’m not having a hard time navigating under water.

The night dive is more relaxed than the other dives, and it also kinda humbles you, especially when you get to see the sea creatures, the icky and the marvelous ones. The colors at night are more pronounced, less blue, more natural tones.

As I told you earlier, I’m now done with my advance diving course. I learned the following new things in this course:

1-Navigate using a compass.
2-Natural navigation: The use of compass or observing natural marks and counting steps, so I could dive and come back to my starting point all by myself.
3-Drift diving: as the name suggests; Diving in a drift, go with the flow, which is pretty basic.. and soothing!
4-Search and rescue: How to search for a lost item/person in the sea.
5-Deep diving: We dove to 35 meters under water.
6-And the night dive.

With all that done, I’m now unofficially an advanced diver till I get my license, which is soon 🙂

This diving thing got me hooked. I don’t know why but it feels like this is something that should’ve happened long time ago, I’m enjoying it a bit too much.