Just received my Arabic Keyboard for my MacBook Air which was as expected .. it fits my mac perfectly! you can see more photos below.

As i said above it really stick perfectly on my machine.

Here is the final look. You can see that it prevents the back lighting feature which was acceptable to me but the problem I’m facing right now is the Arabic letters when compared to the English they are much much bigger.. You can barely see the English letters which is annoying. but over all it’s good enough for those who are looking for a quick and cheap solution. If you need more information about shipping and pricing check out my previous post.

Thanks 9K2HN


This entry was posted on Monday, July 20th, 2009 at 11:50 pm

11 Responses to “Received My Arabic Keyboard”

  1. Marzouq says:

    Interesting, but I still wouldn’t do it but its an option for people as you said!

  2. reemas says:

    one thing to note.. the openings around the keys have a cooling function by allowing hot air to exit. Silicon covers prevent that.
    so pay attention for any over-heating problems.
    let us know.

  3. Adel says:

    A store in the second floor at Wala’a complex in Hawally, prints arabic letters on any keyboard. I had my vaio arabized for 3 kd about 7 months ago there. The store is exactly in front of you when you take the stairs up.

  4. Adel says:

    Sorry, it’s at Qairawan complex, not wala’a.

  5. jeno says:

    I notice recently your “Posts” are getting more and more boring. Keypad? Come on’ dude you need to get that fire back in your writing.

  6. Madonps says:

    Btw, I passed by iCity at Avenues a couple of days ago and they told me that they can install for me an arabic keyboard and everything. I think the price was 15KD.

  7. Na9er says:

    The posts aren’t boring. I for one thinks this is a very interesting post. Keep up it Meshary, post whatever you think is interesting.

  8. cuteya22 says:

    انا حاليا في امريكا وطلبتها بس لحد الحين ما وصلت
    ممكن تقولنا شرايك فيها وهل هي عمليه ولالا
    وهل تظر الجهاز من ناحية الحراره؟؟

  9. Rana Saleh says:

    Hi all,
    I am from Egypt and I bought my Macbook with Arabic keyboard only few days ago, I’m a new Mac user and do not know how to use the Arabic characters till now on my Mac… would any of you kindly help?

  10. islam zawawi says:

    hi i need this really bad ,,, where can i get it and how much ,,,i live in egypt plzzzzzz i need answer plzzz