The Dead Sea weekend

I’ll be going to Jordan this weekend. To the dead sea to be specific. We booked a hotel by the sea.

This is going to be my first visit to Jordan and my friend hasn’t been there either. We’re going there mainly for relaxation. The daily routine is killing us and we need a change. We’ll try and enjoy the sea, swimming, mud stuff, relaxation and massages… basically minimum muscle movements.

Then I think we’ll go discover other interesting places in Jordan. We’re looking for old souks, old streets.. you know get an idea about the culture and ofcourse the food.

You may ask why the dead sea? why Jordan? well.. Because the lovely people of Kuwait left us no other options! all the tickets are booked for this weekend! 😛


This entry was posted on Monday, July 20th, 2009 at 11:27 pm

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  1. Marzouq says:

    looooool! Luckily we are staying in Kuwait! hehehe!

  2. nora says:

    u shouldnt miss petra

  3. kha says:

    You chose an interesting time to go. Just don’t go near Wadi Rum as the area will be full with people. Distant Heat festival is on this weekend there

  4. 9k2hn says:

    I went to the dead sea6 years ago, it is fun. But i’m tell you it is going to be HOT because it is very low area not like Amman. and if i recall correctly it is not advised to stay in the dead sea water for more than 30 minutes because it is very salty you gona be emkhalal. The mud thing is great you have to try it.

    are you staying in Amman? i can recommend some places for you to eat, if you want.

  5. bader says:

    luuuuccckkkkyyyy !!!!! mashalaah… am stuck at work !!

  6. Yousef says:

    nora how far is petra?

    9k2hn yes please do recommend some places, either restaurants or places to visit. We’re staying at kempinski at the dead sea, so I don’t know how close we are to amman’s center, but we’re going there anyway.

  7. shannon says:

    i did have 2 tickets to dubai on jazeera, i got tem at 20kd per person unfortunately i will not be able to travel and since jazeera does not have transfer to other person service i loose my tickets cash Kd 44 as additional cost of change of dates/sector is more than my original tickets.
    tough luck… or else i would hav given ur r 2 tickets to dubai !

  8. 9k2hn says:

    First of all don’t expect much in Jordan, because all type of food they have is available in Kuwait, and keep in mind that the Dead Sea is more than 1 hour drive away from Amman.
    Anyhow I recall a small city called alfo7ais (near Amman it is known for it is mental institution ) and there is a restaurant there, the good thing about it that it is very cold area and they also provide “Besht” if you feel cold. Food was nice also.

    also there is some restaurant in the way from Amman to the Airport the only name i remember is Altilal Alsab3.

    and for the sweets you have to go to 7abiba for the best Konafa.

    Enjoy the trip

  9. Katuka says:

    You made it sound like you got stuck with this choice, but really it is the perfect quick getaway and you’ll really love Kempinski dead sea.

    If you can, avoid staying at the main hotel building which is 3 levels higher than the sea. Go for one of the rooms near the shore making it steps away from the dead sea and also closest to the main swimming pools. You can always ask the hotel to send a mini kart to pick you up if you needed to go to the main building.

    If you enjoy shisha, do not miss smoking at the lounge beside the infinity pool at dusk. Smoking to the view of the sun setting across from the dead sea just as the lights of the holy land starts flickering was unforgettable.

    You can ask the hotel to take you from your room by kart to the nearby moevnpick resort which although not as nice as kempinski but worth a quick visit just to see the place and try out their restaurants.

    I agree you should NOT miss Petra, but only if you can afford to stay one night at Petra’s moevnpick because it is 4 hours drive and touring Petra on foot is very tiring (It is huge). Tell me how many days you’re staying and I can tell you more on where else to go.

  10. Intlxpatr says:

    We did a three day camel trip into Wadi Rum once, following in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia . . .. it was hilarious, and exhilarating. I discovered muscles I never knew I had, after three days, but it was unforgettable and wonderful, too.

    Another trip, rent a car and drive out to Jerash, and then to all the desert castles – one is called Karana, and always looks to me like a great place for an EVENT, like a rock concert. There are at least three, one is a beautiful hunting castle.

    Madaba, and Mt. Nebo, where Moses looked across at the Promised Land. . .

    But I understand THIS vacation is just for kicking back. Taking any good books?

  11. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    oh yeah Jordan hal ayam gaym soug’ha in tourisim 3ishtaw! lol
    i7na bng3d bldeerah 3shan insa3id bltarsheed! lool

    have fun o be in the “Spur-of-The-Moment”

  12. weeknds says:

    I just want to drop an advise 4 u, muslims should not go to the dead sea coz its ارض مغضوب عليها
    and when u are forced to pass by u shouldn’t stay there long (im talking about minutes not days)
    I remember once I stayed in bab alshams resort in dubai, I discoved there that all their bathroom products (shampoo, soap, ..) were made from the dead sea, I asked Shaikh about them he replied dont use them at all!
    wish u nice vacation, and sorry for disturbance

  13. Layz says:

    @ wa6n-3omri (gayem sogha) looooooooooooooool shefto shloon.. can you imagine after all these years…

  14. Layz says:

    @ weeknds… (muslims should not go to dead sea)???!!! how come all jordians are muslims arnt they? I never heard about that been said!!

  15. whats that hotel?? looks nice. def go to petra, wadi rum, all the touristy stuff cause its worth it. skip ALL malls, they will ruin your trip. and relax by the sea and cover yourself with mud. thats all.

  16. weeknds says:

    @ layz .. I didnt say that jordans are not muslims !
    I said that muslims should not go there
    هذي معروف عنها انها ارض قوم لوط والله غضب عليهم
    وخلى مكانهم بحر ميت
    any way ana mo mofti u can ask o tit2akad 🙂