I didn’t know there was a restaurant at The One in marina mall till HBZ mentioned it to me. We went there and had a mushroom soup, a burger, and a pasta dish.

The mushroom soup was phenomenal and the olive and garlic covered sticks went well with it.

The burger unfortunately wasn’t good. It was awkwardly big. The bun and the patty were very big. The ground meat they used tasted more like Kufta than a real burger, and it was a bit too dry. It’s served with fried vegetable roots, which I guess means carrots and sweet potatoes, coz that was we got served.

I thought the pasta was very interesting. It has lots of ingredients: big rings of onions, green, red and orange peppers, olives, chicken, cream sauce and parmesan. Some of the stuff in there is distracting, like the olives, I mean I can totally over look the peppers and onions, but the olives just take away from the dish and they’re hard to avoid.

And the amount of chicken they put in there is a bit too much. I thought the pasta was good in spite of how odd it was.

The place’s got a relaxed atmosphere, cozy and not crowded. The service is good and I think even though we didn’t end up with great dishes, they were special, at least I ended up eating something different than what I’m used to.

If you haven’t been there already then go there if you’re willing to try something new. Just stay away from the burger.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 at 12:36 am

10 Responses to “The One restaurant at Marina Mall”

  1. Marzouq says:

    I remember that place, its on the left when you enter from the 1st floor. Haven’t been there in a while, was gonna pass by today but didn’t have the chance!

  2. Mishary says:

    Yousef, chena el hamburger pinky zeyada 3an el lezoom ?

  3. Ansam says:

    I have been there before! Next time you go try the pavlova for dessert 😉 It was recommended to me by a friend and it was good.
    Mishary a7la shay el pinky meat 😛

  4. shannon says:

    for burgers, i definately recommend Ruby Tuesday burgers, they are the best burgers juicy, fresh, the burger buns are awesome soft and moist.. you will surely enjoy them.

  5. thanx 3ala el post

    inshallah el yom ma3zoma hnak…zain geltly 3an el burger 3shan awa5er 3na 😉

  6. bint aldeira says:

    wai ma ishawig:(

  7. Itsallg000d says:

    Bel 3afiya … I haven’t been there but heard its good. Will try to pass there sometime 🙂

  8. 1001Nights says:

    I love that place, the atmosphere there is so nice.

  9. yousef mum says:

    hi yousef we are waiting your fotos about your trip for dead sea . ok put it soon .

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