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I Just got a confirmation a couple of days ago that i will be leaving in a business trip for the company, and I be heading to India. I stay in New Delhi for 4 days then Mumbai for another 4, then back to Kuwait. This is the first time for me traveling to India and I have no information about this country whatsoever. The things that i concluded from my partners are that do not expect from India any thing.. except for a heavy rains, cause the raining season has just begun.


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  1. BTV says:

    Less rain in delhi but u will experience heavy rain in mumbai.
    Advice : Take care of flu,cases are increasing day by day.Both are the best places for getting cheated especially foreigners.
    Have a look at the newly opened Bandra-Worli Sea Link, 8-lane, cable-stayed bridge in mumbai.
    Always welcome for more.

  2. Name is bond says:

    go with an umbrella!!!! most handy cuz its monsoon time in india!!it normally pours in mumbai during this time…

  3. shannon says:

    India is a beautiful country, yes it is the monsoon season now n obviously its raining cats and dogs, but thats was the uniqueness of the country, people enjoy the chill cool rains and have hot tea and the indian delicacy foodies… since your gonna be in the capital city u should visit the Taj Mahal and travel around the Golden Triangle which includes 3 cities Delhi Agra and Jaipur. Hope you enjoy the place and have loads of fun.

  4. Daddy's Girl says:

    before u go head to the nearest mostawsef to get a group of shots against illnesses in india. Do not go on a plane without them…

  5. Sadachbia says:

    I’ve been to Mumbai a couple of times. It’s a very interesting city with over a billion people population it. All I have to say is don’t close your eyes while riding in the car because there’s always something to see. Whether sad (a funeral) or happy (a wedding) they do it traditional style. Also, a precaution is to not drink water that isn’t from a bottle that you opened, or ice because it can get u really sick since your not used to their water. Also, don’t eat vendor food. Make sure you eat from a good restaurant. My brother got food poisoning twice on 2 visits. so becareful! It’s a beautiful city, you just have to look.

  6. lavender says:

    i’ve been to delhii a couple of timeeess . and all i can say that its different ..enjoy ur trip o tro7 o terja3 bel salama .. ask about bokhara restaurant its amazinggggggggggggg bs u have to let the hotel to do u a reservation coz its always fully booked

  7. Mishary says:

    is there any malls ?

  8. HKR says:

    awal matou9al el ma6aar raa7 yekoon fee koshk 7g wezarat el seya7a 3ndhom ” Incredible India” tegdar et’ajer sayra o sayegh 6ool el youm ye3oor feek kilmkaan o ham etha mataby sayara .. ahma ya36onik jame3 elma3lomat 3n eldera o wayed mofedeen


    low ra7 tmor KERALA aw GOA momken afedek akthar bs delhi o mombai ma3ndi ma3lomat wayed 3anhom cuz lamma re7t ma6awalt fehom

    *Delhi ( ahma two cities ako new delhi o old delhi)

    -“Taj Mahal” eb man6aqa esemha Agra tab3od chinna 3-4 hours 3n new delhi
    bilnsba ley kan shay asasey enni azor taj ma7al .. elmokan wayed netheef o 7loo yeswa el 3anwa

    -“Jama Masjid” masyaad qadeem ahma wayed 3ndhom enna mokan seya7y bs ana ashofa 3adi .. y3ni a36eeh 3 of 5

    -“Swaminarayan Akshardham” min elamaken ele ta7asaft enni mazert’ha shakil elmokan wayed qawey etha 9aratlik for9a zora .. ma3ndi ma3lomat 3anna


    -The Ashok


    -Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel (TAJ ahwa akbar selselat fanadeq eb india o mawjod eb wayed dowal bil3alam bss ele eb mumbai wayed ta9mema 7lo ) o fe dakhla mall sghayer ..

    -“khyber restaurant” wayed qawe el ma63am o akla latheeeth .. akel hindi netheeef o mrattab

    etha tegdar etsafer ley GOA aw KERALA wayed 7lween … cuz hal man6aqtain ele yenf3oon 7ag seya7aa o wayed fehom amaken 7lwa ..

  9. Kuwaiti Memsaab says:

    Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai
    CR2 Mall- Nariman Point, Mumbai
    Oberoi Mall at the Trident, Nariman Point
    Fab India and West Side, Kalaghoda – Mumbai.
    Khadi Arts & Crafts Emporium, Fort area in Mumbai
    The Bombay stores, Fort area in Mumbai
    And remember no trip to India is ever completed without tanking up at Ravissant boutique at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai – http://www.cestravissant.com
    Also do please keep in mind whatever else Antony Bourdain may have to say on Travel & Living about street food in India, visitors are better off staying a mile and half away from it.
    If time permits, do catch ” New York” now showing in Mumbai at the Big Metro cinema in Dhobi Talao.
    Have a safe and colourful trip to El Hind and while you are getting there binge on ” Tamar-hind”.

  10. Dee says:

    I went to Delhi a couple of months ago and loved it! We had an amazing meal at Verq which is in the Taj Mansingh Hotel, and also Bukhara at the Sheraton. Also, there is a high end mall with good cafes and restaurants it’s called Emporio Mall.

  11. Indian says:

    Just curious…Could you please write now whats in your mind about India before you leave??? ie. your expectation

  12. Marzouq says:

    Goodluck! I haven’t been there before but I am looking forward to it!

    Itroo7 o itrid bil salamah!

  13. Mathai says:

    Words of caution…
    Food poisoning is common in Mumbai. Have only bottled water with an intact cap/seal and stay away from street food. Enjoy your trip 🙂

  14. Ya! Hala says:

    Takes me back to the old days (and I am talking the 50s and 60s here) when many Kuwaiti families chose to spend their summers in Mumbai enjoying the monsoons there. I have memories of seeing avuncular Kuwait gents; their female companions in tow enjoy the ride on horseback carriages popularly dubbed – ” the Victoria” along the Queen’s Necklace, Marine Drive. There still remain vestiges of that Kuwaiti influence in certain parts of Mumbai where you have such buildings as, Firdaus and Jabriya Court sitting pretty along the seaside promenade of Nariman Point arguably; one of the most expensive pieces of real estate anywhere in the world.