when I lost my camera

As I was packing my stuff for last weekend’s trip, I wanted to make sure that I had my camera and all of my 3 batteries charged and ready. The problem was, I couldn’t find the camera! I looked everywhere in the house. I looked in my car, in my friend’s car and even asked my cousins whether they’ve it at the chalet this past weekend or not, but no, it was no where to be found. I was furious.. it was only hours before the flight! Don’t you hate it when things like that happen when you’re in a hurry?

My friend and I started thinking about the last places we’ve been to where I used the camera. We agreed that I last used it at The One restaurant at marina mall (for review purpose), and I called them, the lady was very helpful and genuinely concerned. They searched and she called later apologizing for not finding it.

Then we remembered that we went to Vavavoom right after having lunch at The One. I called Alshaya group at marina.. and BINGO! They found it and kept it safe for 2 weeks for someone to come and collect it! They were great and very nice too. I wouldn’t have thought that I could find a camera that was lost for 2 weeks.. This is very unlike me to be so careless.. especially that the bag contained the camera and all of my lenses.

Thanks Vavavoom!


This entry was posted on Sunday, July 26th, 2009 at 10:12 pm

11 Responses to “When I lost my camera”

  1. ME Blogging says:

    offfff gaweya @@
    your camera and all of your lenses ???
    yalah 7amdilah 3ala salamt’ha

  2. HBZ says:

    mal 7alaal maythee3 😉

  3. مساعد says:

    3ad sharet menhom perfume ? ;P

  4. Bu Yousef says:

    Oops… Glad you found it 🙂

  5. Marzouq says:

    wow! Lucky they kept it!

    I can’t be without my camera for more then 36 hours! How could you not notice! I would have went nuts!

    7amdilla marat 3ala khair!

  6. Eve's.Heart says:

    i agree with HBZ !! ^_^ thank God you found it

  7. Hamad says:

    el7een ent mo mista3milha shloon 2 weeks thay3a!

  8. Khaled says:

    That’s what I love about Kuwait !! … Nothing Gets Lost !

  9. HKR says:

    khalaas min el youm o raye7 mane3temd 3lik 3yal ;Pp

  10. Mark says:

    you didn’t notice you camera was missing for 2 weeks????? :O

  11. Mark says:

    you camera = your camera