Where is August_1

I was planning to go to the cinema with Ali today for Bos bos (Adel Emam’s latest movie), so I went ahead and selected the seats then they transfered me to the K-Net page but guess what?! in the expiration field there is no August .. and my credit card will expire in August! so please KNCC or K-Net staff fix this, and note to Ali, dont worry i managed to reserve the seats.


This entry was posted on Thursday, July 16th, 2009 at 12:58 pm

8 Responses to “Where is August?”

  1. Marzouq says:

    lol Thats funny!

  2. Ansam says:

    LOL! Lucky you! Tell Ali to pay cuz its REALLY outta your hands hahaha

  3. Mishary says:

    Ansam, Heheheheheheheh ee walah sajaaa ! 🙂

  4. LemchiS says:

    9ar Fene chethe BS with june .. A5er shay 6ala3 Bil Field Nafsa 7a6en June mn awal .. That’s why mu mawjouda bil e5tyaraat.. ya3ni ykoun already msajal .. check it out .. yimkin !?

  5. Eve's.Heart says:

    hehehe cool may be they’ll esc it and then nerta7 men il jaw il BARED wayed 😛

  6. حمودي says:

    يمكن عشان رمضان ؟

  7. Ali says:


    5ala9 you rectified 🙂

    note to Mishary , 7:30 PM I will be infront of your door 😛

  8. DnDon says:

    save ur money =D