Zain's African Assets

Rumors have been circulating about the acquisition of Zain’s african assets by Vivendi. Our source told us that Vivendi has backed out and stopped the negotiations. However, other operators have expressed interest and Zain are considering potentials deals and will only accept offers that increase Zain’s shareholders value.

An official announcement by Zain will be out about this matter soon, to put an end to the speculations.

Another source just told me that one of the upper management at Zain is planning a trip to europe, to try to get one of Vivendi’s main rivals to be a strategic partner by offering them a 25%, or above, share of their african assets.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 at 7:23 pm

6 Responses to “Zain’s African Assets”

  1. mentabolism says:

    It seems Etisalat is interested in buying out Zain. However, Zain has not commented on this yet..

  2. Marzouq says:

    Interesting, a lot going on about that!

  3. forzaq8 says:

    your soruces ?

    ” Our source told us that Vivendi has backed out and stopped the negotiations ”

    your kidding right ? because its was officly annouced by both Zain and vivendi that they stopped negotiations and was written in newspapers ….

    unless that was your sources

  4. q8expat says:

    on the Etisalat interested, there is coverage on it

  5. Name is Bond says:

    Will Zain a National Entity get sold to another GCC concern! Sounds ridiculous or I would say its not gonna happen!

    Zain, owned by KIA(Major Shares) is more of a pride to Kuwait.

  6. mentabolism says:

    I don’t think Zain is a national entity. It is only 25% owned by the KIA, which has a similar amount of shareholding in Wataniya too and Viva to a lesser extent (not sure).
    Zain’s International HQ is in Bahrain. True it is the first operator in Kuwait and probably holds a special place of National pride in the customer’s hearts – but I wouldn’t term their identity as being Kuwaiti.
    There is no smoke without fire and the way they have expanded, they must have taken some pretty huge loans, and must be in some soup now. So if the price is right, they just might find some good investors.