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When I first got the iPhone I struggled to make the battery last for a whole day. I turned off the bluetooth, the wifi, and turned down the screen brightness, but no matter how many apps and things I turned off, it just wouldn’t last till night time.
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Let's Q8 it 100 Natural Mineral Makeup

Ferro Cosmetics would like to invite you all to Let’s Q8 it Exhibition which will be held in Movenpick Free Zone from Sept 2nd-4th.

From them:

“Ferro Cosmetics- Producers of the pure and fabulous, 100% Natural Mineral Makeup at “Let’s Q8 it” Exhibition from Sept 2nd-4th Movenpick Free Zone, The Conventional Center & Royal Suites from 8pm-1am (Booth 39). Ferro Cosmetics is renowned for being a major supplier of makeup products to Actresses and Celebrities around the world. So don’t let this wonderful opportunity miss you!

Phone: 65040802″

Thanks Ali


Ramadan's Series Online

With these tons of Ramadan’s series, I think you gonna miss a lot of them but with Video Library you can watch it online, it’s updated on daily basis. but the only problem is that you have to register.



Kuwait's Foreign Minister shuts Fisk Up

Do you remember the nasty article from ‘The Independent’ I posted weeks ago? The one where Robert Fisk attacked Kuwait ? Well, rejoice! An official letter was sent to the british newspaper by Kuwait’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Mohammed AlـSabah. Barrad chabdy to say the least!

From AlWatan:

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammed AlـSabah said here Wednesday that facts bearing testimony to Kuwait”s bountiful help to the world”s impoverished countries cannot be ignored. The minister made the remarks in response to a recent article written by Robert Fisk that was published on the Independent titled “Gulf War legacy flares as stingy Kuwait puts the squeeze on Iraq.”

He boasted that Kuwait was proud of being in the forefront of the countries that extends international aid to less fortunate nations and dismissed the labeling of Kuwait as “stingy.” In his letter to the editor of the Independent, the Kuwaiti foreign minister said: “I have read Mr. Robert Fisk”s article on Kuwait titled ”Gulf War legacy flares as ”stingy” Kuwait puts the squeeze on Iraq.” I must confess my great disappointment with its contents which can at best only be described as hostile, therefore a few remarks are in order to put the record straight.”

“Indeed those of you who are familiar with Kuwait quite well will undoubtedly agree that using hostile adjectives such as “stingy”, ”ruthless”, ”greedy”, ”stealing”, ”thieving” and ”mean” in describing my country are clearly baseless and fully unfounded.”

“We in Kuwait are proud and honored to be one of the leading countries when it comes to international assistance efforts in helping those countries that are less fortunate through our numerous contributions and grants undertaken by the Government of the State of Kuwait. This has been and will remain to be a cornerstone of Kuwaiti foreign policy since our independence.”

He went on to say: “Let me list just a few facts that highlight some of these efforts undertaken during the last three years only; Fact ـ According to the U.N. Millennium Development Goals report for 2005: The overall average Kuwaiti official development assistance is 1.31 percent of GNP which accounts for almost double the agreed U.N. target of 0.7 percent of GNP of advanced countries. To be sure, the average OECD”s rate is 0.46 percent of GNP which makes Kuwait”s generosity triple that of the most advanced economies.”

“Fact ـ since the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development was established back in 1961 to function as the venue through which the government of Kuwait extends foreign aid and assistance, Kuwait has extended numerous financial and technical assistance packages to more than 100 countries around the world totaling $14.5 billion.

“Fact ـ Some of the most recent efforts undertaken by the government was the creation of ”Decent Living Fund” in which Kuwait contributed $100 million as an emergency fund set up to help the less developed countries to address the issue of rising food prices. Furthermore, Kuwait has allocated $300 million towards the eradication of hunger and disease in Africa.

“Fact ـ In addition, H.H. the Amir of Kuwait has most recently called for the promotion and support of micro and medium sized projects in the Arab World by establishing a fund with a capital of $2 billion to which Kuwait contributed $500 million to kickـstart this fund (it”s worth remembering that all these generous initiatives were undertaken during a time of the unprecedented global economic crisis. Nevertheless, Kuwait has never missed the forest for the trees and remained committed in further fulfilling its international roles as a leader in foreign aid and assistance despite the current turbulent financial circumstances).

“Fact ـ Kuwait extended a helping hand to Lebanon by granting $300 million to assist in the reconstruction efforts following the Israeli aggression of 2006.

“Fact ـ Kuwait supported the Palestinians by extending a $500 million financial assistance of which $200 million was allocated for Gaza.”

He continued saying: “May I remind the author that facts are stubborn things. The aforementioned can hardly be construed as the actions taken by a ”stingy” government to use his wording.”

“So here begs a question; how can a country like Kuwait be remotely accused of malevolent intentions as stated by the author? Let me assure all your readers that Kuwait will never rest on its laurels in continuing to secure our advanced global position in assisting the needy.”

“It is also with privilege to note that there is no other country in the region that has sacrificed more than Kuwait in order to contribute in the historic task of the liberation of Iraq and its people from the despotic regime of Saddam Hussein.”

The article has also undoubtedly avoided a matter of critical significance to the maintenance of international law and order, namely the sanctity of Security Council resolutions, he noted.
States must not be allowed to pick and choose what resolutions, articles or items…etc they wish to implement as opposed to those they wish to ignore. By their very nature UN resolutions are sacrosanct and must be adhered to by all parties, he urged.

The underlining factor to Kuwait regarding the issue of reparations is, and has always been an issue of principle and never was, nor will be, an issue of money.

“It”s truly sad when people start to give credence to past accusations that have been thoroughly discredited by the facts. I am here specifically referring to the former Iraqi dictator”s lies that Kuwait was ”stealing” Iraq”s oil as a justification for invading a sovereign nation. The article has audaciously tried to victimize a ruthless dictator by indicating that Kuwait was ”thieving” oil from Iraq. Not only were these accounts an attempt at engaging in historic revisionism, but one also cannot help but ponder the motives behind such an argument.

“We must also pay special tribute to the new Iraq and its brotherly people. Iraq is undoubtedly one of the richest countries in the world in terms of heritage, culture and natural resources. As such, we in Kuwait are fully committed to the efforts of stabilizing and rehabilitating Iraq to enable its reemergence as a pivotal player of peace and security in the region; stemming from our priority to seek the construction of an ideal relationship with Iraq based on mutual respect and goodwill.”

“Finally, while it might be true that the Versailles Treaty contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler, I am certain that the Appeasement strategy at the Munich Conference of 1938 led to the outbreak of WW2. Perhaps going back to some history books is in order after all.”

Credit: Charts & Numbers





I just got an email about this new at home car washing service. I remember writing about a similar service called pronto wash some time ago.. Anyway, Wash away have a very good base price, 3 KD, Which I think is cheaper and more convenient than going to the car wash at petrol stations.

Their phone # 55588817

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A note from Mom:

“Mbarak 3alaikom elshahar. This is a very easy recipe and suits every occasion. I like to bake this cake when I have a gathering; it goes well with tea or hot milk. I have one thing to say if you’re going to use this recipe: Bake it yourself! o 3alaikom bil3afya 🙂 “

If you’re fasting: Beware, Mouthwatering pictures ahead.
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In my previous post about my iPhone 3GS, FAH-Buzberry mention couple of apps/games which were really amazing.. so my question now are there any good games or apps for the iPhone ?


Lgaima sweets is a home business all about mini basbosas. The last time I wrote about them, their basbosas were good, but not great, but then I had their basbosas on more than one occasion over the last few months, and let me tell you that there was a great improvement in texture and taste; they mastered it.

Warning if you’re fasting: Mouthwatering pictures ahead.
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McDonald’s Has A Website For Black People

Check it out by clicking HERE



For mamas & papas I think these are a great idea to get children to play with their food while feeding them, and also its a good idea for a birthday gift but keep in mind that they are made of Ceramic which is not that good to handle it to a kid. They are available for around KD3 excluding the tax and shipping.


Interested? You can order them by clicking HERE

Thanks Ahmad


Just got sms from Bu Rashid saying that Alwatan Tv gots their own Twitter page, You can check it out by your self. Click HERE


Back to My First Love

Yes, I’m back.. to my first love.. a couple of days ago I went to Electrozan to buy the iPhone 3GS 16GB which was more expensive by around KD15 compared to the net. They were offering it for KD289, for the officially unlocked one.

I used it for couple of days now and I will compare it to the 1st generation iPhone because that was what I had before, its much much much faster, got a real gps, 3G internet speed.. and many more things!

The only problem was that I did not want to lose any of the blackberry main features which were the push emails and BBM. 9K2HN reminded me of MobileMe service which solve the push email problem, since apple provide that service. And the BBM issue was then solved by downloading and installing BeejiveIM on the iPhone, it’ll act like a BBM but in a different way; All of the BBM contacts should be signed in on Google Talk application, which is already in their BlackBerries, and they’ll be online 24/7, thus enabling the push service from there. I know its a bit complicated but once you’re done you won’t notice the difference.


Miss Piggy The Kuwaiti Version1




For those asking about the timings for the arabic soaps here are some of them:

3:00pm Kha9 Jeddan – Dubai
3:00pm Muneera – Abu Dhabi
4:30pm 3omr Al Shega – Dubai
5:30pm Hadeel Al Lail – Sama Dubai
6:15pm Om Al Banat – Kwt
7:00pm Habl Al Mawada – Qatar
7:40pm Al 7ub Al Kabeer – Kwt
8:00pm Khoo9a Boo9a – Sama Dubai
8.00pm Jamr Al Qatha – Dubai
9:00pm Al 7ub Al Kabeer – Funoon Plus
9:00pm Quloob Lel Eejar – Mbc
9:00pm Om Al Banat – Abu Dhabi
10:00pm Dam3at Yateem – Alwatan
10:00pm Al Jeeran – Sama Dubai
10:00pm 3omr Al Shega – Dubai
11:00pm Emra’a Wa Okhra – Alrai
11:00pm Shar AlNofoos 2 – Mbc
11:00pm Balqees – Dubai
12:00am Kha9 Jeddan- Dubai
1:00am Fenjan Al Dam- Mbc
1:00am Jamr Al Qatha – Dubai

I dont know where is Fereej this year, if anyone knows anything about it, just drop a comment below.


Fastest growing firm in the world

“Thanks to a big rise in the popularity of its Blackberry handsets, profits at RIM have grown 84% over the past three years, while its revenues have expanded 77%, and it has seen a total return of 45%.”

Can you imagine the amount of money the accessories companies are making?





Me & Yousef wish you all the best during this holy month of Ramadan inshallah, o Mbarak 3alaikom el shahar 🙂


Alwatan TV just confirmed it that Saturday will be the first day of Ramadan inshalah.


I was invited by friends the other day to go to Jaber stadium, to take pictures of the first match to take place there. Ofcourse it’s an unofficial match between friends, but nevertheless, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The stadium is big and beautiful (I thought it would be bigger though), plenty of parking space and many gates to let the cars in, and many ticket kiosks scattered around the parking area. I think they did a good job avoiding future congestions.
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We wanted to try out some perfumes in the duty free shop at Sharm AlSheikh’s airport, But being in Egypt we should’ve known better, nothing is for free over there. Not even the free testers!

They removed their upper parts, and in some cases, removed the whole bottle from the shelves and kept the caps only!

You wanna to try it? You gotta sniff it!


Brownies Delight Take II_1

Remember my previous post about  Brownies Delight, Well today I got another patch from the owner containing new flavors: Dipped Lolly Pops, Cripsy+Oreo, and the Flake+Kinder, and a dipping sauce to go along with them.

I tried them and thery were really good, especially the big jar containing the dipped lolly pops! They were exceptionally good.

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